Overcoming Self-Identification

When I retired I had real problems around who I was since I no longer had, what I considered to be, a ‘role’ to play. Meeting Balanced View I discovered that there was something much bigger than the idea of a separate individual ego called open intelligence that we don’t recognise in our modern culture of ‘spiritual seeking’ and that unless we can ‘take a stand for that which is larger than ego’ we just don’t change a bit. It’s a sort of total commitment to recognising our wholeness. And when we do just that we get a rebellion from our ‘ego’ because we’re going outside our comfort zone.

My ego needed to make up a story about who I was. But I see that this story, fine as it was, about myself as giver, teacher or whatever, was still based on the personality I’d cultivated and I realise now that’s fine but very limited & until I learnt to relax and to take short moments of trusting & relying on open intelligence, purely and simply without all the trimmings, I was unable to realise how to contact the true wisdom or love that I am.

When I really remembered to go deep into open intelligence and relax with it then I became more loving and more knowing than at any other time learning to trust the view that it’s Ok to be as you are, you don’t have to make up or go with any of these stories. My ego needed plaudits like gold stars from a teacher, it wanted stimulation and constant movement and intellectual challenge. Ego is competitive with a need to win, ego says I can’t have anything without efforting, but Balanced View tells me I can achieve more and with greater benefit to myself and others through constant recognition of myself as open intelligence.

This wide open state is deeper, more loving, more knowing than ego. It is all one, no separation, no up, no mid, no down, just all and everything. Now, that doesn’t mean I have to become all sweet and Polly Anna. The basic state can be fierce too but not fierce in the negative sense. Fierce, as I am still learning, in the beneficial sense.

Beautiful connections

Since meeting the Balanced View trainings all my relationships have much more emotional depth than ever before.

I can increasingly see myself in others and see the basic goodness in everyone. It is amazing to live from this perspective and other people can easily relax as they instinctively notice that I see nothing but basic goodness in them.

It is much easier to feel into people now and communicate in an effortless way.

I am so grateful for the amazing relationships I am now able to have through the increasing intimacy I have gained from Balanced View’s empowerment network, the 4 mainstays. It’s the most beautiful way to live life.


Ultimate Contentment

What I am most grateful for from my exposure to the Balanced View teachings is ever-growing freedom in the immediacy of all perceptions. A willingness in thoughts, emotions, situations and sensations that used to feel like a threat, to see there is no actual threat. No flailing, desperate actions/non-actions or woe required when they arise. Remaining present and open with good, bad or neutral phenomena, automatically. Faster than automatically: our true nature, our birthright. This is what I want to get familiar with and know vividly about myself and everyone at all times.

Through my involvement in Balanced View over these last 6 or so years, I have been more and more willing to relax openly in everything that really scared/scares me. Feeling like our society is going to destroy itself and there is no hope for us on Earth, or that life itself has no meaning.. Those are very heavy things to be convinced of and feel alone with, and can be difficult to take action from that limited vantage.

With the beautiful support of the Four Mainstays, in even the heaviest thoughts or emotions, there is a natural spaciousness that allows not needing to cling on to any certain conclusion about them; even the conclusion that they are heavy. When I am open to seeing this, it leaves me with nothing to run from and nowhere to run.

This training has also powerfully opened up my experience to include everyone. To see I am not the only person feeling and experiencing things, which is how particularly disturbing data can feel. It allows me to see everything I am blessed with (food, shelter, clothing, clean water…) that went unnoticed prior to the Training. It’s allowed me to see everyone who doesn’t have those things, or has more of those things than they would ever need and still wanting more, and the insanity of both happening at the same time with everything in-between on one planet, when we could all be taken care of and take care of this planet easily together.

Living a Four Mainstays lifestyle, I naturally want what’s best for every living being, including myself. If anyone is needlessly suffering, all of society suffers whether it’s obvious or not. In the example of my own life, this training has naturally illuminated an innate compassion and empathy that went unnoticed through the lens of constant lack and striving for the things and situations I thought would bring me ultimate contentment.

It is powerful to start to see ultimate contentment is found right here, right now, in whatever is happening. With the support of my trainer, the training and media, I settle in the openness to keep checking that out for myself in thoughts, emotions and experiences that I never thought could be beneficial or even just okay to feel.

Thank you to Candice and all involved for creating Balanced View and bringing the most helpful tool and support to my life I could have ever imagined. Everything just gets easier and more enjoyable organically through my ongoing presence and participation.

I feel very lucky to enjoy and learn from this most beautiful community, teachers, endless free media , and the spacious contentment in each short moment of open intelligence. Truly, what a marvel it is.

Finding Relaxation in Self-blame and Money Data

Dear friend,

Thank you so much for being interested in being of benefit to all and how the Balanced View Training might support this in your life.

I am at the Balanced View Center in Goa, taking part in trainings and service.

I just had a look at my budget situation and a lot of negative data came up; I thought I had kept my spendings low but it turns out I have been exceeding my budget quite a lot. This scenario brings up a lot: a sense of no control, self-criticism, fear, self-blame, the arrogance of ”I for one should always be on top of my money-game”, anxiety, anger etc.

As always, I am firstly grateful that the mere recognition of these data doesn’t bring up so much self-blame as they once did; I would have probably censored them away before even being aware of them, as I would have deemed it an extreme reaction to rather everyday data.

Here at the Center, I feel safe and supported to be just as I am, and my data are free to come to full fruition. However, it doesn’t stop there. In the midst of all these data that were making me feel physically dizzy, I could access the humility to seek support instead of trying to think it away or continually beat myself up mentally.

Practically, I took many short moments of complete relaxation and actively investigated whether the ground of being, the fundamental aspect of reality was affected by the data-storm. The answer was no; instead, I saw open clarity that was pulsating with the wish to be recognized as the freedom in immediacy of perception. The more short moments I took, the more I felt curious to actually extract the power and use it to really get familiar with the current expression of live-giving open intelligence. More and more the soothing yet potentiating energy spread throughout my being and solutions and thoughts of self-love started appearing in mind. And then the thought, ”Oh great, I can write about this in my next blog post!” followed by immense gratitude to have been shown that there is a way to live in compassion for self and others, ultimate humility and openness and inexhaustible enrichment of open intelligence recognition.

An insight I had after having been in contact with my trainer is that it isn’t so much the money situation in itself that is disturbing, rather emphasizing all the stories around money and who and what I need to be. I feel further empowered to approach money with discernment and openness, a balanced view, which includes different skillful approaches such as spending generously, being more clear on where the money goes and what will most greatly benefit myself and my surroundings .

This is yet another practical, everyday example of relying on the support system of Balanced View, the Four Mainstays lifestyle. It’s so cool and exciting to live this way and I wish everyone the openness to try it out in their specific circumstance!

Much love, Beate.

Gift of Gifts!

I am grateful beyond words for the wonderful trust and support of the Four Mainstays empowerment network of Balanced View!!

I used to feel like a victim of disease and feeling like I am not worthy.​ This made me so depressed and I had a deep and old sense of not be able to make it in life.

With the wonderful support of the Four Mainstay I found a new clarity and I learned to completely rest in these feelings,​ ​and leave all feelings of victimhood and not worthy, completely as it is. This give me the wonderful freedom in the midst of these disturbing thoughts and emotions and making me love myself and others so much more
and to be much more close to myself and others and make me live life fully.

The trust and support of the Four Mainstays is the most precious gift of gifts!!

With gratitude Per

Effortless communication and relationships at work

In my work life, I had struggled with easeful communication and relationships due to emphasising negative thoughts and emotions about myself, especially that I wasn’t good enough or as intelligent as others. I tried to replace these thoughts and emotions with positive ones by trying to make myself look better than others and by having ‘the right’ idea or opinion, however this made relationships difficult as it was a game of putting others down and insisting on my ideas being the best.

Until I met the Balanced View Training I had no idea this was playing out. I wasn’t in control of my actions and words. I was at the whim of believing there was something wrong when I experienced certain feelings and thoughts and instinctively my reactions to others when these thoughts and emotions arose came from a place of self-defense.

Six months after being introduced to open intelligence at a Balanced View Open Meeting, I embarked on the Twelve Empowerments. This is the core training of Balanced View and was completely life changing for me.

The simple, step-by-step process, with incredible texts that were so exciting to read, again and again, confirming the innately beneficial nature of human beings and skilfully supporting me to open up all my belief systems, taking a clear and honest look at my relationships and what was going on, seeing for the first time that all my difficulties were caused by one fundamental misunderstanding and providing me with the solution! The one simple change of recognising my thoughts and emotions as open intelligence.

This training shone a light on my entire life in a way that empowered me to make a commitment to the practice of short moments of open intelligence and to rely on the support of the training, a trainer and community.

When challenges arose in my relationships at work and I saw myself shooting off emails I immediately regretted or getting into arguments because I was insisting I was right, I would write to my trainer and receive specific instructions for how to let these thoughts and emotions be as they are and see from the mountain top.

The practise of relaxing for short moments when I felt the urge to react and defend got easier and easier and I saw my communication and relationships with work colleagues really flourish. I have become able to really listen to what others are saying and to contribute what I see respectfully, no longer influenced by my thoughts and emotions and instead empowered by open intelligence and the unity it brings to all circumstances, seeing my work as a place where we are truly working together to be of greatest benefit in all we do and supporting my work colleagues, rather than it being a “Me” project.

I feel very grateful to now also work in teams where everyone is relying on open intelligence. It is just so amazing to experience such a harmonious flow of relating, sharing gratitude for each other and all we contribute, seeing the unique strengths each one has and not feeling threatened by that. Instead just enjoying working together and accomplishing so much.

I am so grateful for the Balanced View Training and the immensely beneficial results that have come about in my life, for all the wonderful trainers, for the global community of amazing participants, many of whom have become dear friends, and especially for the founder Candice O’Denver who has poured her whole life into providing this powerful teaching because she cares so deeply about human beings, knowing that we can live and work together in complete harmony.

With love, Jess

Step into my powers of great benefit and get things done

I would like to share how it is for me to step into my powers of great benefit and to get things done.

I have always loved to play music and I am paying guitar. Many people have asked me over the years if I have a CD and when I’ve responded “no, not yet” they asked me when I will record something. I said that I will record something soon. This went on for quite some time. Like a good ten years or so, or maybe even longer. I thought “I’d do it later” and this later was always later. The day never came. Until…

One day this November I reflected on this. This later is never coming for me recording this album that people kindly have requested. I will do it now. On Sunday it’s going to be done. I have nothing yet but I will compose and record it and on Sunday it’s going to be finished. So, I did.

What was very empowering to see in this process was that I was not a victim to the data of avoiding it any longer. I saw that I had been hindered by bad excuses like “I have to be in a creative mode; I have to practice enough so it’s perfect for those who’re listening to it so they see how good I am; can’t release anything that kind of half way done.” and so forth.

However, once I started doing it (the key for me!) it was very simple and also I did this in a relaxed way. No strive and effort but simply doing it. Much time was not required for this beautiful project. It took a lot more time and energy to think and ponder on avoiding it all these years then simply to it.

I named the album ‘A Life of Beauty’ and that is what I think this training provides me with. A Life of Beauty. To discover areas in life where I can feel I am empowered to step up and thrive. Areas in life that is close to my heart and can be challenging. I find it such a gift to be supported in life in this way; be supported and met with love, gratitude and respect and grow in a culture where this is very much alive.

The result came about for me by relying on The Four Mainstays, the support network of Balanced View; especially the contact with my trainer who always sees beneficial potency in me when I myself sometimes doubt. It feels great to have someone I can share things with and to whom I feel very close and safe with. I am very grateful for this.

Thank you very much to Balanced View and Candice O’Denver.

With all my love and gratitude,


At Peace

For me the most challenging topic in life has always been relationships.

In the Balanced View Training I was powerfully shown how the most important relationship to clarify is the relationship to myself.

Thanks to this simple understanding and constant support from the Four Mainstays over the years, I now see how many behaviours I really did not like in myself have relaxed and opened up.

For example, before meeting the education in the nature of mind offered by Balanced View, my default setting was to consistently find someone or something to blame if things did not go my way.

I would spend a lot of time and energy trying to work out why certain things turned out the way they did, and how I could bring about a change.

I am a bit ashamed to say this, but I would often sulk if I didn’t get what I wanted!

Most of the time I didn’t have a clue how to behave in a mature and dignified way.

I’m sure I was a nice person in many ways, but I certainly felt heavily challenged with myself and how I related in life.

My main strategy usually involved so much effort trying to change myself and other people so that I could feel better.

Now when I reflect on how I used to be, it sounds absurd, but at the time that was the only strategy I had.

I could certainly see that it didn’t work, but I didn’t have another choice.

That’s the incredible revolution Balanced View brought for me, in this one simple change of allowing myself to be as I am, whatever I am experiencing, and really making it clear that I have a choice in every single situation, no matter how wronged, justified or outraged in my perceptions I might feel.

By applying this little commitment again and again throughout the day, I started to see unbelievable changes in my speech and behaviour, and amazingly, in the way that I relate to my thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Where there used to be a lot of ranting in thoughts and speech, there started to be more openness, spaciousness and a sense of fun.

Now I often chuckle at the random and intense things that can come up for me, and it has become much easier to stop connecting the dots, “I feel this way because of this, and if I do that, this will happen, and I wish that person did this and not that because then I would feel better.”
That used to be what my conclusions about things looked like, but I am not really interested in that anymore.

By being able to allow my data to be as it is more and more, I started to see I was no longer trying to change myself and everyone around me.

Being with people started being a lot more relaxed, enjoyable and rich.

I had this impression before that people were really draining, but what was draining was my incapacity to be at ease with all the data that come up about people.

Now that I can let that be as it is and not take it to mean anything about anyone in particular, I have so much space to actually enjoy people, truly listen and be available.

I have so many ideas and opinions about myself, everyone, everything, and more and more I can just let those be as they are. They are less distracting.

These ideas and opinions change all the time, and I feel so grateful and truly satisfied to no longer take them seriously.

As a result I experience deep peace within myself.

I have experimented with allowing myself to be as I am in very intense data storms where it seemed impossible to just be myself with all the fear, self-hatred, self-criticism and grief.

I took a lot of support to harmonise the relationship to myself.

One moment at a time, I have learned that there is nothing in these emotions that can actually harm me, and I borrowed the assurance of my open intelligence elders many times.

I let data be as they are, one step at a time, and while feeling all these things, I am able to also care for myself in a loving and simple way and truly feel indestructible peace.

To me that is crucial because it allows me to offer that space of peace to anyone around me who is feeling particularly afflicted and not good enough.

It’s such a gift to offer an example of not relating from self-aggression.

I can be with people without being disturbed by their data, and just focus on being of service, because I can be with myself without being disturbed by my data, and serve myself so beautifully through the Four Mainstays support.

I want to finish by sharing a sentence from one of the texts, which I often hear in my mind and has always been of support to me: “Just relax and take care of yourself as you are.”

I love this care and simplicity, and it really has changed everything for me 🙂

Thank you so much dearest Candice and everyone in the community. Gaelle

A precious present to parenthood

Our son was born some two years ago, as cute as he was, and still is, sleeping well at nights and afternoon naps were not his strong side. Countless very early mornings with little sleep at night, waking up at the break of day, to support a tired and upset baby/toddler.

I can’t begin to thank this teaching, as it brought about the most lovely transition I could think as a parent – having the possibility to stay relaxed and even sometimes cheerful while being deprived of sleep for long stretches – one of my biggest challenges.

Situations where before it would have been so easy to snap, to lose patience – to not go there – to stay available – the teaching of natural rest is a parenthood treasure for me; I can’t think of any technique or mode of action that I’ve learnt before that would have supported me in this way.

I find it so very valuable to not get angry handling him – when a challenging time has passed, remaining cool – I look back at it with great gratitude – knowing how it could be different, how readily close were other modes of conduct before. This teaching brought then and brings now much laughter and cheer – the best parenthood course ever.

I wish to deeply thank Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, the trainers and the courageous world wide community.

Living More Spontaneously

I’ve realised that in the past before Balanced View I had a real blockage in not understanding that data is like ‘golden coins’ & that it is the shining part of O.I. if only I had courage to release it.

I have always been very much solution orientated. If I had I a problem I set out the hard way working out the answer step by step, unable just to relax and let the solution just arise by itself. I’ve always been a swot, swotted my way through school and university and still continued to swot up my lessons like mad before teaching, spending hours researching my subject so that I could offer only the very best, the very newest and up to date methods . I simply wanted to give of my very best and doubted I could do that if I didn’t plan everything out meticulously. I couldn’t just be slap happy and keep repeating the same old thing, people deserved to receive only the best possible every time.

I never guessed that I could change all that. Perhaps I didn’t try hard enough, or perhaps because it always seemed to work I didn’t want to change and although I was quite happy to let things be in other areas of my life I never realised how unnecessary it was to be so uptight about getting everything right.

Now I can still do my research and still know that when I relax with short moments I can be so much more spontaneous in my relationship with my students & can relax and let new and inspired ideas flow together with all the ‘learned stuff ‘. It is so eye opening to see what a revolution that has created for me in my work. We actually have fun in lessons and laugh and enjoy odd moments of shared enthusiasm.