Being in the Right Setting

I’ve found through Balanced View that we ‘learn’ to be in the right setting i.e we learn to listen to the free audios, read all the free books, participate in all the current BV activities. I can now choose to set aside all the thousands of tapes and and books and lectures on psychology and meditations etc that I have been part of my life for more than half a century. I have drawers and cupboards full of such things.

I have taught meditation classes for years and have been involved in countless spiritual activities, seen many spiritual teachers who I have followed for years, and now this simple straight forward teaching emerges, I just live more simply, take short moments and relax. This last I have always given lip service to but suddenly I realised what is truly meant.

We have to seize the power of the mind, no hang ups any more, and then one lives without tension and all that arises from short moments. Great! Short moments have helped me immensely. I can now be relaxed instead of being impatient or angry in situations where I would otherwise have “blown my top.” So simple, yet suddenly even though I’ve heard it over and over again I suddenly ‘get it’.

Thank you Candice, thank you all my trainers, thank you Balanced View.

Love, As It Is

For most of my life, it seemed obvious that the goal was to find those handful of special people who “got me”, love and interact only with them, and to hell with anyone else.  As a child, I had one best friend at a time, and a few other second-bests to call on if my bestie wasn’t available.  One by one, those best friends and second-bests drifted away, and the urge to find a special someone who appreciated and knew me inside and out—and would never leave—carried into my adulthood.

After a couple of tumultuous longterm relationships, including a marriage, I decided the other extreme was true: I didn’t want to be in a relationship at all or invest any energy or care into others.  If we drifted, cool.  If we kept hanging out, cool.  It felt freeing after a life of thinking I needed someone else to be complete, though that also missed the real mark.

Then I met my current partner, who I have been with for 7 beautiful years now.  The second or so time we hung out, I remember telling him I didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone; just wanted to meet people and have fun.  But something about him was unlike anyone I had met.  He really looked me in the eye, he dressed comfortably and confidently, he was relaxed and open in a way I’d never experienced someone be.  Things organically progressed, and a year or so into our relationship, he started sharing videos from Balanced View with me.

Through Balanced View, I was introduced to so many people who had the same radiant, authentic relaxation my partner had.  It was magnetizing, even with initial fears of the unknown.  After joining a number of clarity calls and participating in trainings, I connected with people I knew from those offerings over Facebook and email, experiencing that same open relaxation in them even though we were just exchanging digital letters and images on a screen.  I could honestly say I loved people I had never met in the flesh.

Eventually my partner and I started attending in-person Balanced View gatherings in California and Sweden.  Being with so many relaxed, open-hearted beings in one place was an incredible—sometimes overwhelming in the beginning—experience.  I found and still find myself falling in love again and again with so many amazing friends and mentors who show me what is possible; what it is to be truly themselves without any bullshit or fronts.  A falling in love that is very ordinary where I am not afraid of it fading or ceasing, or that it has to look a certain way.  Seeing that true love subsumes all the ideas I held about it; that it’s already the case between us—as us—as human beings.  Not elusive, or something that only a special few can hold with me like my intimate partner, family members, or friends I see regularly face-to-face.  Wow!

More and more, I find myself feeling love for and connecting with people I don’t conventionally know at all.  Fast food clerks that take my order, someone who I help pick up groceries they dropped on the street, a tourist asking me for directions in my home city..  Sometimes I’m struck at the heart to speak with others and recognize our inherent connection, whatever we’re talking about or however many or few words we exchange.

If who I’m talking to isn’t outwardly pleasant or open, uncontrived compassion is more and more obvious.  Through the incredible encouragement and support from Balanced View over the years to not run away from my own afflictive thoughts and emotions, it isn’t a mystery to me anymore how someone could act out from the data they experience.  I did for the majority of my life, unaware of another option.  If someone is rude or awkward, I’m no longer fooled into thinking there is something fundamentally wrong with them or me, and can more spontaneously see what is helpful and what isn’t in any given situation.

There is something astounding and powerful about speaking openly to another human being with no strings attached on either side. Not needing each other to change in order to feel okay, and everyone taking full responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions, and actions without dumping them absentmindedly onto others.  I get this in spades through my interactions with participants in the Balanced View community, and evermore naturally with anyone in life.

I’m eternally grateful for this opening to love as it actually is.  Thank you all, love you all.

Being worthy of peace and bliss

I thought I was unworthy of experiencing fulfilment, love, happiness and peace until I came across the Balanced View Training. The example of Candice, the trainers and community just made it obvious to me that there is never a reason to not bask in the completeness and wonder of each moment. It is such a miracle that everything I ever looked for is already present and it is just a matter of allowing myself the goodness of completely releasing all effort and contrivance.

Candice just transmits infinite joy, beauty and countless other beneficial qualities and by seeing her example I start to realize that life is completely wonderful, regardless of descriptions I learned.

It is really wonderful beyond words. Such bliss, peace and happiness and deep fulfillment is felt, without any cause. To let myself enjoy this gift completely is the greatest contribution I could ever make.

Forever grateful for the precious transmission of Candice and all who follow her footsteps.

In blissful gratitude,

Always at Home

Dear friend,
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
As I write this I am sitting in a street cafe in busy, dirty, noisy night time Delhi, on my way back from two months at the Balanced View Center in Goa. What I wanted to share is the difference I see in how stable and safe I feel in so many different settings. I easily used to feel anxious, unsafe and even afraid when traveling in the East; whenever it got too dirty or exotic I felt somehow threatened and like I couldn’t relax. I remember many sleepless, anxious nights on the road and the contrasting relief that wouldn’t arise until I was safe back in my apartment in Stockholm. This was fine, but I remember wishing that I possessed a stability that wasn’t tied to a place or a person. Now that I am here, upon reflection it is beautiful to see that I can relax and feel at home in this chaotic place. I think it is because more and more I feel at home, content and familiar with my internal data. It’s like I bring home with me wherever I am, home is always what is looking, completely at rest and at ease no matter what appears within or outside. This is so soothing and so freeing! I don’t feel afraid of foreign people or foreign places because I have harmonized the relationship with so many of the thoughts and emotions that I used to take as alien or hostile. Gratitude to the brilliant, custom made support of Balanced View’s empowerment network the Four Mainstays that come with me to all corners of the world, for opening this up and allowing me to realize I am always at home in open intelligence!
Love, Beate


I am so immensely grateful for the wonderful trust of the Four Mainstays empowerment network of Balanced View.
To have the wonderful tools of short moments in midst of disturbing states, to completely relax and leave every thing as it is, this is so very empowering and soothing!!
Having a Trainer and Root Trainer, Community, and participate in trainings, this is the complete trust and guiding light of light!!! Since I have relied on the Four Mainstays my relationship to my children and wife have become so close and beautiful.
As a father I can see that I can be of great support, which I did not believe I could be before, and it is so much easier to relate in a natural and easeful way with all people!!
My life is so filled with clarity and love, and it is so obvious how stable and powerful I am in my everyday life!!!
With gratitude Per

The Gift of Complete Relaxation

When I met the Balanced View Teaching, I was in my fourth year of learning a bodywork/energy art which was intended to bring about healing through relaxation and balance. I had a three year diploma already, and was offering this service to the public.

It’s amazing to reflect and see clearly how much I could not even enjoy giving this service, as I could not relax with my own data (thoughts, emotions and sensations), let alone help someone else relax with theirs. I was in a constant argument in my mind, because my thoughts were always so negative and my response was to struggle with them, to try to make them positive or make them go away. This resulted in a lot of tension!

The first time I listened to a talk by Candice, the founder of Balanced View, I experienced my first moment of complete relaxation. I remember it so distinctly because it was complete relief for my mind and body. It was what I had been striving to experience, in all the practices, attempts to rest and all the therapy sessions.

When I went to my first Balanced View Open Meeting, I was given the tool of a short moment. I remember this so distinctly also, because for the first time, I was shown what about me is powerful, clear, alert and can always be relied upon.

This experience was so profound, I kept on coming back. After a short amount of time, I gave up the bodywork practice because I could see what I really wanted for myself and others was being offered so completely by the Balanced View Teaching.

Complete relaxation was impossible before receiving education in the nature of mind because no matter what I did to relax, I was always so busy in my mind. The practice of the Balanced View Teaching has shown me deeply and profoundly that I can let all my data be as it is, no matter how wrong it might seem. I’ve been shown undoubtedly that everything I experience is open intelligence, my power to benefit all.

Seven years later, I can face all circumstances, I can enjoy everything about life, I can contribute benefit no matter what I am experiencing because I can relax and let the beneficial energy of data self-release and empower my qualities and activities. All I need to do is completely relax for a short moment. A short moment of knowing that everything I experience is open intelligence.

It is the greatest blessing, the most wonderful way to live life, giving so much in all ways we wish for as human beings. I cannot thank Candice and Balanced View enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With great love, Jess

A life with a trainer

When I did my Twelve Empowerments Training around nine years ago, I was very fortunate to be able to have contact with a Balanced View Trainer. How wonderful that was and of course, still is and it’s getting better and better every day. This relationship is one I treasure above all. The precious Trainer I can write to has gone before me exploring the nature of mind and wish to support for what is best for me. Such a loving and kind being it is. Every email I have been writing to him I have received empowering support and on a continual basis, it expands my view, the variety of options I can handle certain situations, my mental and emotional stability increases, etc.

A dear, dear friend I completely trust. Sunbathing together, he holds my hand and guides me in the exciting land of precious gems and jewels. Wow! What a marvellous event life is.

Love  Johan

No Longer Afraid of Myself

Before finding the Balanced View Training, for as long as I could remember, I had been afraid of everything. Every situation, whether extreme or mundane, used to bring up so much fear and anxiety for me. I became very good at ignoring it whenever possible, very skilled at pretending that I was confident, but inside I never felt secure or safe. It was such a painful way to interact with myself, with people and with life in general, and self-doubt was permanent.


Now I have been in the training for five years and I have received undeniable and incredible results. One of them is that I am no longer afraid of myself.


One day I was reflecting on this and I realised that the power of allowing this crippling anxiety and fear with millions of short moments had fully transmuted that fear into indestructible confidence that, for sure, I will know how to respond to most situations and that I no longer need to be afraid of myself.


It was not like an affirmation, it was an unshakeable knowing coming from seeing again and again in my experience how my response to all situations had shifted from fear to settled confidence. I started to see the spontaneous opening of skilful means I had no idea I had. I feel that relying on my trainer is what helped me most in this, being lovingly and clearly empowered to experiment with short moments of open intelligence at every opportunity with an attitude of openness, respect and nurturing self-care.


It happened so naturally that I did not notice the process, all I know is that I kept showing up openly and humbly took the short moments, with so much fear at first, and then bravely allowing the confidence in short moments to expand and showing me that it is safe to feel complete paralysing fear and anxiety. It did not destroy me like I thought it would. In that I found such stability and power and no longer need to avoid this side of myself, to the point that I don’t really notice when it comes up anymore. It is no longer a distraction or a threat, it is no longer the primary perception in all my interactions. It’s such a huge relief and a very relaxing way to be, and I am deeply grateful for that every day. 🙂 Gaelle

Parenting With Growing Ease

We became parents some 15 months ago, before our son’s birth a lot of data streams came up for me, mostly relating to my capacity of being a good parent. today, looking back, I can say without doubt that the practice of resting naturally and the Four Mainstays lifestyle offered by Balanced View, are, for me, the best parenting course ever. I find that there is more and more natural ease with the handling of daily and nightly states, which can be quite demanding; being almost constantly deprived of sleep, dealing with scarcity of free time, times of illness and so forth – having the possibility to more and more not lose patience in the face of these – that is the best present I can think of – It brings so much joy and happiness being more and more at ease. I wish to thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, Balanced View Trainers who devote their life to support beings in gaining clarity to their nature and to the Balanced View worldwide community who shine forth in so many ways.


Keep Showing up!

Caring for oneself as Open Intelligence and being socially aware and active is an absolute and instinctive requirement for living plus no longer needing to be shown that we’re worthy of love and being 100% responsible. I have to keep reminding myself that love isn’t out there but here and now, that we are love.

When I first read how to deal with jealousy it seemed to present a really strong issue and the instruction to truly be able to demonstrate O.I. power in the grip of jealousy can seem unrealistic, and over altruistic to simply think in such circumstances,’well it’s universal data and we’re all in the same boat’. It takes time to get to that stage and one could be tempted to think that such a simple hearted type of love is hypocritical.

However time does help if you keep living it as instructed. When my husband gushed over certain T.V stars I used to get innerly furious but now it simply doesn’t affect me so it must be due to repeated thinking on Balanced View lines and learning to trust Open Intelligence more and more until it doesn’t seem difficult any more.

I guess that’s the crux of the whole thing, just keep on showing up and eventually you start to really live it and can eventually know exactly how to handle all those really trying times. I’d always thought short moments had to be taken deliberately like medicine but recently I’ve noticed they can occur in a split second. A crisis arises and you have a hair’s breadth moment to decide what to do, you instinctively take an in-breath and short moment’s recognition of Open Intelligence.

Recently I turned up at my usual venue to teach my usual yoga class to find there was a Bridge convention going on in the same place. With my class members milling around me I had to decide on the spot and taking a short moment happened so fast I suddenly ‘knew’ of an alternative place to go, someone came up with the suggestion of where to find the key to it and without our usual equipment we set off for the new destination, it was cold, we put on extra jumpers, there were no blocks. Again a short moment and , we were using books from the shelves in the room instead, we had no straps, we used our scarves instead. It all turned out fun instead of a disaster. Point proven. Just keep showing up, relaxing and taking the short moments.