All outshone in love

The Balanced View training introduced me to a way of living that was unimaginable to me before. I often have tears running down my face when I think of all of the changes that have taken place in mine and so many other peoples life.

I experience a cosmic primordial joy that I cant really describe but that was always there and is now allowed to be there and to flow freely. Beneath all my resentments was this pure shining heart desire to love – everything as it is. Now I can just love with an open heart without fear.

There is a cheerful, playful, loving energy that pervades my days, that was not present before I meet this training. I was so incredibly lost before I meet this training. Everything felt like a threat, like something that could harm or destroy me. It felt like a nightmare compared to now.

The guidance and empowerment I have received from Candice, my trainer, the training media and the community is unbelievable. In ways that I cant really explain the 4 mainstays have dismanteled my deepest fears, just by showing me that everything is love, comes from love and will always be love. No words will ever be able to fully express my gratitude. I want nothing but for everyone else to know this truth. It is so simple. It is who we already are.

In deepest love,


Outshining Painful Thoughts at Extract the Power 12!

 Etp_banner_Nov 2015

I had the recent opportunity to participate in a Balanced View Training in Bristol called Extract the Power 12. This is the eleventh time I have participated in this bi-annual Gathering and each time it is so powerful and empowering.

It is amazing to be in the context of the Four Mainstays where the entire focus is on gaining assurance in open intelligence and contributing strengths, gifts and talents for the benefit of all.

Everything comes up for me in this context because I have spent my life limiting myself with the belief that I am  not good enough, that I have nothing to contribute and that other people are so much better than me, and then trying to change this experience by attempting to make myself appear better than others.

This is such painful way to live and has led to relationship breakdowns and a life of dissatisfaction and misery.

What I love about the Balanced View Training is that I have had the opportunity to recognize all these belief systems, thoughts and emotions to be the beneficial lively energy of the open intelligence we all are and have immediate access to with short moments of complete relaxation.

When I completely relax my mind, no matter how jealous or depressed I am feeling everything pools into the pure light of open intelligence. There is nothing to grasp onto. The thoughts are just a mirage and indivisible from all experience is the great stability and wellness of open intelligence.

I love the Balanced View metaphor for the mind, how open intelligence is like a crystal ball, completely unaffected by its reflections. Capable of holding all reflections: ugliness, anger, hatred, joy, everything can appear and open intelligence remains crystal clear.

Through showing up to this Extract the Power Training and the continuous empowerment of the Four Mainstays lifestyle I now experience a capacity to show up beneficially no matter what I am feeling or thinking. I see I have a choice. I can withdraw into the misery of the descriptions in my mind or I can choose to recognize open intelligence and be unaffected. I can be warm, openhearted, available, and I can focus on solutions.

This is my choice, and I am so grateful to Candice O’Denver and the Balanced View Training for showing me I have this choice and then for empowering me to see that I shine and life and is completely wonderful when I make it.

If you would like to read more about the Extract the Power event, with lots of shares and photos, here is a link to the Facebook event.

Thank you to Candice O’Denver for the gift of outshining painful thoughts and empowering my capacity to contribute benefit…