Gratitude for Balanced View Bristol and heart-warming community

My first experience of a Balanced View Open Meeting was accidentally wandering into the end of one whilst searching for another meeting at Hamilton House, Bristol.

I had heard about Balanced View before but had all these ideas about what it would be like. I’d imagined being in a therapy circle, theatrically acting out my issues with a small group of others.

When I walked into that room, it was a suprise to be met by a buzzing group of people, all chatting and smiling with a really fresh energy about them. I had missed the talk but was so touched by what I’d experienced. I knew I’d be back for more.

Interestingly, I had spent the last two years searching for a community where I really felt at home. I had been involved with activist groups, dance groups, permaculture groups (Bristol has a group for every interest!). But I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Meeting the Balanced View community in Bristol was the end of the search. I had finally met a group of people who let be exactly as I am. No matter how I felt I could show up to the meetings, be invited to hang out, meals at people’s houses, movie nights, there was always something fun to do and lovely people to be with.

Through being allowed to be as I was, feeling depressed, lonely, socially anxious, completely in love, and always being completely welcome, the community supported me to love myself.

There is always the priority of recognizing open intelligence and using the Four Mainstays support to empower this recognition. I just loved this. I love learning how to use my mind in a beneficial way. I love harmonious relating, where I decide not to emphasize my thoughts and emotions and just relax to let it all flow by.

I love seeing the results and being with people who are completely authentic and trustworthy. Everything is allowed to be as it is and I have found this so healing and empowering, because from the mountain top of seeing it all and feeling it all deeply, it is obvious to me what is of most benefit and how I can serve each situation in the best way.

I am just so grateful to Candice O’Denver for her gift of empowering people and communities to flourish together, peacefully and powerfully. I feel excited about what is possible for the world, seeing the solution directly in my own experience and in the experience of many others, it is obvious that human beings are born to live this way.

Skye, Bristol

Gratitude for the courage to meet the world with an open heart

By all conventional description, it would appear at times as if we are living in an increasingly brutal, desperate and chaotic world.

Just looking at the news today – a woman the same age as me shot and stabbed to death on the streets of Yorkshire in a brutal attack defying all semblance of sense.

Earlier in the week – 50 people massacred in cold blood in a gay club in Orlando, just for living their lives.

The temptation is to respond by becoming consumed by anger, drowned in desperation, or cocooned in numbness.

Yet experience shows me that all of these ways of reacting bring nothing. Achieve nothing.

Every single day it becomes increasingly clear that the only way we are ever going to grow up as a species is if we take a long hard look at ourselves.

It is this support – to look unflinchingly into the heart of what is going on in myself and in the world, to find the courage to meet it fully, to face it fully from a place of clarity and integrity, and to educate myself in the single most powerful resource of my own innate peace, stability and open intelligence that is exactly the support I have found in the Balanced View training. THAT is why I am immeasurably grateful for everything that my participation in the Four Mainstays has given me.

Familiarity with this innate stability is what grounds me, empowers me and motivates me to embody my capacity to meet reality on its own terms. To see all that is going on in the world, feel it fully, and rather than become overwhelmed by it, gradually discover the strength to encounter it all with an open heart.

Balanced View has never for a second attempted to offer me an airy fairy quick fix to magically eradicate all of my own and all of the world’s problems overnight.

Instead, it has very soberly and directly offered practical support to trust my own direct moment to moment experience and gently notice that there is something essential in each and every one of us that is stable, aware and at peace.

The more I rest as that myself, through the simple practice of short moments and all that supports it, the more it becomes clear how a return to the integrity, peace and natural compassion of this indivisible openness at the heart of who we are, is a solution evolution is presenting us for moving out of this mess.

My experience of Balanced View has simply been of an elegant and comprehensively thorough means to access this resource within myself, one day at a time, and share my own strengths with the world in a spirit of natural generosity and uncontrived openness. The gratitude I feel within my own life for the benefits I have received from this are immense and incalculable.

I look forward to sharing more of this incredible gratitude, and more of my direct experience on this blog whenever I next have the opportunity to write.

With Love and profound gratefulness to my teacher, root teacher, and community for supporting this in me, and all of us always,


Great Gratitude

I love to reflect on the past three years of relying on the constant support of Balanced View. I have been shown a really simple practice that I can rely on in any situation, and through which I access my natural intelligence, immediately beneficial. Perceived limitations have opened up in ways I could not have planned or imagined. For example, I no longer feel a constant state of anxiety, panic and impending doom, and I no longer feel like a victim of my challenging chronic illnesses. I feel increasingly at ease with whatever occurs in my experience and less and less have the compulsion to avoid anything or anyone. I can relate more and more easefully and truly listen, truly see what is needed in each situation, with growing stability and assurance that I know how to solve problems.  It is the most simple and direct practice, and for me the most efficient. Thank you so much!



Thank you for showing me there is nothing wrong with me…

I have participated fully in the Four Mainstays of Balanced View for six years because I was overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions before I met this training and I experienced immediate relief from taking a short moment, having a trainer to write to and being with the community.

One particular change which I can share about today is that the thoughts which consistently tell me there is something wrong with me just don’t take me down anymore. Instead I have been empowered to recognize that these thoughts are just a mirage and indivisible from the painful descriptions is the pure beneficial energy of open intelligence.

Just imagine these thoughts coming into your mind “You are completely useless, and everyone else is better than you.” or “I hate myself, I want to die.” and really believing them to be true, and the difference of knowing them to be the pure beneficial energy of open intelligence, and that when you completely relax body and mind for a brief moment these power of these thoughts will spontaneously and without effort empower you to be of great benefit to yourself and to every person and situation you are in.

This is what I now experience when these thoughts come into my mind and it comes from taking up the incredible offer of 24 hour, for the rest of your life support, from an incredible group of people who have realized this themselves, due the miracle of Candice O’denver discovering this in her own experience and then her complete dedication and giving everything so that everyone else in the world can come to know this too.

There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel for this new understanding of my mind and what to do with it, but I can share that the results are incredible. My relationships with family and friends are beautiful and flourishing, I can be in any situation and I know what to do, I can relate with openness to others and to solutions no matter what I am feeling and I love myself and all beings no matter what I am thinking. It is truly profound and I really see the capacity this training has to transform how we relate with ourselves and each other globally.The solution for world peace.

So, wonderful Candice and Balanced View….THANK YOU!!!!

Jess, UK