Worth more than a billion dollars…

Worth more than a billion dollars…
It was my eight summer visiting the Balanced View Center in Sweden and I have never experienced such a easy going and stable visit. Why?
People are traveling from all over the world to visit the center to educate themselves in the nature of mind and work in Balanced View Teams and involved themselves in service and here I am in the midst of it.
Not one time during the summer I have thought that I rather would be somewhere else than at the center. People meet me with respect, gratitude, a helpful and serviceable attitude, no drama, no sarcasm, no BS but simply a peaceful and easy-going way. 100-150 people. Is it always like this?
Not one single time during my stay at the Balanced View center during all these years have I witnessed or experienced a dispute or argumentation and this is to me priceless! What a complete goldmine treasure. I very much appreciate this a don’t take it for granted but happily want to share my gratitude for what I learn here. It’s so simple but SO effective. The method I can easily be implemented at my current work at the retirement home, in my relationships, in my other daily practices such a playing music, workout, clean… You name it!
I knew it could be this simple and it’s proven day after day.

With love and gratitude, Johan

Thank you for a balanced perspective

These days when it’s so easy to be swayed in all directions by a flurry of relentlessly alarming news, the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness comes up more than ever. And yet those feelings less and less influence my perspective because Balanced View supports me to rely on  my open intelligence, always reliable and directly accessible in each moment, no matter what happens.

It’s clear by now that things can spin out of control at the drop of a hat and there is nothing I can do about it except make sure I am increasingly stable within. That really ramps up my capacity to respond intelligently in a way that directly supports everyone powerfully because it allows me to be so clear and stable and not respond from hope and fear.

It’s also clear to me that whatever steps we have taken now as a global society, things appear to stay the same or get worse, so I am totally ready for something new, and here I am supported in what really works. To me this is the only solution I see for establishing a sane global culture where all lives are respected, valued and truly honoured. Gaelle