Looking for real independence and authenticity.

Dearest newcomer to Balanced View,

Thank you so much for showing an interest in how you can be of most benefit in your life. I have been involved in Balanced View for about two and a half years. Prior to meeting the training it was always very important for me to be (or at least seem) independent in my life: as a woman, as a spiritual seeker etc. I was never interested in taking part in an organisation, I might even have seen it as a failure to “depend” on a teacher or community. Another thing that has always been very important for me is authenticity—to live a true, genuine life of integrity. So here I am today, completely held and flourishing in the Four Mainstays lifestyle, completely held and flourishing in all experiences, painful or cheerful.

What I have found through relying on short moments of relaxation and openness, a never-ending supply of teaching media, my personal open intelligence-guide and the community of people who also want to rely on relaxation and openness is that both these values—independence and authenticity—are more alive in my life than I had ever experienced prior to the training. I am supported to meet all my thoughts and emotions with true openness and through that I feel empowered to truly make independent and authentic choices in my life—endlessly  more free from all concepts I learned about what it means to be good, successful, nice, cool, whatever. I feel like I am being showed the source of everything beneficial one could look for in my own mind, and more and more I realise I have access to it in each moment.

I warmly recommend everyone who feels slightly interested to find out more about this magnificently warm and empowering movement that has given me newfound trust in the benefit and power of the human race!

Beate in Sweden.

Grateful For True Well-being

I am so grateful! Lately I have noticed much more ease and energy in my day-to-day life, even though I am more active than ever before. This shift is meaningful to me because I remember back before I started Balanced View training six years ago, when I’d try to perform the smallest task and I was tired and afflicted with stress and anxiety caused from trying to live up to a perfect image of myself.

In this search for perfection all my energy was depleted and I was exhausted. I struggled for many years with debilitating chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, chemical sensitivity and cognitive dysfunction. Although I could find some relief from time to time for my symptoms, there was very little help for the constant under mutter of believing myself as not good enough and then following through on that belief.

I attempted to find solutions from what I had learned at schools or from role models growing up. I researched many spiritual paths. Nothing helped. I could not get out of the loop of thinking of myself as a victim of illness. I was a person who needed to be fixed. I was always at war with myself. This was such a drain of precious energy!

Today, I am much more energized and alive as I deeply relax with what is. I take short moments and rest with all the things I once did not like about myself. While resting I find a spaciousness that opens into a vast perspective where there is harmony with everything and everyone, including myself. From this vast perspective I tap into energy to do things I’d never thought I could do. All my relationships with family and friends are flourishing. Perfect solutions that enhance my health arise magically.

This shift has occurred simply by being open to showing up for support that Balanced View generously offers to anyone. I participate in calls and trainings and listen to the media on the Balanced View website regularly. As I continue to take advantage of this vital support what was once was confusion showing up as ill-health is being clarified. Now I see challenges as an unending opportunity to tap into well-being that is far better than any health remedy I could find.

With much love and gratitude,

Joan Marie

Letting O.I Be in The Driving Seat

‘If we’re going to put human intelligence in machines that effort needs to be informed by Open Intelligence’ quote from Open Intelligence … Human Identity.


I try to remember when in the driving seat of my car to ‘let my endeavour be informed by Open Intelligence’ i.e I need to relax and be guided by O.I. for my own and others safety.

Recently in a huge traffic jam with traffic building up all the time, aware of drivers being frustrated and angry, some trying to pull out and turn around, I opened my window, relaxed as in a short moment , smiled as I looked at the sun glinting through the trees by the road side and listened to the birds.   Soon the traffic began to move again and surprisingly I wasn’t late for my appointment.


with love,


Welcoming Everything Home



I used to think that waking up in the morning sometimes with a sense of anxiety, vulnerability, tightness, or tension was an indication of something ‘wrong’ with me. I assumed that if I wasn’t leaping out of bed brimming with existential glee every day, shouting hallelujah to the heavens and fist-pumping the air, I hadn’t quite ‘got there’ yet.

This is because I had come to believe in a prolific one-dimensional worldview in which authentic well-being is measured by whatever thoughts, emotions and random sensations happen to pass through the landscape of my bodymind on a day-to-day basis. This view is deeply ingrained in contemporary psychology, and in my own experience, the assumption resulted in the futile effort towards a kind of inner ethnic cleansing of any thought or emotion I may have deemed to be not quite up to scratch.

Only ‘positive’ thoughts and emotions counted. No room for anxiety, anger, frustration or depression. Anything myself or society had chosen to describe or label as ‘negative’ or ‘wrong’ couldn’t possibly have value, and needed to be extinguished in order for me to even begin to consider myself as psychologically or spiritually sound.

When I first encountered Balanced View, I had already begun to see through this false fixation and was learning to meet myself and all of my experience with considerably more openness, love and understanding. I was learning to integrate those thoughts and feelings I may have previously been all too quick to cast out, and had started to make friends with the parts of me that I had previously deemed as unacceptable. Nonetheless I was still finding that old patterns of describing and discriminating died hard.

What I discovered, and continue to discover, through trying out and rigorously testing the authenticity and efficacy of the Balanced View training, is an astonishingly sturdy and comprehensive network of support for that process of welcoming everything home, and waking up to what it is about myself that is fundamentally and unreservedly OK, no matter what I am thinking, feeling or experiencing. While I’d had glimpses of this before, I always found my capacity to remain grounded in it, especially during challenging times, was frustratingly elusive. Some thoughts, emotions and sensations just seemed too overwhelming, and I found it impossible amidst this affliction to see the golddust within them, or recognise the forest from the trees.

I am immensely and profoundly grateful for the support on offer through Balanced View’s Four Mainstays to come back again and again to the recognition of this peaceful and powerful indestructible basic state which is the essence of who I am. To gain support to rest deeply in the inseparable awareness within which even the most troubling thoughts, emotions and sensations arise is the greatest gift it is possible to receive in life. It allows me, one short moment at a time, to be fully present for existence, to feel everything fully, and to gain ever deepening assurance in my capacity to contribute to the world from a place of openness, stability, and lasting benefit.

I am grateful for all of this with all of my heart,

In Love always,


Thank you for a beautiful relationship with my mum


For many years my relationship with my mum had felt like a war zone. A place of repeated misunderstanding and painful interactions for both of us. Before I met the Balanced View Training, I was having therapy sessions and was practicing telling my mum exactly what she had done to hurt me (this time) and why it hurt, on frequent occasions. My mum found this difficult, and so did I, because it just didn’t feel natural to keep drumming up these conversations and basically trying to change my mum so that I could feel okay.

It was amazing then to meet the Balanced View Training and receive the instruction to let people be as they are, to let my data (thoughts, emotions, sensations, experiences) be as it is and to simply relax for short moments as often as I could remember. I also participated in the Twelve Empowerments Training and chose to take support from a Balanced View trainer.

Over the last six years my relationship with my mum has completely flourished. We literally could not spend more than a couple of hours together without saying something hurtful, whereas now we enjoy our time together, we go for coffee and I share love and appreciation for all that she has contributed to me.

Even when my mum reacts and loses her temper, I don’t take it personally. I can simply relax and see how I can support her to do the same. I am much more open when criticism comes my way which allows me to understand where she is coming from and thank her for her insights and requests, when in previous years, what felt like criticism would have gone straight to my heart and I would have indulged anger and sadness, believing my mum didn’t love me, when in fact, she was just doing her very best to express her wishes in the only way she has learned how.

It is such a gift to discover that my mum is also doing her very best to be of benefit and to honor this with gratitude even when my thoughts and feelings are going wild in the opposite direction. By relying on open intelligence I am empowered to see I am fundamentally perfect just as I am, and to see this about others too. The natural stability I experience, no matter what comes up, is unaffected by any data, so I can respond to all situations with an open heart and the clear-seeing of a balanced view. It is such a gift and I am incredibly grateful for the Balanced View teaching in my life, for my trainer and for everything Candice has done to ensure all relationships can be harmonized and enjoyed, just as human beings were always born to live together in a beautiful, wonder-filled way. The love I feel in my heart for my mum when I think of her now is the love I feel for everyone in the world and it is incredible to consider what the world would look like if everyone was relying on open intelligence, knowing the true nature of data.

With love,


Including all for the benefit of all

During my morning walk I passed the local garbage bin car and I saw there where some workers around there putting in some new bin bags. When I passed one of them I said ”Thank you so much for your great work, I really appreciate what you’re doing.” He stopped and looked at me and then he smiled and said ”thank you for thanking me.”

It was such lovely meeting us two adult men between. A small, short gesture of gratitude but it felt so important to express my gratitude for him. Not taking such a valuable service position for granted. I also deal with garbage at home as it is one of my service positions in the household I live in but in a smaller scale.

I recorded a video of gratitude and posted to the company’s Facebook page and they we’re so happy to receive some gratitude.

I love to meet people wherever I am and to include everyone in the society community I living in. Humans beings are so precious and have so much to contribute with. This is what I am getting accustomed to in the precious Four Mainstays lifestyle.

With love and gratitude,


Knowing When to Let Things Be

“Open Intelligence knows what is applicable to the current moment and what to set aside”
Open Intelligence, Changing the Definition of Human Identity, 2015

I have been struggling with turning my books into Kindle versions and since I am not very well versed in computer knowledge this has taxed me considerably, having spent hours on setting up PDF’s and then realizing that I couldn’t make any alterations on a PDF. I think I would usually, without O.I. just blow my top but hopefully I am remembering Candice’s words as I took a short moment and let all my computer worries go, simply left it and set it aside whereas normally in the past i would become irritated and frustrated.

With love

Seeing Each Moment As Precious

Quoting from Candice’s own words in “Human Identity”

“The most magnificent powers of basic identity can only be comprehended and recognized in your own experience nowhere else. Each here and now has worth of indestructible measure. Each here and now has an absolute and relative ethical value that carries over for all entities in each instant.”

Bearing the latter in mind, today I stood in a huge queue in the supermarket, mothers and children obviously catching up after the holidays and getting ready for school. I was late and was looking to find the quickest queue and then I stopped, remembering to value each moment, to see this time as  a “worth of indestructible measure” As I did I began to relax without concern and saw a harassed Mum with two young kids obviously needing to get home as quick as me, I gave way to her in the queue and felt the true meaning of  remembering that, “each here and now has an absolute value” i.e. Candice’s words became comprehended in my own experience.

With love,