Seeing Each Moment As Precious

Quoting from Candice’s own words in “Human Identity”

“The most magnificent powers of basic identity can only be comprehended and recognized in your own experience nowhere else. Each here and now has worth of indestructible measure. Each here and now has an absolute and relative ethical value that carries over for all entities in each instant.”

Bearing the latter in mind, today I stood in a huge queue in the supermarket, mothers and children obviously catching up after the holidays and getting ready for school. I was late and was looking to find the quickest queue and then I stopped, remembering to value each moment, to see this time as  a “worth of indestructible measure” As I did I began to relax without concern and saw a harassed Mum with two young kids obviously needing to get home as quick as me, I gave way to her in the queue and felt the true meaning of  remembering that, “each here and now has an absolute value” i.e. Candice’s words became comprehended in my own experience.

With love,




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