Only Connect

Today, in desperation I went to the Hospital to the  ENT Outpatients department. I have had only one hearing ear since birth and if my ‘good ear’ becomes blocked I am totally deaf and unable to communicate with any one aurally.  My regular appointment wasn’t scheduled until the end of October and in the present difficult climate for hospital admittance I knew my chances of getting on the spot treatment were very slim indeed. I found a quiet place and connected with Open Intelligence and simply relaxed, letting all my anxiety dissipate. In reception I explained my state,I had no appointment and was completely without hearing, I asked the receptionist to write her answer on a notepad.  She wrote that she would enquire, I was to wait.

I waited two hours and during this time I wrote the following poem. At the end of the waiting I was admitted and treated , released and  able  joyously to hear again.


Only Connect To Open Intelligence.

We are but atoms

made of tissue lighter than thistledown,

finer than fairy dust,

insubstantial as air.

Yet linked to such a  powerful source of light

that few before us have ever tapped.


When we but connect

we flow with that self same power.

We become open, naked in its flame,

and know Love for the first time,

become its pure, shining,breathing force,

transformed by its indestructible immanence

into purest beneficial gold.



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