Thank You for an Easeful Relationship to Food and Self-Care

Thank you so much for coming together to explore empowerment in all areas of life. The media is very powerful and so supportive to spend
time with, as well as reflecting on my experience of the benefits of
the Balanced View Training and share my experience with others, which allows me to be clearer and honest. I really love the topic of food from
open intelligence and love to share about how it has opened

up for me.

I have come such a long way in my relationship to food
since finding the Mainstays. I no longer use food as an antidote,
but as an opportunity to care for myself, and I never thought it
could become so easeful and loving. I have such clarity and
stability around what to eat each day, and I am totally flexible.

I used to be completely dogmatic, arrogant and opinionated.

When I was raw vegan I would try to convince everyone to eat raw vegan. When I followed the macrobiotic diet, I insisted everyone should do the
same. It felt so limiting and frustrating, and I was scattered,
not able to keep the focus on myself. In the Training I
learned real compassion, humility, respect and allowing everyone the
space and dignity they deserve to make their own choices. I have
also seen that my ideas of what is of most benefit were not always
accurate or beneficial.

I breathe such a sigh of relief for my openness now and living from that is a blessing. I can simply focus on myself and rely on open intelligence, rather than ideas and belief systems, to inform my choices. Endless gratitude for this and for the opportunity to care for myself with the open
intelligence cure-all that includes everything with sharp discernment
and perfect love!

Thank you so much.

With all my love.