Complete Mental and Emotional Stability within Long-Term Illness

One of the circumstances I really wanted to change when I started the Balanced View Training was severe long-term illness—I really, really wanted to get rid of that and was ready to try anything to get better so that I could do all the things I wanted to do instead of being housebound in so much pain and discomfort every day.
Being supported to allow all data to be as they are, I gradually saw that there was no way I could control the illness or make it disappear, and that changing my data was not the point of the training.
Instead, I learned how to be completely empowered within that circumstance until it was no longer a huge problem I wanted to eradicate.
That doesn’t mean I enjoy it! I don’t think anyone enjoys being ill and in pain every day, but I deeply enjoy being able to rely on my natural, relaxed, beneficial and open intelligence with everything that appears around chronic illness.
It brings me a great spaciousness and responsiveness within what used to feel extremely limiting and terrifying.
Of course everything still comes up: doubts, fears, hopes, despair, feeling isolated, feeling useless, etc. That’s totally natural, but now I hardly notice it, and I identify less with the old feelings of being a sick person. It makes such a difference for me to live from an attitude of uncontrived ease, trust and empowerment within the illness and everything it brings.
With the support of the Four Mainstays I have become able to more and more rely on complete relaxation, on my power to know instead of relying on all the symptoms, thoughts and emotions to inform my choices, and in that way really great and practical solutions spontaneously present themselves so that I can enjoy a better quality of life and take the best care in each moment, in a flexible, open and relaxed way.
I also welcome help more easily, and ask for help whenever needed. I used to be at once so proud and ashamed and resisted asking for help.
Now I see it is not a sign of weakness to ask for support, it is just what we do as humans, we are here for each other.
I use the awesome support every day and enjoy it very much, it has revealed to me that complete emotional and mental stability are absolutely possible no matter what the body does, no matter how extreme and unpredictable it gets, and no matter what I think about it.
That’s a very nice place to live from compared to how I used to live, and makes me feel like I have a genuine place in the world where being just as I am is totally fine, and no matter what I or others think about how I live my life.
That’s a beautiful relief.
I am so grateful to Balanced View for that and much, much more! Gaelle

Romantic Confusion Clarified – Thank you Balanced View!

Before I met the Balanced View Training, I was often confused by romantic thoughts and emotions. It was one fantasy after the next, one person after the next. But it never worked out because I wasn’t stable in myself.

Sexual urges and romantic thoughts would come up strong for a person and suddenly they were ‘the one’. There was intense fear that they did not feel the same way and embarrassingly the sense that they did and were going to show me at some point. It was a seesaw of hope and fear. I would make embarrassing advances one minute and not be able to look at the person the next. It was impossible to relax and at times I experienced so much anxiety that I wouldn’t eat properly for days, let alone just be myself with the person.

Since being introduced to open intelligence everything has changed, and I am so grateful to the Balanced View teaching and global support network for showing me I can simply relax and let data be as it is.

Open intelligence is stable and clear and to see this stability and clarity in myself is amazing. I am no longer distracted by the latest fantasy. When sexual desire and romantic ideas appear, I know when I relax they will self-release, like mist evaporating in the morning sunshine.

This means I no longer avoid people I feel attracted to and I can relate with complete clarity. I see what is of most benefit and I respond naturally without distraction. I feel completely connected to everyone and naturally have the discernment needed for decisions about intimate relationship. The best is being able to relax and be myself with whoever I am with and no matter how I am feeling.

Thank you so much to Balanced View and to the founder, Candice O’Denver, who has poured her whole life into making this amazing training available for everyone. I wish everyone to know complete clarity, stability and connection for themselves and for the very confused world we live in today.

Love Jess

A beautiful everyday life

Dearest reader,

I am living in Stockholm, Sweden, am a musician and love living Four Mainstays life. I am so happy for having this precious opportunity to write on this blog and share my experience. I will share my experience how the Four Mainstays has helped me as a musician and performing.

I have been playing music for many, many years (17 years ago, since I was ten) and been studying at various schools and colleges where I have met many musicians. I am very grateful for the education I’ve got and the people I’ve met.

Since I met the Balanced View training, the relationship I have with music now is totally different. Earlier on, I was focusing on learning as many tunes as I could, accumulate knowledge, thought of what other people thought about me when sitting on stage, what people would say afterward, try to fit as the normal being, not stick out, but at the same time having my own musical identity and unique expression. This was very difficult to keep up and took me a lot of energy. Also keeping track on how other people did, but pretend that no one noticed what I was thinking of. It happened consciously and unconsciously.

So, when meeting the precious Four Mainstays, I got such a beautiful support from my trainer to step by step let these ideas of mine be as they were. I reflected on my situation, came to the conclusion that I did not want to be a victim of this any longer. What I really wanted was freedom. Freedom in the immediacy of perception. Not free OF it, but free IN and AS it. Not replace, indulge or avoid. I wanted complete freedom in all my experience and I knew that this was possible after meeting some precious beings who role modeled this way to relating to life.

All this haunting and drilling myself, mentally beating myself up for not being good enough, being a better person etc., I wanted a stop. Being nervous – fail. Cold hands – fail. Tension – fail. Playing wrong – fail.

Something I was very worried about giving up was “If I relax, try out what is suggested in the teaching, and not try to be something but just give up the identity I was trying to hold on to, will I still love music?”

I gave a go. 8 years ago I picked up the first Balanced View book, and today I am writing on this blog with a big smile on my face 🙂

The wonder of the Four Mainstays

I am so immensely grateful to come across the Balanced View training!! I used to feel very much like a victim for all kinds of circumstances. By the training i realized that i could completely rest with all my feelings and thoughts. To completely let everything be as it is . This is so amazingly empowering and making me live life with an ever opening heart, completely filled with pure love, completely empowered in my day to day life!!!!

The wonder of the Four Mainstays!!! What an precious gift of gifts this is!!!

With gratitude Per

Got rid of depression

In 2011 I was depressed with low energy and bathing in “black” thoughts everyday as I woke up. After a few weeks of listening to free talks by the Balanced View teachers, I noticed that I was not longer depressed. By sharing their own experience they reinforced again and again that I was perfect just as I am. After involving myself even more with the teachings starting 1,5 year ago, I see now that I am a much happier person and that any so-called negative thoughts and emotions don’t bother me for hours anymore. They are gone within microseconds to seconds, as I let them be just as they are.

The results so far of involving myself with the Balanced View training has been life-enriching!