Extra-ordinary life

Today I would like to share about the increased sense of general life satisfaction and well-being I experience through living the Balanced View Four Mainstays lifestyle. My experience is that there is a more and more constant ”background noise” of excitement in my everyday life. You know that feeling of looking forward to something, of being excited about plans for the weekend or for the summer? That feeling pops up more and more often. I find myself trying to relate it to something exciting in the future or in the past. But usually there isn’t anything specific going on; there’s nothing in the descriptions or the circumstances that’s changed. Rather, the excitement and sense of magic and fun sneaks into everyday, mundane activities. This morning for example, having my morning coffee was, to my surprise, in itself a deeply fulfilling and complete experience. The short moments’ practice in this regard has meant that ordinary experiences have become extra-ordinary; tapping into open intelligence again and again has allowed for natural excitement to light the experience up from the inside. To me this is wonderful to recognise since I always wanted everyday life to be filled with ”presence”, fun and curiosity and looked for it, for example, in the right job—but I was never able to hold the exciting circumstances or feelings in place. Much gratitude to the Four Mainstays for allowing short moments to go continuous! Beate from Sweden.

Beneficial activity and satisfaction

I had a very ambitious and successful mother, however having a career never appealed to me. Meanwhile, I got a graduate degree, was cast as the lead in an off-Broadway show, a movie star asked me to marry him, published in professional journals, had several businesses, studied several different healing professions to high levels but couldn’t commit to or care about anything. Nothing felt real or true or important. I was so frustrated and bored and confused about this all my life, for many decades. Nothing seemed meaningful enough to devote all of my time, my whole self and my full heart. ‘Meaning’ was something that I was literally confused about every single day — frustrated about “what is the point of all this?” I would wake up depressed and with no purpose.

Since I started this training this has entirely disappeared for me. Everything I do is done with purpose and care. I can do anything I want and, in fact, I do everything I want. I am very busy studying an approach to finance and have been for a couple of years, but that is not who I am and is equal with washing the dishes or combing my dogs or hanging out with my loved ones. I am never depressed or confused. If I experience these states they pass by without any sting or cling, like clouds passing in a blue sky. I don’t know what I did to change this. All I did was keep showing up for the Balanced View training.

I went to psychotherapists more times than I can count — this is the only thing I have ever done that has changed my life for the better, much better, fundamentally. It is not like being in a better state temporarily — it is a change that can not go backwards. I am unalterably joyful and caring in my life. This is who I am now.

Always Available

One of the many gems this teaching provides me with is the amazing support network. One of Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays is the Trainer, and I really appreciate having a trainer to whom I can ask questions in how I can gain confidence in open intelligence. I feel it is extra supportive when my mind goes crazy with all afflictive thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Like this week I have had lots of resistance of doing everyday life tasks, but instead of beating myself up for not living up to my expectations of what I think I should be producing, I can simply be gentle with myself and see that it is fine to have some time off and not be very active.

With the support of my great Trainer, these kinds of insights and many others I can see is a lived experience and it all happens very quickly so I don’t have to ponder in these kinds of things for ages and blame myself during and after. I simply let it be as it is and continue on in daily life with what I am doing.

The Trainer is the most valuable person I have in life and I am so grateful for this magical being. Thank you, dear Trainer!

With love and gratitude,



Balanced View for the Benefit of All!

My name is Åsa and I am 63 years old. I found this teaching 10 years ago and it changed my life completely. My ups and downs never get hold of me anymore. The support from Balanced View is brilliant. In my family we are five persons involved in the teaching, each one with their own teacher. I have been searching for an end of my suffering and pain for a lifetime. Now the search is over. It is the easy way because there is nowhere to go and no one going there. Everything found in a short moment of open intelligence. There is no more grasping for change of myself and others. All is well, just as it is. This is it!

Gratitude forevermore!

A Happiness Miracle from Balanced View :)

The other day, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by negative data (emotions and thoughts). I went to my bedroom because I knew I was going to cry. I simply put on a talk by the founder of Balanced View, Candice O’Denver. Her soothing words, which illicit the recognition of open intelligence, reminded me to take a short moment. I saw that everything was okay; I could just let the data flow on by. One short moment and I was able to go downstairs and spend time with friends, laughing and enjoying with them. This is a miracle!

Thank you so much, Balanced View 🙂

Love Jess