Gratitude from Frida

What Balanced View teaches me is the preciousness of each moment, however the moment looks. Every moment is a reminder to relax and be at peace with myself and the more I take part in the training, less and less is there anything about myself that I avoid facing, which also means that less and less I avoid facing others fully.

I see such difference in how I relate to myself, how I am in work situations, in meeting people and the basic view I have on our society and what is going on in the world. There is a sense of ease and solution focus.

For me, being a part of the global Balanced View community, is like coming home. It feels so real and alive as I stop trying to change myself, being something that I am not, and everyone else does the same. This gives me such an open field to grow into my own full capacity and potency.

I am so grateful for this life and for the opportunity to build a society that is based on inner peace and flourishing of each and everyones unique qualities.

Amazing life with Balanced View

The gratitude I feel for Balanced View is so immense. Every day I see the results of the Training in my life, in my relationships, in everything I do. Where I before went into stories of not being capable or fear of getting ill, I can now rest completely and be at ease and solution focused in every circumstance. Great cheer!

Having a trainer and this amazing community of friends all over the world is the greatest gift of my life. I live a life of complete empowerment with my strengths, gifts and talents flourishing and whatever comes up and whenever it comes up there is the most precious support available, 24/7, amazing! Thank you amazing Candice for The Four Mainstays and thank you Balanced View. It is completely clear to me now that a life of ease, empowerment and cheer is possible, I live it! Thank you! <3 Emma