The Power of Opening to Okayness

There is so much to be thankful for in life.

I always had some recognition of the great value in simple gratitude before discovering Balanced View, but like so many, was raised in a society where criticism, sarcasm, blame, and vilification were endemic, even lauded, as functional responses to the world as we find it.

It becomes very hard not to respond in kind when this is all we see around us. Whether in friends, peers, celebrities, leaders or politicians. At times, contemporary culture can be saturated with the spirit of cynicism, and such choler is contagious.

Perhaps this tendency is born from a genuine misconception that the only way things or people will ever get better is if I criticise them. Or perhaps it was just an excuse to vomit up my own angst and project it in shades of joyless grey and angry red onto the walls of the world around me.

Either way, what I discovered is that it just doesn’t work. I saw that living a life of perpetual resentment, denigrating and deprecating people, places and things wasn’t actually what brought about genuine and lasting change at all. I saw this in the case of my own experience, and I saw it mirrored in the macrocosm – played out perpetually in the story of the society to which I belong.

Equally impotent was the “head in the sand” mentality of whistling a happy tune and hoping it’ll all go away. If I surround myself only with “positive”, “high vibration”, happy thoughts and things, then everything will be just tickety-boo and I can live in my fluffy pink bubble, blissfully oblivious to the pain and suffering, injustice and inequality in the world.

I find in my own experience how the bite of reality sooner or later ensures this fragile illusion will come quickly crashing down.

What I discovered since coming to Balanced View was a different approach entirely. At the heart of this grassroots movement for social change there is the simple invitation to engage. First and foremost, this is an invitation for me to look at how all the horror, injustice, fear and failing I see all around me in the world plays out within myself, and to start to take responsibility for that. This responsibility involves looking all of this in the eye, and recognising how in one short moment of meeting it all exactly as it is, there is something within me, inseparable from all of this, that is consummate, unfractured and unbroken. The simple recognition of this fundamental okayness is beyond all thought and description. It is the one thing that is common to all of us and when I recognise that and begin to see this in others – even in those who I may be most drawn to hate, berate, resent, or revile, I am given the first glimpse of what a solution to this monumental mess might look like.

Balanced View has offered me the opportunity to discover what this ground state of basic human okayness actually is, directly in my own experience, as well as the support to draw on it ever more frequently as a resource for peace, and potent solution focus. I have never found anything more comprehensive and robust. This is why my gratitude for this, and for the network of support on offer to integrate it, is so immense.

Through the Balanced View training I have learned how to draw on a wellspring of simple gratitude for all that I have in life, to take strength in this, and to find the capacity to see the very best in others. I am learning not to turn away from problems, but to ask very simply and directly what is needed, and then to act spontaneously from a place of potent, openhearted and beneficial responsiveness. I have found this to be so much more functional than endlessly bemoaning the problem, focusing on finding fault, or sinking in a swamp of cynicism.

Instead of criticising others, I am learning that empowering each other with love, respect, gratitude, stability and firmness is infinitely more effective.

This is how change happens.

I refuse to be crushed by despondency in the face of all that is going on in the world, and thank Balanced View for showing me the possibility that exists for humanity in creating a culture of gratitude, respect, empowerment and honouring, rooted in the clarity and dignity of what it really means to be human.

I bow to the beneficial okayness of this Open Intelligence in all of us.

Making Oneself Available

All of life should be filled with the intimacy of relating that Open Intelligence allows’   from ‘Clarity in living
Recently in a waiting room I was seated next to a lady who began with the usual commonplace remarks about the weather. I remained open and friendly and gradually seeing that I was warm and open she began to tell me in great detail about her recent bereavement. I could see she needed desperately to express her feelings and to seek comfort. I relaxed, seeing her as an expression of open intelligence, allowing myself to be in her place and to stay open and encouraging, simply making myself available. Soon she was pouring out all the small intimate details about her life and her bereavement.
When finally she left she said that never before had she allowed herself to say so much to a stranger and how grateful she was for the relief it had afforded her.
In my turn I was grateful to Balanced View for all it had taught me in showing me the way  ‘ to make myself available’.

Empowerment in fatigue

I would like to share my experience of relying on the support of the Four Mainstays in stress and stress related health issues.

About one year after I met the Balanced View Training I developed symptoms of fatigue, which for me was expressed through much physical and mental tiredness and a poor immune system. Today, almost two years later, I can see the immense benefit I have received from the support of the Mainstays when going through this process.

The first thing that comes to mind is the immediate tool of short moments of relaxation when stress comes up. Rather than having to create certain circumstances, be with certain people or even better alone, and micro manage my life in other ways, short moments have increasingly allowed me to access the relaxation of a warm bath or a yoga class instantaneouysly. Short moments have also helped in connecting to the power and courage to eventually start working and activating myself again, something that, as I understand, is often advised in order to rehabilitate oneself.

My trainer has also been a huge asset for expanding my power and beliefs of what I ”can” and ”cannot” do, where I would otherwise have been totally blind sighted by fear of getting ill again. In the community, I have many powerful role models with similar experiences who inspire my greatly in taking best care of my health, something that more and more is becoming a joy and a pleasure—where before I would always push myself as far as possible.

Taking part of the training, for instance through Clarity Calls has also been a vital part of my everyday life, supporting me to cut the stories of victimhood and fear and instead allow everything to be as it is and trust in the basic goodness of life and that all is fundamentally well. I read a blogpost the other day where someone shared their story of fatigue and when comparing my journey to the victimhood and disempowerment they expressed, I realised just how normalised empowerment and support is in my life, thanks to the Mainstays, and how immensely grateful I am to be continuously supported in this area of my life.

Best wishes on your journey, Beate in Sweden.

Gratitude to Balanced View for Self-Love and Love of Everyone!

The whole idea of self-love has always felt like something I need to do, and then I will be happy.

I just have to love myself, but how? I read books and tried out different things but all of them felt like an effort. Since meeting Balanced View, self-love has come about naturally with the great ease of letting myself be as I am. The practice of short moments, just relaxing with whatever is occurring, wow, that simplifies self-love.

I can emphasise my thoughts and emotions, decide they are wrong and they need to change. I can indulge in misery because I feel like life is not going well, but in the end, I am the one giving myself a hard time, just by using my mind in this outdated way.

I am so grateful to Candice and Balanced View for introducing me to the most natural way to be with my mind. Every time I relax with my thoughts and recognise they are just the natural flow of my open intelligence, that they come and go like a breeze in the air, then I give myself the gift of self-love. I kiss my mind, perfect as it is, perfect as I am, with each short moment of open intelligence. No matter what I am thinking, all is pure beneficial energy, nothing to avoid, indulge or replace, it is perfectly beautiful and powerful!

What I love most about this practice is that each short moment of self-love is a short moment of loving everyone, exactly as they are. This is true love, true compassion. Each time I let something I don’t like about myself be as it is, I am able to do the same for others and relationships that felt difficult, people I disliked, people I avoided because of my own thoughts and emotions. All this just eases up and blends into love inseparable from everyone.

When I look out at the world,  I understand all the hatred. The wanting to fight with others because of emotions like jealousy, arrogance, hatred, not feeling good enough. If everyone knew they could simply relax for a short moment when they felt like this, wow, the world would be a different place ❤ and that’s how we bring about this change. I see this absolutely. With each short moment I contribute the most precious gift of loving humanity as it is. I contribute love ❤ Thank you to Candice and thank you to Balanced View!

Love Jess