Love the 24/7 Support

One of the many things I really love about
Balanced View is the complete availability of empowering support, 24/7.
When I first heard about that I wondered why anyone would want to support me 24/7 without wanting anything in return, and I did not trust it.
I decided I did not want to rely on a trainer and a community, as I had had bad experiences in the past when trying different kinds of support. I decided I would do it alone and keep to the talks from the trainers and books.
As I listened to more talks and read more of the books, I was amazed to see how much benefit I was receiving just from being with the media. I often heard and read about how important it was to rely on a trainer in order to gain confidence in open intelligence, and that usually relying on all Four Mainstays brought the best results. Eventually I decided to put my fears and ideas aside and give it a try for a few months to see what would happen.
It was amazing to me that no one ever forced me to do anything in particular, I really went at my own pace and joined in as much or as little as I wanted, shared as little or as much as I felt comfortable.
Now four years later, I still use all Four Mainstays every day. I never went back on my decision to try it out, and the support has never failed me.
No question is too silly, no topic is taboo, I can truly bring everything to the Mainstays to clarify all situations and relationships with complete confidence, clarity, dignity and kindness.
This is still amazing to me, that so many people would value my empowerment and wellbeing so much and offer complete support with no conditions.
Just knowing who to talk to in order to empower every area of life is a luxury I never take for granted.
As a result I find that so many situations that used to be deeply uncomfortable or terrifying to me no longer hold a grip, and I also find that many emotions, thoughts and sensations that were relentlessly difficult for me now appear without disturbing me at all.
I find such freedom in this simple but powerful way of being, and now enjoy being supported so that I can be at ease in all circumstances.
With great gratitude for this beautiful and important education. Gaelle




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