Easeful Solutions for my Body

We all have various challenges with our bodies
especially as we grow older. Before I first started with the education in the nature of mind provided so generously by Balanced View, my body’s challenges
seemed to be real, concrete and unsolvable.

Over the years I had ignored and tolerated these
challenges or, alternately, taken up what felt like an all-consuming effort to care for my body. A project which made me feel like Sisyphus, that mythic
character who repeatedly pushes a boulder up a hill only to see it roll down again. I disliked taking all my time and energy to care my body and equally
disliked what seemed like flagrant neglect.

Finding the Four Mainstays was a huge relief, and
by applying the practice of the Four Mainstays in each circumstance where data about health came up, I found increasing relaxation, solution-focus and clarity
where there once was confusion. By taking short moments, relying on my trainer and the training media, slowly these data streams opened up into more and more relief and ease of being. I found that solutions naturally arrive in the context resting with data as they arise.

Now this self care is automatic, easeful, simple,
effective. Instinctively I know what is needed. In even the smallest of problems I find creative solutions that actually work.

One teeny example is I had itchy ears which for
years I endured without looking for a solution. I remember asking my doctor about this once and being told there was nothing to do about it. By relying on
the Mainstays, recently it naturally occurred to me that there might easily be a solution to this. I very simply changed up a few things I was doing and the
itch is completely gone.

After years!!! All I needed to do was open to a
solution and amazingly though the openness itself, a solution presented itself. This is radical self-care, looking after the smallest of details in complete

Another example is for a very long time I have
gone regularly to a chiropractor for my lower back that can get quite painful. In the same way, I was able to find a few stretches that make an enormous
difference in my this regard and I am no longer dependent on outside help to make adjustments. These stretches take almost no time. It’s not like I have to do an hour of yoga; instead it’s literally minutes.

One of the things that used to intimidate me
about caring for my body is that it always seemed like a bottomless pit of work and money that bore few results. In the past when I sought advice for how to
care for my body I would find five million suggestions that felt onerous and endless ‘shoulds’ that were oppressively expensive and time-consuming with
temporary or no results.

Now I have a deep commitment to go to any lengths
to support myself and yet I find these solutions are to the point, time and money efficient, and simple to implement. I easily know what is needed. If I need a
supplement or herb for example, I know what is needed and it is always direct, immediate
and cost-effective. If not I try again until I find the perfect solution.

My most problematic and confusing body problem
was knowing what foods to eat. My body didn’t easily tolerated many foods and this problem was substantively effecting my health.

For example I have high blood pressure and had
been told that I needed to lose weight to decrease my blood pressure. I had tried so many times through all of the various suggested ways to lose weight, but
instead my weight only increased. I am not a person who overeats or eats low quality foods.

This year I was able to see through the confusion
brought on by the reified belief in cause-and-effect in the advice to lose weight, realizing instead what actually was needed was to lower my insulin. I
was able to do this without losing weight and with just a few easy and simple tweaks to my lifestyle. It did not require an onerous, multi-year project — just
a few tweaks and I no longer have high blood pressure.

Also, finally food is lovely again instead of an enemy. I have found a way to eat all my favorite foods, to eat with complete enjoyment and pleasure and I am
actually losing weight regularly, simply, sustainably and pleasurably for the first time in years.

The support of the trainers and community and through the examples of others I was able
to create benefit for myself in a way I never was able before this priceless training in the education of my mind.



2 thoughts on “Easeful Solutions for my Body”

  1. I found this so amazing and really I have many of the same issues – I was wondering if I could talk to you about the insulin aspect and the solutions you found.

    1. Thank you Samira, it is lovely to hear from you.
      I am so glad you are benefitting from the blog.
      This particular share is written by a blogger who wishes to remain anonymous.
      You could always participate in the Balanced View Health Call with trainer Adam.
      I know many with health issues who are greatly benefiting from the empowerment specific to this topic. Love to you 🙂

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