Understanding Through Open Intelligence.
I have just experienced one of the worst weeks of my life. During the Bank Holiday when everything was closed, doctors’ surgeries,help lines, totally everything, my hearing packed up completely. I have been deaf since birth in my right ear but if my left ear goes I am absolutely deaf. No one who hasn’t experienced utter silence can appreciate how much we are reliant on tiny sounds, the sounds of the birds, the small sounds of every day life, the sounds of your nearest and dearest. Utter, utter silence is terrifying, we rely on it to guide us in so many ways that to be without it suddenly, without warning is terrifying.
After the holiday I went to the hospital only to be told there were no aural appointments for months ahead. It was only through Open Intelligence that I regained my sanity and the understanding came through that no matter how fearful the situation consciousness is all we are and data simply evanescent. With that firmly established I saw clearly how to act, answers came fast and furious from my trainer and others in B.V. and an aural specialist who resolved my problem appeared as by magic.
Thank you Balanced View.
Love Margaret

Outshining gender roles

It is a miracle that I almost don’t remember anymore, how my relationship to “men” and “women” used to be before I met the Balanced View Training. It shows what incredible transformative power this training has when it is meet by an open recipient.

I really believed that “women” had something special that I could never have as a “man” and I was always in competition with other man in some way, even if I did not recognise it at that time.

I believed that I could never possess qualities of open heartedness, warmth, elegance, grace and many other things that I saw in women and deep down I felt jealous and embarrassed about it. It is only since meeting the Balanced View training and seeing role models like my trainer embody complete open heartedness, warmth, gentleness and other qualities, that I started to see that those qualities don’t belong just to a certain gender.

Through my natural devotion towards this precious teaching, all these qualities, that I believed to be unattainable, started to blossom without any effort. It is so gorgeous to finally feel complete, exactly as I am, not as an intellectual idea but as a lived experience.

Candice is for me the perfect example of someone who is not affected by belief systems of gender roles. In one moment she can be so sweet and loving and in the next moment her words are like a lion’s roar. However it is obvious that everything she does comes from this deep knowing that we are perfect by nature.

It is the greatest miracle I have ever seen to witness someone like this. Countless misunderstandings that have caused me suffering often completely vanish in the presence of her. One really needs to see this with ones own eyes in order to believe it, because it is truly unbelievable.

I am forever grateful for Candice and everyone who has committed themselves to sharing this teaching with the world <3


Ease And Power in Sleeplessness

I would like to share about how sleep and sleeplessness has been empowered since I have been relying on the Balanced View Four Mainstays lifestyle.

Whenever I had a hard time sleeping in the past, there would be full-on affliction for me. With my previous training in psychology, what often came to mind was that there was some trauma (conscious or unaware) that was playing out and not allowing me to relax, that I should have fixed it, self blame, all the stories about what tomorrow would be like, that I wouldn’t be able to be decent to people or productive when I would be tired etc etc. Just a lot going on! And the experience of this affliction made me afraid, for periods of my life, of going to sleep in a negative cycle of sleeplessness accumulating. Ah! What a burden to remember this, and what a relief it is to see yet another area of my life being clarified and eased up through using the support we are offered.

Today, although I still prefer having a perfect night’s sleep, there is no way to deny that open intelligence is shining just as brightly, regardless if I stay awake or not. Instead of emphasising all the stories and tension, I quickly put on a trainer talk, watch a Balanced View video or even get up to write out some of the training text. In this way, the well-being is always on. The following day, if I haven’t got “enough” sleep, I notice I am so much more open to finding both solutions to support myself (go easy, take naps etc) and even be as powerful and productive as I would have if fully rested.

There is really so much power and ease in relying on open intelligence, and I wish for everyone who is open and willing to enjoy the support of this lifestyle.

Love, Beate.