Understanding Through Open Intelligence.
I have just experienced one of the worst weeks of my life. During the Bank Holiday when everything was closed, doctors’ surgeries,help lines, totally everything, my hearing packed up completely. I have been deaf since birth in my right ear but if my left ear goes I am absolutely deaf. No one who hasn’t experienced utter silence can appreciate how much we are reliant on tiny sounds, the sounds of the birds, the small sounds of every day life, the sounds of your nearest and dearest. Utter, utter silence is terrifying, we rely on it to guide us in so many ways that to be without it suddenly, without warning is terrifying.
After the holiday I went to the hospital only to be told there were no aural appointments for months ahead. It was only through Open Intelligence that I regained my sanity and the understanding came through that no matter how fearful the situation consciousness is all we are and data simply evanescent. With that firmly established I saw clearly how to act, answers came fast and furious from my trainer and others in B.V. and an aural specialist who resolved my problem appeared as by magic.
Thank you Balanced View.
Love Margaret



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