Finally at Peace

Dear reader,

One of the beautiful offerings I find in Balanced View is the community. Meeting people from all over the world, regardless how old they are, what culture they were born in, skin color, whether they are men or women, father or mother, son or daughter, I have come to see that people can connect in peace with each other. This has given me confidence and trust that peace is totally possible. I have also seen over the years when I have been practicing short moments of complete relaxation that peace and war begins and ends within myself in coming to peace with my own data streams.

With support from the Four Mainstays in taking responsibility for my own part and clarify my own data streams, the war with my own data streams has naturally come to peace. I find this very beautiful and I am very grateful to Balanced View for this.

Once, I thought I knew what the world was like and that my paradigm was a solid peace. What I know now is all there is, right? However, I have come to see that my world view can change for the better and not only this, my experience is that every day it is getting better and better and every day I am becoming more and more at peace with myself and all. I am very humble for the opening I am so generously given by Balanced View’s support network.

Thank you!

Potent Demonstration of Direct Experience

There’s no substitute for the immediate open evidence of direct experience.

Every time I have attempted to live life based on second-hand ideas it has only ever resulted in slow cooking myself in a confusing cauldron of concepts, and then ultimately deep drowning in a soup of suppositions.

It can seem like a lifetime’s challenge to exist authentically amidst a hypnotic torrent of endless ideation around how we ought to live, who we ought to be, what we ought to believe…

When I came to Balanced View I had really had enough of being told that “this is the way it is.”

I was interested in becoming acquainted with the truth at the core of human experience for myself in a simple, pragmatic, directly experienceable way – something which was instantly testable and demonstrable in my moment to moment engagement with life.

I am so grateful for what I found so openly offered.

I was invited into a direct encounter with reality through the effortless practice of short moments and a whole network of support which empowered this recognition. Here was a very simple means of gaining familiarity with something consistent, real, stable and universal beyond the stories I sold myself, and the habitual mindtrap of my all-consuming illusions. Illusions such as “I need to fix myself”, “My thoughts and feelings have to change in order to be happy and at peace”, , “I need to prove myself in the world to be worth anything” – (all of them ultimately different flavours of the mantra “I’m not good enough”.)

I’d had a history of some success with numerous other meditation techniques and had glimpses of the clarity beyond the clutter of my undermutter – that broken record revolving around like stifling circles in my overactive mind. I was still experiencing some duality  though between my experience sat on the cushion, and the embodied reality of the rest of my daily life.

The perfect inclusivity and simplicity of short moments gracefully bridged that duality.

It gave me a means of checking in with what was always clear and present in every moment, whether mindful or mindless, blissed out or pissed off.

Here was access to something that was simply forever open and aware, no matter what the current flavour of my thoughts, moods, feelings and passing perceptions.

All that was needed was to gain increasing familiarity with this always-on Open Intelligence, and the empowerment of an integrated life support dedicated to grounding and emboldening this recognition so it became more than a fleeting momentary insight.

I found, and continue to find all of this so elegantly interwoven into the boon of Balanced View’s “Four Mainstays”. I am so grateful for being supported to discover the courage and innate openness to test out what was so abundantly offered as it has utterly and irreversibly transformed my capacity to relate to myself and to the world exactly as it is, and to contribute in a potent, thoroughly heart-centred and beneficial way.

All that remains is a great and pervasive gratitude for this life, with all its ups and downs, perfect exactly as it is…

“Just Wait and See”

 When I first joined Clarity Calls around 4 years ago there was this sentence in one of the texts, “I like to just wait and see.”
I thought, “I’d love to be able to do that!” To me it conjured up a very wise, trusting, poised and peaceful way to approach life, but my experience was mostly to be really anxious about how things would turn out, with lots of thinking and worrying, lots of expectations and impatience, a lot of misunderstanding and misery, and more often than not, saying and doing things I regretted.
Though I dealt with life well enough, I rarely felt at peace or beneficial.
Very gradually, one short moment at a time, taking support from Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays openly and regularly, the pervasive anxiety started to fade into the background and I started to be less reactive, less aggressive. It is rarely noticed now, rarely a problem, where before it really was the main flavour of my experience and usually informed my perception of and response to most people and most situations.
Now I notice that more and more I am able to just wait and see. There are less speculations, elaborations and stories about how things might turn out, and instead there is an easier and more natural focus on resting the mind naturally, relying on open intelligence and its wonderful Mainstays.
To just wait and see doesn’t mean I do nothing about anything. On the contrary, I procrastinate a lot less than before and can see more easily what needs to take priority, what can wait, what needs a different approach, who to ask for support. More and more there is a peaceful and sharp discernment that grows day-by-day in terms of what will serve best in any situation.
I love to consider with my trainer to make sure that I see things from the wider perspective of what serves all. That is also part of “just wait and see”: instead of acting now, saying this now, I rest, I write to my trainer, and I wait. This always helps me to open up everything and settle with my data, and supports me in empowerment.
After a few hours, a few days, or a few minutes, I have a fresher and clearer pespective and I am assured I did not react from data. More and more, making this peaceful choice is becoming natural.
I really enjoy this more simple way to live, more responsive and more responsible. I am very grateful for the empowering support I receive each day. Gaelle

Discovering the Greatest Intelligence of the Universe

When I came to Balanced View, one of the things I was searching for was a way I could be of benefit for myself and the world. I was searching conventionally for a career, constantly looking into courses and wasting time and money on deposits for things I didn’t follow through on.
It was amazing to be assured by the trainers that it didn’t matter that I had not been to University or even finished college, and that training up in open intelligence would provide me with the clear-seeing of how I can be of greatest benefit with my life, and in each moment.
As I spent more time in the community of Balanced View, attending trainings and Gatherings, travelling the world to visit the Balanced View Centers and seeing the results of relying on open intelligence in others, it was beautiful to see how so many people were truly empowered to shine in their passions, in a way I had never seen before. The people around me were really standing up, claiming their birth right to do what they wanted to do in the world and not be limited by ideas of ‘not good enough’. It was deeply inspiring and exciting to meet so many people from different back grounds, some who had many well-developed skills and talents, others who were stepping up to do things they had never done before. It was amazing to see that where ever a person was at, training up open intelligence greatly empowered a person’s capacity to contribute whatever it was they loved to do in an openhearted, authentic, highly skilful and remarkable way that always contributed great benefit.
My personal passion has clarified to be directly serving Balanced View. It became clear to me that I want to be part of the ultimate solution and that I experience the greatest fulfilment from serving the provision and expansion of the Teaching and the Four Mainstays empowerment network. I deeply wish everyone to experience the great benefit of this teaching.
Just recently, I’ve been looking for a remote part-time job so that I can be more available to serve Balanced View. It’s an amazing process, because I see how the assurance I’ve gained in relying on open intelligence means I see very clearly, moment-to-moment, how to use my time, energy and resources. This makes looking for a job so effortless! Rather than chasing after every opportunity that comes my way, I am finding that I just know, by resting deeply in open intelligence with short moments, whether something is worth pursuing or not, which means I can spend most of my time focusing on my passion. It’s amazing, totally magical! To simply relax and know what to do in each moment, step by step,  because relying on open intelligence is relying on the greatest intelligence of the Universe.
I am so grateful I no longer limit myself by believing I am not intelligent because I was not interested in conventional education. I’m so grateful I can recognise the intelligence that is the birthright of every human being, every being. Open intelligence is the most effective means of achieving equality for all. Everyone is included in the great exaltation of powerful capacity to benefit all, because that is what we innately are. I love to see this in myself and to see this in others and to be part of the solution which enables everyone to access their power and contribute it in completely amazing ways!
Thank you so much Balanced View, I love you, Jess.