Letting the restless mind relax

I realise that I have a tendency to want to have intellectual or practical proof of the way things work and will often dispute my own senses and my own intuitive grasp.

Recently my response to a Clarity Call was to say ‘but how could all the great works of mankind be achieved by simply relaxing and making no effort?” Which was complicating a very simple premise that when we stop pushing too hard and and just let go for a short moment things very often resolve themselves and become clearer. I recall reading that Einstein often had his best breakthroughs when ceasing the mental turmoil and going to sit in the mountains to reflect quietly.

The Balanced View trainer’s reply to my puzzlement was to say “the training is so beautifully simple: we either recognise open intelligence in each moment or we do not. ‘Figure it out’ is not an instruction” which was a clarification for me and for which I am so grateful because it illustrated the value of trusting open intelligence and stopping the complexity. He further added “whenever you’re in an intellectual bind just relax, there will never be a satisfactory answer because the nature of reality can never be understood, only experienced.”

It was this sense of gratitude to him which lead to a breakthrough in my realisation and which gave birth to the following poem which instructs me to stop intellectualising and by relaxing truly experience Open Intelligence.

Love Margaret

Who you really are

How can you reason love,
the wetness of water
the blueness of sky
the arc of the butterfly?

How reason the redness of rose
the sigh of the breeze,
the throb of earth’s deep core,
the mysterious patterns on the shore?

How reason mind, soul, heart
or intellectualise the finest art?
In time they’ll reason every single star
without ever ‘knowing’ who you are.

A Peaceful Solution

On many occasions in life I’ve heard that handling violence with violence is useless – it echoed within with logic and a sense of truthfulness, yet looking back I can frankly say that there was lacking a clear personal experience of this.

I want to share an experience from the last summer gathering in Sweden, it was the last day of the gathering, the formal training was over, a sense of easefulness was is in the air, the next day I’m about to fly back; it is dinner time and I’m in the dinning hall, all seems peaceful, I’m queuing to get food, it seems to me that a participant waiting near me is not queuing – though am not sure about it – shall I yield? I’m standing my ground, data of anger towards the participant arise; I sit down, data of self-violence arise “I shouldn’t have felt angry” etc’ – dinner was over – reification not. I stepped out the dining hall, remembering the perfect words of my teacher on violence from the previous days, it then dawned on me so vividly the utter uselessness of this self-flagellation “Of-course, how on earth can violence stop violence!” – it was a moment of rest and deep self intimacy, the eyes watering, feeling O.K. with what is – truly feeling O.K. and cheerful.

If this, so called, negative data hadn’t risen, the lesson would have been missed.

This magical moment will stay with me as a reminder.

I wish to thank Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, for the endless love and support for all, the Balanced View trainers that dedicate their lives and energy to support the participants and to the brave world-wide community taking part in this life-changing training.

The Profundity of Letting Everything Be As It Is

I reflected recently about why this training is so profound for me, why I am so hooked to it even though depression, sadness, self criticism and other negative data are still part of my life. I realize that it is exactly this facing of the negative data, without trying to avoid it, which attracts me so much. I see in this the real fearlessness I was always wanting, as I know that even though I wish life to be all positive, really there is no way to control thoughts and emotion, or life situations in general. I am saying that because I tried to control them for very long time, and I was never able to do that, and always after “good periods” there always came “negative” times.

Actually I never really believed any training or anyone who told me they are happy all the time, there is simply something contrived about it. So I love the total relief from this effort to be happy or positive, and the relaxation in everything as it is.

I am really marveled again and again by the profundity of letting everything be as it is without avoiding, replacing or trying to change it. I mean, I still prefer to be happy and positive, but what I see more and more that it is actually the outshining of hope and fear that I want the most. So I am grateful to the Four Mainstays for being a real stable and reliable support system as I go through outshining of all these data stream.

I love knowing in my own experience what “empowerment” means, what “stability in all circumstances” means, what “well-being” means, “harmonization of relationship” and so many other of the benefits the training promise. It is simply a marvel to see these benefits truly come about in my own life and in the life of my community friends, and I am so grateful to Balanced View for providing the Four Mainstays lifestyle and all the tools and the support needed for extracting all the benefits of this training.

How I found love and passion for work, through the Balanced View Training

I have spend many years trying to find “what I love to do”, “what I am passionate about”.

However, even when I had my dream job I felt that something is missing. No matter what I did it felt like it was never good enough. Like there might be something better.

So I was hopping around endlessly trying to find “my passion”.

However through this practice it became obvious that it is completely impossible to find lasting life satisfaction by having a certain job description. No matter how good, or bad a job might be in alignment with my preferences, it can never even give a tiny bit of joy.

All joy comes from “letting everything be as it is” and all suffering comes from trying to control experiences.

I have felt complete joy and cheerfulness in jobs and situations that were completely out of control negative on a descriptive level, through the support of this practice.

Overtime it became obvious that I am the love, that I was looking for in a certain job, place or person.

This is an indescribable gift and relief. I have found fulfilment and a sense of completeness through Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays empowerment network, that I know now is impossible to find through the attainment of statuses and job descriptions. Now everything can sparkle with joy, love and wonder.

I am forever grateful for all the guidance and support I receive from the Four Mainstays.

With love,

True Friendship

I have only ever participated in the Balanced View Training online.
So naturally, people can be skeptical that my Balanced View friends are “real” friends.
Should I not be a bit more suspicious and exercise more caution?

This prompted me to reflect on what friendship means to me, what it depends on.

What is a real friend?

To me a friend is a person who supports me to be my best, exemplifies compassion and respect in relating, grounded in gratitude and openness, contributing to making the world a nicer place to be in.

The fact that such persons are seen with suspicion, even cynicism, is a sign that the world we live in is pretty sad, and of how rare it is to be supported in being our best.

Therefore, I do treasure my training friends, even if I have never met them in person, and I might never meet them, because my quality of life and relating has been upgraded to what being truly kind, beneficial and openhearted means to me.

At the same time, instead of encouraging me to be just with them, those friends fully support me to be even more inclusive, to deeply enjoy and respect everyone I meet, giving everyone a chance for me to get to know them before I judge, so that in turn I can be a real friend, supporting those I know and love to be their best, to be comfortable just as they are.

My training friends support me by example, not by telling me what to do. I don’t like being told what to do, but I am always inspired by people who behave in a way that I admire, and I naturally imbibe that, because it is how we are born, it is easy to reactivate.
Babies have no ideas and opinions, they are taught what to learn and how to behave over time, so it is our natural state to be free from opinions, and it’s possible to go back to that, such a pure freedom, real joy and empowerment.

I can say with complete assurance that this is much a happier way for me to be than the way I used to be, so desperately arrogant, opinionated, paranoid and judgemental, and ultimately not trusting myself, not able to care properly for myself, feeling quite alone most of the time and not fully enjoying life due to constant fears and anxiety, constant tension and criticism. What a drag! Never again.

It is a matter of choice, what mountain do I want to climb, how do I want to show up in the world, what is most important to me?

I love being comfortable just as I am! I love it, I love to take care of myself with total respect and discernment, I love to meet people with more and more openness and fun. I am deeply grateful each and every day for the treasures that I receive in this training and for my loving friends. Gaelle