The Profundity of Letting Everything Be As It Is

I reflected recently about why this training is so profound for me, why I am so hooked to it even though depression, sadness, self criticism and other negative data are still part of my life. I realize that it is exactly this facing of the negative data, without trying to avoid it, which attracts me so much. I see in this the real fearlessness I was always wanting, as I know that even though I wish life to be all positive, really there is no way to control thoughts and emotion, or life situations in general. I am saying that because I tried to control them for very long time, and I was never able to do that, and always after “good periods” there always came “negative” times.

Actually I never really believed any training or anyone who told me they are happy all the time, there is simply something contrived about it. So I love the total relief from this effort to be happy or positive, and the relaxation in everything as it is.

I am really marveled again and again by the profundity of letting everything be as it is without avoiding, replacing or trying to change it. I mean, I still prefer to be happy and positive, but what I see more and more that it is actually the outshining of hope and fear that I want the most. So I am grateful to the Four Mainstays for being a real stable and reliable support system as I go through outshining of all these data stream.

I love knowing in my own experience what “empowerment” means, what “stability in all circumstances” means, what “well-being” means, “harmonization of relationship” and so many other of the benefits the training promise. It is simply a marvel to see these benefits truly come about in my own life and in the life of my community friends, and I am so grateful to Balanced View for providing the Four Mainstays lifestyle and all the tools and the support needed for extracting all the benefits of this training.



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