Letting the restless mind relax

I realise that I have a tendency to want to have intellectual or practical proof of the way things work and will often dispute my own senses and my own intuitive grasp.

Recently my response to a Clarity Call was to say ‘but how could all the great works of mankind be achieved by simply relaxing and making no effort?” Which was complicating a very simple premise that when we stop pushing too hard and and just let go for a short moment things very often resolve themselves and become clearer. I recall reading that Einstein often had his best breakthroughs when ceasing the mental turmoil and going to sit in the mountains to reflect quietly.

The Balanced View trainer’s reply to my puzzlement was to say “the training is so beautifully simple: we either recognise open intelligence in each moment or we do not. ‘Figure it out’ is not an instruction” which was a clarification for me and for which I am so grateful because it illustrated the value of trusting open intelligence and stopping the complexity. He further added “whenever you’re in an intellectual bind just relax, there will never be a satisfactory answer because the nature of reality can never be understood, only experienced.”

It was this sense of gratitude to him which lead to a breakthrough in my realisation and which gave birth to the following poem which instructs me to stop intellectualising and by relaxing truly experience Open Intelligence.

Love Margaret

Who you really are

How can you reason love,
the wetness of water
the blueness of sky
the arc of the butterfly?

How reason the redness of rose
the sigh of the breeze,
the throb of earth’s deep core,
the mysterious patterns on the shore?

How reason mind, soul, heart
or intellectualise the finest art?
In time they’ll reason every single star
without ever ‘knowing’ who you are.



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