How the Balanced View Training has supported me in my musicianship

I have been playing and studying guitar since I was ten years old. Performing and playing in front of people has always been a part of my musicianship and before I met this teaching there was a lot of thoughts and emotions that I didn’t really know how to handle. Nervousness, creating a personal voice and image, what do people think of me on stage, I am not allowed to fail or play what I think is considered as wrong etc. Maybe you can relate to this in an area in your own life?

So, I remembered when I already did my first Balanced View training, I realised that I could simply relax with all these ideas and concepts I thought I had to keep myself struggling with. I saw that nothing of this is necessary for me to play and enjoy the music I wanted. In fact, the less I put emphasis on these ideas and concepts and simply enjoyed short moments of complete relaxation, repeated many times, the more an effortless approach naturally came about. This was for me magical and something I had been looking for all along!

One other quick thing that I want to share that when I met the teaching I was struggling with the thought of “now when I have been playing music and practicing guitar for a good ten years and reached to the point of where I am today, I can’t just stop playing. Then all of this practicing and level of achievement would be lost. I have to keep up, otherwise, I will be a total failure”. This way of relating to myself was harmful and like putting myself in a mental prison.

The solution: By showing up for training with the community on a regular basis and especially taking support from my trainer and allowing short moments shining forth in everyday life with an easy-going attitude, one day when I reflected on this behaviour, I realised that it had loosened its grip that I thought I had on me. This did not happen over a night, but surely one day I was suddenly free to choose “do I want to continue to play or not?” That feeling of freedom means everything to me and now I really enjoy playing music! What a wondrous marvel!

With much love and gratitude, Johan



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