Family Harmony

I am so lucky that my whole family relies on the Balanced View Training’s empowerment network, the Four Mainstays. Both of my adult sons, and my late husband for the last two years of his life, have taken the Twelve Empowerment’s and have fully engaged in the Four Mainstays for the last six years. We are a very close and loving family that have always got along so well but for most of my marriage and during my sons’ upbringing, we had frequent and strong explosions of angry relating and shouting matches.

This is entirely gone.

For me, there is no stronger or more obvious demonstration of this training than this. Something profoundly shifted within a group of people, several people, not just one (or even two); and for the change to be so complete and obvious is truly miraculous.

By saying it’s entirely gone I don’t mean that we do anything to keep anger contained or ‘behave ourselves better.’ In fact we are more spontaneous, communicative, direct, self-respecting than ever. Simply there is no impetus toward anger. It is entirely gone — like a line drawn in water, like the flight path of a bird, like a finger cut off — gone. Self-released.

By relying on the Four Mainstays when anger arises, through short moments, through the relationship with the trainer and relying on training media; and by fully relying on the Four Mainstays algorithm in daily life, our relationships and the family relationship as a whole, has become harmonized. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly and surely anger and hatred became outshone like the morning sun outshining the planets and stars of night.

Victimization, blame and trying to change others is no longer the modus operandi. Instead we all know how to take responsibility for ourselves and be respectful in a way that is not contrived, insincere, or long-suffering but rather simply derived from an understanding of the reality of the situation.

Before the training I often heard the instruction to  ‘take complete responsibility for myself’ or what sounded like a romantic ideal of offering ‘unconditional love.’ I struggled with these concepts in vain. Now those are my easy everyday reality.

I love my family very much. I always have but now I am so able to see more clearly the precious, perfect sweetness and goodness in each of my loved ones. What a relief it is that after a lifetime of efforting to love it’s now easy.

Connection with all beings

It’s beautiful to reflect on how life was before I met the Balanced View Training, and to so deeply appreciate how life is now.

I have just spent two weeks working away from my friends and family. I remember when I first did this type of work many years ago, I was so overwhelmed by the data of loneliness and anxiety. My data streams (thoughts, emotions and sensations) were so intense that I was completely consumed by them and the attempt to relieve myself of the anxiety, that it was difficult to connect with the person I was supposed to be looking after, and I gave up doing this work for quite some time.

In my everyday life, I was always looking for a romantic solution to loneliness and looking for people I could truly connect with. But the truth was, here again, that I could not easily connect with others because all my attention was on my data and a desperate search for relief.

It’s magical to think to how it used to be and wonder when exactly did I start feeling completely connected to all beings everywhere, with nothing more needed? It was definitely after I received the introduction to open intelligence and the Four Mainstays of Balanced View. This sense of complete connection and contentment is so normal for me now, it’s just amazing. I am so at ease, being just by myself and with others.

I see I am so much more loving of myself and others. I can enjoy other people and all beings (I have a cat snuggled next to me) and I don’t feel like I have to go anywhere else, do anything else or be with anyone else to feel okay. I find this very powerful because it means I can do what I see is of most benefit, rather than clinging to certain data so that I feel loved or avoiding circumstances, such as a job that is currently providing me with the money I need to do what I love, because I feel lonely or anxious.

I also see how powerful this is for humanity. This sense of connection with everyone I meet naturally moves me to treat everyone with the greatest respect, care and love. It’s the most beautiful gift to really want the best for everyone and to experience true compassion, simply by remaining open and recognising all data as beneficial open intelligence, one short moment at a time.

I am so deeply grateful to Candice O’Denver for providing the Balanced View Teaching in such a simple, accessible way and for the always-on support network of the Four Mainstays. Life continues to get easier, more loving, more generous and more powerful for the benefit of all. It’s my heart wish for everyone to know this connection and love, for ourselves and each other. What a beautiful world it can be 💞