Outshining Overwhelming Affliction To Naturally Shine

Before I met the Balanced View Training in October 2016 I had been labelled as Paranoid Schizophrenic for many years.

I indulged in the familiar data streams of low energy and very poor
memory. I felt I had lost interest in expressing myself creatively. I
seldom smiled and laughter was rare. Mental sluggishness was one of
the most distressing symptoms, leaving me with little to say. I
wanted to be a writer but I felt I was of no use to anyone anywhere.

Then I took the Twelve Empowerments Training. Suddenly I had a purpose in life. I still had what I call problems and fears but now I knew a powerful practice which revealed the true nature of these fears.
Things began to change. I started to face those fears head on. It was
the best thing I could have done.

By the time I had completed the Twelve Empowerments I was ready to
contact one of the Balanced View trainers. I would not have had the
confidence to approach a ‘stranger’ in this way before the Training.
Nor would I have had the trust required to enter into a friendship of
such honesty and openness.

Straight away my trainer provided the perfect support I needed. This change still amazes me and has had huge benefits. I am now bright and alert, mentally and physically. My memory is absolutely fine. If I don’t remember something I don’t see it as a personal failing. I now
express myself clearly with energy and vigour and with an
enthusiastic calm. I am so naturally creative.

In the past, I would dread responsibility and quick decision-making. Yet now I found myself gradually taking charge of my elderly mother’s
health care. I was right there for all her daily needs: good food,
hygiene and loving support. I became a powerhouse of beneficial

I still keep in touch with medical professionals for any necessary
support but I am no longer approaching them as a victim of these or
any other data streams.

My relationships were also transformed. I had long avoided and
neglected my relationships with my two brothers and my sister, my
mother and father.
With the support of the Training, my relationships have gradually and
quickly begun to harmonise. I see my family all the time. I am happy
to ask about their concerns and how their daily lives are going. I
show much more appreciation for their love and support. Even when it
feels embarrassing, I send them messages listing all the ways I am
grateful for their love and support. I notice I expect nothing in return.
When they visit I straight away offer to make them lunch or tea.
I find true energy is for the benefit of all.

All of my relationships brought their own challenges, and they still do.
But thanks to the Training I learned a great discernment. This shows
me when to be boisterous, when it is the right moment to ask an
important question and when to be quiet and listen. Also,
importantly, when to find time for myself.

I am deeply and truly grateful for the practical support of Balanced
View. Life, ordinary life, is amazing.
With much love




4 thoughts on “Outshining Overwhelming Affliction To Naturally Shine”

  1. Wow Ged,
    This is so touching and deeply inspiring to read. Thank you so much for sharing so practically and openly. Your share evokes ultimate hope for the end of all the suffering in this world and I am so thankful and enthusiastic to be a part of the solution!
    Much love, Beate.

    1. Hi Beate:) I’m sorry I don’t seem to have replied to you here. Thank you so much for your beautiful and enthusiastic words. They are very bright and touching for me. I feel the same way, how wonderful it is to be brimming over with solutions. I’m glad you are too!
      With lots of love,

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