Perfect Confirmation

I am so immensely grateful for Balanced View‘s empowerment network, the Four Mainstays, for the perfect trust and support it is in my everyday life. It is so obvious how my commitment to the Four Mainstays making me so clear and limitless in my work as an artist!!! How I can find inspiration and being spontaneously present, focused and open. It is also so great to see how others is more and more open to my work. This is so amazing and so precious!!!

With the wonderful tool of short moment of Open Intelligence whenever I remember to do so, i find a wonder of release!! To have a Trainer that is the most wonderful trust and guiding light!! Being in training and writing and reading the completely wonderful texts of Dear Candice, being together with the precious people in the Community. I find that this is such a perfect confirmation of our true and wonderful nature!!!

All my love Per



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