Joy of being

Through the Balanced View training, there is an ever-increasing joy of being. The greatest surprise is that all the joy, love and benefit is present in all the thoughts, feelings and sensations that I was avoiding.

Before meeting this training I only occasionally felt a sense of joy in certain circumstances and situations where I felt I could be myself. This was a very limiting experience because I was constantly trying to recreate certain circumstances and situations in order to experience this joy.

However, through this practice, I have found a tremendous joy in letting myself experience all the thoughts, emotions and sensations that I thought are “wrong” or “negative”. It might seem crazy but I have found indestructible joy by allowing all negativity to rage freely without holding anything back. It is such a miracle and I would have never discovered it without the Balanced View Training.

There is such liberation in allowing myself to think and feel everything. By doing that all the conditioning of society is brought up and the cosmic joy at the basis of everything shines forth. There is nothing sweeter than taking in all suffering and letting it shine for the benefit of all beings.

Reality is pure goodness, so there is nothing to reject. It is all so amazing and beyond words or imagination.

I feel everyone who is magnetized through this training will experience this for themselves eventually, even if it might seem like a distant dream at first. The support system is so perfect and complete. To me, it is the greatest gift to the world that this is available today to so many people. Thank you all for making this possible.

Thank you Candice for this indescribable gift. I am grateful beyond words for your precious existence.


Keep Calm and Carry On

Something about the phrase, “Keep calm and carry on” always soothed me when I read it—whether in its original version or in the many varieties that adopted it on t-shirts or slogans for their websites. But it’s only now I’m seeing what about it always resonated with me.

I was aching for any confirmation that it was possible for me to be empowered and stable through life’s ups and downs. That even if something seemingly disastrous or disturbing happened, I could be strong and actually carry on without stopping at any and every hurdle that arose. Balanced View is the only thing that has ever given me clear instructions, lived examples and support to not just know that it was possible, but to actually embody it and live it myself.

It didn’t happen overnight. It began with simply recognizing I wanted it, that it was even possible and demonstrated by so many people in the Balanced View Community all encouraging, “You can do it, too!” I was skeptical, but bit by bit—short moment by short moment—in baby steps sometimes and in leaps others, I’d really test out that stability and see that all was well no matter the fuss I made or didn’t make about certain data. Not just imagining the words or contemplating an idea, but being willing to no longer run away—avoid, replace, mindlessly indulge—revealing a direct sense that no matter what I was experiencing, something remained unchanged by all of the appearances and sensations. Getting to know that something as my true identity is the greatest gift I could have had the chance to discover in this life.

Now I know, “I can do it.” where there was once only self-doubt and fear. Where I used to do anything to avoid speaking to people that made me uncomfortable, I see feeling uncomfortable or awkward has never killed me and it doesn’t matter if I feel it or not. Where there is the urge to make a huge deal out of something and focus on how bad it is, slowly but surely there is the willingness to keep calm and carry on with what I instinctively know I need to be doing. And that instinctive knowing is always clearer and more naturally unfolds on its own the more I rely on the Four Mainstays in daily life.

Listening to or watching talks on,, or their respective YouTube channels while I prepare meals or clean the house is an easy and enjoyable way for me to rely on a Mainstay. Being present on the Facebook page and seeing so many new people discovering the same stability and ease that I am is so supportive and inspiring. And speaking to friends in the community, I get to hear about what they are facing openly in their own lives and it gives me such motivation and assurance that I can face anything in mine.

I am grateful for a training that only ever points me back to the profound nature of being a human being, and the great opportunity and adventure that that is. Tsunamis of fear, anger, hopelessness, disgust, guilt and self-doubt scare me less and less, and feel more like rich opportunities than something to try and avoid experiencing. What remains every time I drop the descriptions and stories is an ease of being that is capable, alert, bright, and unafraid. Therein is the real calm, and ability to carry on. Thank you, Candice, Mia and incredible friends that show me what is possible and that I am not ever separate from that calm capability.


The Kindness of Short Moments

Last week I was talking with a friend who has been everywhere and done everything.

I came out of it feeling drained and really boring, like there was
absolutely nothing about me that was interesting, like I had nothing
to contribute to anyone.

My first wish was for these feelings to change so that I would be more
comfortable and at peace with myself again, feel some kind of

Then I remembered the kindness of short moments!
Short moments never get old and I love to experiment with them.

I saw again that it was ok to feel exactly the way I was feeling, and I
thought of how many people feel like this every single day: like they
have to be better, to compete, to be really interesting and clever,
to have amazing lives, to do so much, to be charismatic, to always
have an interesting opinion about everything, to save the world, to
be admired, approved and self-confident, to be validated by the
admiration they receive.

I am not so interested in that anymore because I prefer the gift of being
always comfortably myself and not seeking satisfaction from people or
experiences, and that is one of the things that Balanced View supports me with.

It’s so powerful and soothing to feel completely boring, useless and
stupid and to not try to change that. I find deep, indestructible
self-respect within that.

The ultimate self-love I find in short moments is that I don’t need to
prove to anyone (not even to myself) that I am a great person.

To be just as I am, openly listening and responding, is very relaxing and humble, no fixed identity, box or label to say I am like this or like
that, just able to meet people as they are with less and less
self-referencing. Thank you so much! 🙂

Pervasive friendship

I would like to share about how my friendships have been empowered since I started to rely on the support of Balanced View‘s support network, the Four Mainstays of open intelligence.
There used to be quite a lot of confusion for me, surrounding friendship. I was always looking for closeness and reliability in my friends, but I often felt something was lacking, something was uncomfortable or that I wasn’t completely able to be myself. Today, so much has changed here. Just the other day, when a friend was feeling sad, I said to her in complete assurance that I will always, always be her friend and that she can count on me for life. To know that I will always be able to be there for her is amazing for me, and I see that it is possible because I am no longer ruled by my negative data streams. In the past, if I felt unworthy or angry, I would sometimes end friendships but today I have a stability and reliability that is so beyond my positive or negative data streams. This I feel allows for true friendship, friendship that is not dependent on having similar opinions or experiences.

When I feel that something is lacking or uncomfortable in friendships today, I just relax and recognise that that unease is equally pervaded by ever-comfortable, relaxed open intelligence and that nothing, not me or anything else, has to change. I can be naturally loving and present just as I am, comfortable or uncomfortable, and before I know it the unease has changed into something else. I no longer feel that I have to be confirmed or recognised by my friends as a particular personal identity and because of that, I am so much more available to be spontaneous and available to enjoy and support my friends.

Today I know that my true well-being is not to be found in any outer circumstance, not even in loving relationships, and it is a huge relief to not have to put this expectation on any of my friends. I enjoy them and the relationships so much more now that I’m not looking for them to provide me with the sense of being loved, or seen for “who I am”, whatever that means 🙂 I often feel very relaxed and easy-going when I am with my friends—instead of playing out jealousy, unworthiness or disappointment like I used to. My friends, new and old, tell me that they feel very relaxed and open when they’re with me and I know this is because of the openness and relaxation I feel within myself, which is awakened by open intelligence.