Invest in a peaceful society

The other week when I was going with the bus and queuing before me in line there were two kind teenager boys about to buy a ticket. It turned out that they didn’t have money topped up on their card. One was going to buy a double ticket for both of them, so kind! However the bus driver told them to get off. I stopped them and told them that I will buy their ticket, no doubt about it! I asked the bus driver if I could use my bus card to buy a double for them. It turned out that I could not.

– Ok, then I will use my credit card.

– It will be expensive.

– It doesn’t matter for me. I want to buy their tickets 🙂

– There is an extra fee of 10SEK per ticket.

– That’s sounds great!

It was almost like I was not allowed to buy their tickets. When the bus driver started to run the ticket machine it didn’t work for some reason so they could pass for free so it turned out to work well at the end. They thanked me with such a beautiful respect and a man after me followed me and took the seat next to me and said that it was a generous act of me and he wanted to chit chat on the way home.

It wasn’t for any other reason than I was simply thrilled to help and support. I invested the money in an act of generosity, actively and spontaneously chose to live a life with an attitude of gratitude for the benefit of all. It think this is completely awesome! What a game changer for me! Shifting the focus from wanting, earning and keeping money, to rather use the financial means to invest in a peaceful society.

This is completely thanks to the Balanced View Training and to dearest Candice. To dare to take this step of just going for it and naturally it happened without any particular thoughts around it. It felt good!



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