The Harmony I always Wanted

In the Balanced View Training I have learned profoundly life-changing and essential skills to have easeful relationships and to live my daily life in the way that I always wanted.

From being very young, the most important thing to me was harmony, but I did not know how to bring it about.
For most of my life I thought that talking about emotional states was the best way to have harmony in all relationships, and it was so sad and frustrating to see that it never really worked.

Now more and more it is easier to see that talking about data is not helpful. Instead, to rely on the short moments which are always here and so easily accessible is really potent and incredibly dignified.
I love it! I am so grateful that I can choose this dignity and respect more and more often. To be supported in that is so precious to me and I never take it for granted.
I love that everything in the Teaching points to the gentleness of one step at a time, and that it is always possible to rely on natural care and perfect love, that it is always possible to make amends and relax right here no matter what we have said and done up until now. That has been so powerful to me, and crucial in harmonising the relationship to myself, and as a result it has transformed all my relationships.
To see that I never need to be attached to the comments, judgements, opinions and ideas that stream is a complete blessing and makes everything so much kinder and dynamically fun, truly beneficial without any effort.
Thank you with all my heart. Gaelle



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