Being gentle with myself

I am so grateful for the Balanced View training for providing me a decisive experience about how I can be gentle with myself. For years I have suffered from extreme negativity toward myself, and it was a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and emotions that led to more negativity. Though there were periods of positive thoughts and emotions, but they didn’t last, so at some point I felt so filled with fear that I will always feel this way.

From the first moment I have met the Balanced View training I​ ​felt the tremendous relief of open intelligence and I understood deeply that I​ ​have the right and the means to be gentle with myself. Since this introductions​ ​I have done the Twelve Empowerment and many other training and I keep close to​ ​the support system that Balanced View offer – and through all of that this​ ​experience of​ ​being gentle with myself just grow deeper and deeper, and I have​ ​more and more trust that in its stability and that it is not going to fade​ ​away. It is such a shift for me, I realize now more and more how much I​ ​suffered  from self-criticism, self-blame and shame and how painful it was​ ​and how it effected my relationships with family and friends. So now having the​ ​deep relaxation that is coming from relying on Open Intelligence, it is like a​ ​sweet nectar that makes everything better – life is joyful, I love and cherish​ ​and enjoy my relationships so much more, more than I could ever imagine, and I am​ ​able to accomplish things I have dreamt about for years in terms of what I really want to do.

With much appreciation for to Balanced View and to its founder,
Candice O’Denver,


The Great Bliss

Before I met the Balanced View training I was very self conscious, stressed and always worried about what other people think of me.

This has opened so much through recognising the inherent perfection of myself and all there is. All judgements fall away and there is, increasingly, a sparkle and preciousness in the most ordinary of experiences. Because truly, each moment is magic, no matter how it looks like.

It’s the most beautiful thing there is to increasingly recognise the inherent perfection and magic in everything. Life is really wonderful, even the heartbreak, jealousy, sadness, anger, pain etc… all these labels are increasingly pervaded and outshone in great bliss.

Through Candice’s guidance I am able to see the infinite beauty and sacred heart inherent, in everyone, underneath all they might have been conditioned to be.

Candice has the purest heart I have ever witnessed in any human and it’s an unthinkable privilege to learn from her and start to look at the world through the eyes of pure love.

Love Julien