A Beautiful Choice

In the Balanced View Training I am shown that in each moment and situation in life, I have a powerful choice: the choice to completely relax and to respond from that deep peace and clarity.
At the start, I was not sure how completely relaxing would be of help in very practical challenges of everyday life. Conflicts in teams, misunderstandings in close relationships, challenges with acquaintances, confusion in decision-making, money matters, severe health problems, emotional instability… I thought, “How can complete relaxation help with all these impossible problems?” It did not make any sense because I had always only seen and been taught the choice of over-thinking, over-analysing, discussing everything at length and being really tense about everything.
To my amazement, my first moments of complete relaxation totally opened up some deep-seated trauma I had been very burdened by for most of my life. The short moments of complete relaxation also supported me directly in the midst of severe panic and anxiety attacks. As months went by and I committed again and again to this beautiful choice, I could see I was really relaxing, I was feeling free in severe chronic pain, the anxiety was melting away, I could sleep again, I felt happier and wishing well for everyone with the capacity to be more available.
I became less aggressive, more settled, more able to listen and to respond with real kindness and more wisdom. It was incredible to me, and it was like the training of over-stressing about everything was being deactivated and my whole behaviour was being upgraded. I have become so much kinder to myself, and I feel truly relaxed most of the time.
Things that used to throw me over completely no longer impact or distract me. At the same time, whenever a problem occurs, I find the right words to discuss it in a simple and direct way, and it is easy for me to focus on solutions instead of blame.
Everything still comes up in various situations, and I can still see that sometimes I respond with over-stressing and too much thinking. It’s not always easy for me to remember the choice to completely relax, and that’s why I am beyond grateful for the 24/7 support I get in Balanced View. There is nothing I cannot be supported with, and there is not 1 minute in 24 hours where that support is unavailable. That has been the case for 6 years! It’s really amazing for me to reflect on this.
Thank you with all my heart for this beautiful upgrade and community of truly supportive friends in complete relaxation that benefits all areas of life. Gaelle

Feeling a sense of great fortune

Looking at my life today, I can’t imagine living without the benefits of these trainings, receiving these precious trainings and being immersed in the Four Mainstays have brought about a quality to life that is truly priceless – more and more finding ease with disturbing thoughts and emotions – from my vantage there is no thing that beats that. I recall when being younger I had a gloomy outlook of life, not really looking forward to living the 20’s and 30’s and beyond – today things seem to get better and better.

Being at work at the clinic, working with a limited time span – anger and frustration used to come up quite often, even though later on the day I would have regretted getting angry or saying something non-beneficial, the next day it could happen again just the same – and even if the anger was not playing out, it was for sure very present within. It is heart exhilarating seeing the new possibilities of action opening up. More and more finding peace-of-mind with anger, sense of being hurt, self-blame and the blaming of others is a treasure I’ve longed for all of my life.

I wish to deeply thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, the Balanced View trainers who are always there to support us and the brave global community of participants.

Staying centred in short moments

Being asked to contribute to the blog today has very significant resonance with me as this week I attended the funeral of my ex husband which before Balanced View I would have found very traumatic on many levels.

My present husband asked me to be clear about my motives for attending and I tried to be honest as I wanted to show solidarity with my children and also to pay my respects to their late father. What I had not considered were all the various ramifications involved.

It brought up all the old ideas for me regarding who and what God is. I was unable to see the Catholic Mass being performed as having the same relevance to the life of the father of my children I would formerly have believed. It would have been easy for me to have felt like an outsider as nearly everyone there except me went up to receive the Eucharist since because I was divorced I was now considered excommunicated from being Catholic. I kept remembering that nothing can remove the natural life power that is Open Intelligence and that there is no need to feel you are separate or better than if you are a ‘religious person’. Or that you possess a knowledge that is exclusive. All of that is learned and not who we truly are.

During the whole day what surfaced for me was ‘there is only this, there is no separation. There is only Open Intelligence.’ However later my physical state betrayed me as my heart was racing that night and I could not sleep, I almost wanted the comfort of what religion calls the heavenly father figure..

But the practice of short moments did come to the rescue, and I knew I was not ‘cast out’ or ‘excommunicated’ and could stand apart and yet be emotionally and mentally stable through my Balanced View practice.

with love,