Staying centred in short moments

Being asked to contribute to the blog today has very significant resonance with me as this week I attended the funeral of my ex husband which before Balanced View I would have found very traumatic on many levels.

My present husband asked me to be clear about my motives for attending and I tried to be honest as I wanted to show solidarity with my children and also to pay my respects to their late father. What I had not considered were all the various ramifications involved.

It brought up all the old ideas for me regarding who and what God is. I was unable to see the Catholic Mass being performed as having the same relevance to the life of the father of my children I would formerly have believed. It would have been easy for me to have felt like an outsider as nearly everyone there except me went up to receive the Eucharist since because I was divorced I was now considered excommunicated from being Catholic. I kept remembering that nothing can remove the natural life power that is Open Intelligence and that there is no need to feel you are separate or better than if you are a ‘religious person’. Or that you possess a knowledge that is exclusive. All of that is learned and not who we truly are.

During the whole day what surfaced for me was ‘there is only this, there is no separation. There is only Open Intelligence.’ However later my physical state betrayed me as my heart was racing that night and I could not sleep, I almost wanted the comfort of what religion calls the heavenly father figure..

But the practice of short moments did come to the rescue, and I knew I was not ‘cast out’ or ‘excommunicated’ and could stand apart and yet be emotionally and mentally stable through my Balanced View practice.

with love,


Being gentle with myself

I am so grateful for the Balanced View training for providing me a decisive experience about how I can be gentle with myself. For years I have suffered from extreme negativity toward myself, and it was a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and emotions that led to more negativity. Though there were periods of positive thoughts and emotions, but they didn’t last, so at some point I felt so filled with fear that I will always feel this way.

From the first moment I have met the Balanced View training I​ ​felt the tremendous relief of open intelligence and I understood deeply that I​ ​have the right and the means to be gentle with myself. Since this introductions​ ​I have done the Twelve Empowerment and many other training and I keep close to​ ​the support system that Balanced View offer – and through all of that this​ ​experience of​ ​being gentle with myself just grow deeper and deeper, and I have​ ​more and more trust that in its stability and that it is not going to fade​ ​away. It is such a shift for me, I realize now more and more how much I​ ​suffered  from self-criticism, self-blame and shame and how painful it was​ ​and how it effected my relationships with family and friends. So now having the​ ​deep relaxation that is coming from relying on Open Intelligence, it is like a​ ​sweet nectar that makes everything better – life is joyful, I love and cherish​ ​and enjoy my relationships so much more, more than I could ever imagine, and I am​ ​able to accomplish things I have dreamt about for years in terms of what I really want to do.

With much appreciation for to Balanced View and to its founder,
Candice O’Denver,


The Great Bliss

Before I met the Balanced View training I was very self conscious, stressed and always worried about what other people think of me.

This has opened so much through recognising the inherent perfection of myself and all there is. All judgements fall away and there is, increasingly, a sparkle and preciousness in the most ordinary of experiences. Because truly, each moment is magic, no matter how it looks like.

It’s the most beautiful thing there is to increasingly recognise the inherent perfection and magic in everything. Life is really wonderful, even the heartbreak, jealousy, sadness, anger, pain etc… all these labels are increasingly pervaded and outshone in great bliss.

Through Candice’s guidance I am able to see the infinite beauty and sacred heart inherent, in everyone, underneath all they might have been conditioned to be.

Candice has the purest heart I have ever witnessed in any human and it’s an unthinkable privilege to learn from her and start to look at the world through the eyes of pure love.

Love Julien

Relief and skillful means in social exclusion

Dear friend,
Thank you for taking an interest in the Balanced View Training and in how you can be of greatest benefit to yourself and all. Recently I saw very clear results of the training, in bringing immediate benefit both to myself and to those around me. I was at a wedding this weekend and there arouse intense data of exclusion, jealousy and envy, both toward the people who were getting married and toward my friends whom I went to the wedding with. My trained reaction was so strong to somehow justify myself: to confront the people who “made” me feel excluded or to indulge the data of sadness and victimhood internally. Instead, through training up the recognition of open intelligence for about four years with the support of the Four Mainstays, it was available to me to rely on open intelligence and on my trainer in heart and mind and feel completely safe and nurtured in the middle of very intimidating data (especially in the situation of the wedding where I felt obliged to feel positive). It was obvious that the comfort and relief, even pleasure, of open intelligence was more compelling than the descriptions and that I could just rest as I was, not needing to avoid or indulge anything that came up or try to make sense of it in any way. It meant immediate benefit for me AND that I was able to show up for empowered, reliable friendship rather than collapsing in my stories about what was going on. I am so grateful to this training and the ongoing support for shining my life up in all areas. My life is more exciting, dignified and expansive than I ever thought possible and I can’t recommend enough to try the training out.
Much love,

Feeling comfortable in feeling uncomfortable

I have always considered myself as  quite a  calm and peaceful being. I am usually happy and not much is going on in terms of wild thoughts, emotions and sensations (data) but I feel in general fairly stable. However, sometimes it hits me like a lightning strike and there is an onslaught on various kinds of data streams. Before I met the Balanced View Training I would have tried to apply some kind of method to either replace or avoid these data streams because they would feel so uncomfortable. This was always a struggle and quite random in how I could deal with it. Sometimes they would go away quicker, sometimes sooner. I would say I was a victim to it.

When I met the Balanced View Training I realized that I don’t have to trying to deal with my data but that they come and go and leave no trace like the flight path of a bird in the sky. So instead of spend my time trying to do something that is doomed to fail from the beginning I could relax for short moments repeated many times and recognize the basis, open intelligence, in which the data appear.

After practicing this for some time I feel that I can now handle data in a much simpler and relaxed way. I feel comfortable in being uncomfortable because I am not a victim to my data streams any longer but simply rely on open intelligence. This is a great advantage.


Before I came to the training of Balanced View, I had a belief I was a victim of life circumstances, and life was a constant struggle. Struggle of disease, unworthiness, constant worrying, fear, self hate.
By the wonderful support of The Four Mainstays empowerment network I could completely rest mind and body and leave all feelings, belief systems and thoughts as they where for short moments repeated many times.
This is so very empowering and allows me to be exactly as I am, to love myself exactly as I am, to be spontaneously present in all life’s circumstances!!
It has a tremendous impact in all areas in my life.
Today I don’t see myself as a victim and know I have the power to be everything I can be, and live in ever increasing love for myself and others!!!
With Gratitude Per

Grumpiness, gone, gone!

Hello! Thank you for reading this blog. The Balanced View Training has brought so much benefit to my life in all areas and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, so it’s a pleasure to share my gratitude and my experience for anyone interested in finding out more.

One amazing benefit (and there are many!) is that every morning I had to get up early to go to work, I would feel grumpy and I just assumed that it was okay to be grumpy with others until it passed. I know this is something that many people experience, because I work in a hospital and we start work early.

After a year of participating in the Balanced View Teaching, I had the opportunity to go to one of the Balanced View Centers in India. I really enjoyed being at the Center and so I volunteered to help out. The role I was given was to help with breakfast, another early start!

Every morning, I would wake up feeling grumpy and go to the kitchen. It was the first time I really noticed how grumpy I was and the affect this had on others. I was participating in trainings every day and so it was beautiful to ask for support from the Trainers. I was amazed to discover that these shining beings also experienced grumpiness, but they were no longer affected by it. And also, that I didn’t have to try to stop being grumpy. I could just allow the thoughts and emotions to be as they were and use them as an opportunity to practice recognizing the grumpy data as open intelligence for short moments. Was there anything real about the grumpiness? Could I hold onto it or was it more like a rainbow in space? And it was so funny that once the grumpiness had passed, I would feel happy again. So, it showed me that thoughts and emotions simply appear and then vanish without a trace.

I started to enjoy early mornings because they became an opportunity for empowerment. Whenever I remembered, I relaxed for a short moment with the data of grumpiness and I found that whenever I did, the data just self-released and it was like there was nothing there. I also found that I could relate with others much more openly at that time in the morning and that I had much more energy and enthusiasm to contribute.

I have to say that several years later, I don’t actually notice grumpiness anymore. It has completely gone! Instead I experience the heart wish to step up to the responsibility of serving whatever circumstance I am in with the power I have to benefit all, and this is amazing. There is just the all-pervasive knowing that all is well, and that thoughts and emotions are fueling my capacity to be of benefit in the world. So, instead of grumpiness there is the always-on stability and enjoyment of life and the joy that comes from contributing to and connecting with others, whatever time of day it is.

I am deeply grateful for this empowerment in my life. I had for many years been so limited by what I thought and felt. To be empowered by everything that arises, to be fueled rather than limited, to experience the natural stability, clarity and joy of life, no matter what I am thinking or feeling and to contribute this to others, it’s just the best. I am especially grateful to precious Candice O’Denver who discovered this in her own experience and has dedicated her entire life to sharing it with others. With all of my heart, I wish this for you too.


Relaxed Self-Care One Moment at a Time

For as long as I can remember I had the belief that looking after myself was a waste of time and focus and that it was rather selfish.
When an acute illness became chronic my beliefs about self-care didn’t change, and for many years I really struggled to look after myself and to feel worthy of care and fulfillment in that circumstance.

When I found the Balanced View training I was not convinced at all that being gentle with myself was a clever approach. Surely I had to beat this and push myself in every possible way in order to be a worthwhile person.
I could not even see that that approach had never worked and had participated in making the illness much worse.
It took me a few years to be bold enough to test out what it feels like to really relax and rest, to learn what it means to be truly kind to myself while facing everything that comes up fully.
The support of the Four Mainstays has been priceless in that.

As I started to see my belief systems around self-care more clearly, I also started to see that I am much more efficient, stable, kind and fulfilled when I know what my needs are and how to meet them in a responsive, clear and mature way.
I love learning to parent myself in this way and I can really say I started from the beginning.

For me it took a lot of humility to see that I needed role models in kindness and gentleness, and it also challenged my ideas about what resting means.
I love that I can take one short moment of complete rest at any time, in any situation, whether I am bed-bound or having a day where things are easier.
To know that I can rest all ideas, feelings, descriptions and speculations is an immense treasure every day.

Sometimes self-care looks like a nap, or joining a Clarity Call, writing to my trainer, listening to a talk, reading the beautiful texts, sometimes it looks like a moment of quiet reflection, or looking at my plants, sometimes it looks like eating nourishing food or talking to a friend, sometimes it is creating something.
In the training I was not given a recipe book for how to take care of myself, but empowered to see in each moment what is needed, and empowered to not be afraid of the data that is constantly changing in such a random way.
Instead of focusing on how I feel and how I want to change that, the focus naturally started to be on solutions in a fluid way which amazes me every day.

I never thought I would say that I know exactly how to care for myself now. That confidence is very valuable, because the illness is still a large part of my circumstances, and instead of resisting it and trying to become who I wish I was, I am able to care for the person that I am right now without pretense and with much less victimhood.

I am very grateful for that and it frees up some space for finding things that I can do with great joy and without harming myself.

Thank you so much for this easeful relationship with myself which really makes a difference in how I relate to everyone. Gaelle

A Life of Increasing Benefit

I wish to share of the heart-warming experience of resting with afflictive thoughts and emotions (we call these data to make it simple).

As of the age of 9 years old I can recall thoughts of not being loving enough, of not being good enough, of believing that there is something fundamentally wrong with me, no matter what I did, wherever I went, these were just around the corner. Funny enough, I recall once flying abroad for the first time, and I was amazed to see that these were packed for the journey with me. Believing in this data was not funny at all, it brought great hardship, and endless work to prove otherwise, and no matter what, they came back again and again. The tactic I knew at the time was to blame myself and to try and do good in the world. There was no ease, no tranquility, no stability – doing good gave a momentary relief, only till the next time. It was endless – and weird enough, it seemed like a normal life of everyone having their own share.

At the age of 31 years old I began seeking, there was some relief in various techniques and meditations, and when seemingly strong data came up, there was no ease at sight. I was traveling in India at the time, and was very fortunate to have received seven talks of Candice O’Denver, I began listening to them and I heard something that felt so good and true, something that I never before heard, an unerring message with great conviction. Looking back, I received a treasure that would be the opening to a life of increasing ease and benefit to myself and others – the doorway to self-kept freedom, it was that I always wished for, the real deal, the real deal.

I wish to thank from depths of my heart to Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, who dedicates her life to inexhaustibly benefit beings, to the Balanced View Trainers who dedicate their lives to support participants and to the world wide community of brave beings.

Living up to our potential as a human society

Hello dear people,

I want to share my gratitude to all the people who are taking
part in Balanced View. It is amazing that this entire worldwide organization is based almost entirely on volunteers, and more amazing is the high quality and standards in which things are done. It is amazing to see how everything is being done in an effective and caring manner when the disposition of everyone is to be of benefit to all. More amazing, is to see the “benefit of all” in action when people are relying on open intelligence. What I see is people who are solution oriented, respectful, caring and responsible, and it is really happening in a grounded way. Not in a funny way where you are sure people are going to explode because they are trying to put on a happy face.. I mean, it is amazing – there is so much volunteer work to run the organization, international training centers, local communities, projects, etc., and people are really empowered to cooperate in a respective caring and responsible way for the benefit of all. I see it in my own experience and I love working with other people who rely on open intelligence! It is so amazing! And I see it all around me – people are thriving in their gifts and talents, contributing generously
and enjoying harmonious and empowering relationships. This is the kind of society I have always wished for and it is amazing to see it in action.

It is such a pleasure and honor to share my life with so many other people who rely on open intelligence, and I want to thank everyone for
demonstrating in this way how we as human society can live up to our potential of a healthy, prosperous and empowering society.

Amit Harpaz