Beyond shame and blame

When I met Candice and the Balanced View Teaching I was still a seeker after being a follower of Osho for many years. Born in a family committed to the Free Church where my father was an evangelist preaching the Gospel there was strong faith from the beginning but no real peace. There was ongoing conflicting emotions like shameful, unworthy, not doing my best, not good enough, a saint, a sinner.

When I was 15 I fell in love with a boy who was not part of our church and I got a child. The congregation throw me out and my parents became hostile towards one another. They took different sides in the matter. I left home and everyone I knew went out of my life. No friends had permission to be with me. They could be infected by the demons living in me.
In my solitude the presence of something sustaining me was strong and my communication was more with Jesus and the holy spirit than with people. I was convinced that my lovely daughter was a gift from heaven. We were like twin sisters, and still are. My parents regarded her as their jewel after some time.

After being educated in the nature of mind in Balanced View we are both “finders”, no more seekers! With the introduction to Open Intelligence, the pith instructions from Beloved Candice and the teaching and support system of Balanced View all my relationships were harmonized. I found that it was all about harmonizing data streams, letting everything be as it is.

These last months I have been singing in a choir in church and today I can see the light even in the eyes of those who blamed me before. I hold nothing against them anymore. The belief system they have is only the dynamic energy of open intelligence and doesn’t harm me anymore. They are like everyone believing in contrived systems of good and bad, right and wrong, confused because they know nothing about freedom in immediate perception and the embrace of this moment, as it is.

From disappointed and feeling separate, I am now inclusive and lighthearted. The response I get form others is the same. It is a miracle I can live this way, knowing the truth, not separating anything out. Living as gratitude forevermore.

Meeting the arrogance in me trying to get rid of it, avoiding it, replacing it with some nice approach have faded away. Everything and everyone subsumed in perfect love. All is included. We are all in it together, birthing, living, dying.

Without pain, struggle and exclusion in the past I would not have found Balanced View. It was out of desperation I turned every stone available. And there it was! Bright and clear! I am thankful for everything in the past, for this right now and for what the future brings. I feel graced by the universe to live in this time, having found this teaching and for the privilege of having so many in my family introduced to short moments of open intelligence. Everything goes bright! Nothing to worry about, not even death. I am deeply grateful, living as openness for the benefit of all in every aspect of my life. Truly the most precious gift! Thank you, Beloved Candice!
In love,