The Kindness of Short Moments

Last week I was talking with a friend who has been everywhere and done everything.

I came out of it feeling drained and really boring, like there was
absolutely nothing about me that was interesting, like I had nothing
to contribute to anyone.

My first wish was for these feelings to change so that I would be more
comfortable and at peace with myself again, feel some kind of

Then I remembered the kindness of short moments!
Short moments never get old and I love to experiment with them.

I saw again that it was ok to feel exactly the way I was feeling, and I
thought of how many people feel like this every single day: like they
have to be better, to compete, to be really interesting and clever,
to have amazing lives, to do so much, to be charismatic, to always
have an interesting opinion about everything, to save the world, to
be admired, approved and self-confident, to be validated by the
admiration they receive.

I am not so interested in that anymore because I prefer the gift of being
always comfortably myself and not seeking satisfaction from people or
experiences, and that is one of the things that Balanced View supports me with.

It’s so powerful and soothing to feel completely boring, useless and
stupid and to not try to change that. I find deep, indestructible
self-respect within that.

The ultimate self-love I find in short moments is that I don’t need to
prove to anyone (not even to myself) that I am a great person.

To be just as I am, openly listening and responding, is very relaxing and humble, no fixed identity, box or label to say I am like this or like
that, just able to meet people as they are with less and less
self-referencing. Thank you so much! 🙂

What Short Moments Gave Me

It’s always really nice for me to reflect on the gift of short moments.
When I found the Balanced View Training I was struggling with all sorts of things and they seemed of great importance to me.
I was often trying to tweak and improve things about myself, my life and other people, and often frustrated with all the effort it took, often disheartened when it did not go as well as planned and I had to find yet another strategy to deal with everything.
I was coping with my circumstances well enough but I felt that something was missing, and it was quite difficult for me to know what my role in life was, due to being very ill and unable to do most of the things I had been enjoying before.
I felt like an obsolete part of society and as if I had become transparent, most things and people out of reach.
I wanted to change my life and I was convinced that I would not be able to contribute to humanity until I had changed certain things about myself.
Now it’s quite fun five years later to see that the exact same circumstances are no longer afflictive, even if they have not changed.
I no longer seek to change them at all cost, to eradicate them or to pursue different ones.
That is one of the significant gifts of short moments: being at peace with my circumstances, even if they are not my preference, and being at ease with everything that they bring up for me.
Being at ease with how I am, even what I don’t like about myself, even when I feel I said or did the “wrong” thing or when I feel complete despair about my situation. That’s allowed, that’s normal, and it’s no longer gripping. It’s so lovely to no longer be afraid of myself, of what I think and feel.
Being at ease with asking for clear support so that I am truly empowered to take the best care and to do my very best—without any effort.
I have no energy to spare so I really appreciate that short moments take no effort whatsoever.
Resting naturally, relaxing the mind completely, relaxing my ideas about everything and everyone, what a break and what a gift, and I can repeat it as much as I need to. That gives me more focus on the really important things in life!
My mum tells me I am less impulsive, less sorry for myself, and she’s very pleased about it. It’s awesome for me to know that my parents and loved ones no longer need to worry about me because I respond to life in a more mature and peaceful way.
I am more easygoing, flexible and cheerful, not taking people hostage of my moods.
If things don’t go the way I want, it is not such a big deal, and I always, always have the gift of short moments: immediately available, immediately clarifying, instantly opening and expansive, complete self-care on the spot, complete care and respect of others right now. Taking a short moment is always my choice and I am so grateful to be supported in that.

True Friendship

I have only ever participated in the Balanced View Training online.
So naturally, people can be skeptical that my Balanced View friends are “real” friends.
Should I not be a bit more suspicious and exercise more caution?

This prompted me to reflect on what friendship means to me, what it depends on.

What is a real friend?

To me a friend is a person who supports me to be my best, exemplifies compassion and respect in relating, grounded in gratitude and openness, contributing to making the world a nicer place to be in.

The fact that such persons are seen with suspicion, even cynicism, is a sign that the world we live in is pretty sad, and of how rare it is to be supported in being our best.

Therefore, I do treasure my training friends, even if I have never met them in person, and I might never meet them, because my quality of life and relating has been upgraded to what being truly kind, beneficial and openhearted means to me.

At the same time, instead of encouraging me to be just with them, those friends fully support me to be even more inclusive, to deeply enjoy and respect everyone I meet, giving everyone a chance for me to get to know them before I judge, so that in turn I can be a real friend, supporting those I know and love to be their best, to be comfortable just as they are.

My training friends support me by example, not by telling me what to do. I don’t like being told what to do, but I am always inspired by people who behave in a way that I admire, and I naturally imbibe that, because it is how we are born, it is easy to reactivate.
Babies have no ideas and opinions, they are taught what to learn and how to behave over time, so it is our natural state to be free from opinions, and it’s possible to go back to that, such a pure freedom, real joy and empowerment.

I can say with complete assurance that this is much a happier way for me to be than the way I used to be, so desperately arrogant, opinionated, paranoid and judgemental, and ultimately not trusting myself, not able to care properly for myself, feeling quite alone most of the time and not fully enjoying life due to constant fears and anxiety, constant tension and criticism. What a drag! Never again.

It is a matter of choice, what mountain do I want to climb, how do I want to show up in the world, what is most important to me?

I love being comfortable just as I am! I love it, I love to take care of myself with total respect and discernment, I love to meet people with more and more openness and fun. I am deeply grateful each and every day for the treasures that I receive in this training and for my loving friends. Gaelle

“Just Wait and See”

 When I first joined Clarity Calls around 4 years ago there was this sentence in one of the texts, “I like to just wait and see.”
I thought, “I’d love to be able to do that!” To me it conjured up a very wise, trusting, poised and peaceful way to approach life, but my experience was mostly to be really anxious about how things would turn out, with lots of thinking and worrying, lots of expectations and impatience, a lot of misunderstanding and misery, and more often than not, saying and doing things I regretted.
Though I dealt with life well enough, I rarely felt at peace or beneficial.
Very gradually, one short moment at a time, taking support from Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays openly and regularly, the pervasive anxiety started to fade into the background and I started to be less reactive, less aggressive. It is rarely noticed now, rarely a problem, where before it really was the main flavour of my experience and usually informed my perception of and response to most people and most situations.
Now I notice that more and more I am able to just wait and see. There are less speculations, elaborations and stories about how things might turn out, and instead there is an easier and more natural focus on resting the mind naturally, relying on open intelligence and its wonderful Mainstays.
To just wait and see doesn’t mean I do nothing about anything. On the contrary, I procrastinate a lot less than before and can see more easily what needs to take priority, what can wait, what needs a different approach, who to ask for support. More and more there is a peaceful and sharp discernment that grows day-by-day in terms of what will serve best in any situation.
I love to consider with my trainer to make sure that I see things from the wider perspective of what serves all. That is also part of “just wait and see”: instead of acting now, saying this now, I rest, I write to my trainer, and I wait. This always helps me to open up everything and settle with my data, and supports me in empowerment.
After a few hours, a few days, or a few minutes, I have a fresher and clearer pespective and I am assured I did not react from data. More and more, making this peaceful choice is becoming natural.
I really enjoy this more simple way to live, more responsive and more responsible. I am very grateful for the empowering support I receive each day. Gaelle

Love the 24/7 Support

One of the many things I really love about
Balanced View is the complete availability of empowering support, 24/7.
When I first heard about that I wondered why anyone would want to support me 24/7 without wanting anything in return, and I did not trust it.
I decided I did not want to rely on a trainer and a community, as I had had bad experiences in the past when trying different kinds of support. I decided I would do it alone and keep to the talks from the trainers and books.
As I listened to more talks and read more of the books, I was amazed to see how much benefit I was receiving just from being with the media. I often heard and read about how important it was to rely on a trainer in order to gain confidence in open intelligence, and that usually relying on all Four Mainstays brought the best results. Eventually I decided to put my fears and ideas aside and give it a try for a few months to see what would happen.
It was amazing to me that no one ever forced me to do anything in particular, I really went at my own pace and joined in as much or as little as I wanted, shared as little or as much as I felt comfortable.
Now four years later, I still use all Four Mainstays every day. I never went back on my decision to try it out, and the support has never failed me.
No question is too silly, no topic is taboo, I can truly bring everything to the Mainstays to clarify all situations and relationships with complete confidence, clarity, dignity and kindness.
This is still amazing to me, that so many people would value my empowerment and wellbeing so much and offer complete support with no conditions.
Just knowing who to talk to in order to empower every area of life is a luxury I never take for granted.
As a result I find that so many situations that used to be deeply uncomfortable or terrifying to me no longer hold a grip, and I also find that many emotions, thoughts and sensations that were relentlessly difficult for me now appear without disturbing me at all.
I find such freedom in this simple but powerful way of being, and now enjoy being supported so that I can be at ease in all circumstances.
With great gratitude for this beautiful and important education. Gaelle


Complete Mental and Emotional Stability within Long-Term Illness

One of the circumstances I really wanted to change when I started the Balanced View Training was severe long-term illness—I really, really wanted to get rid of that and was ready to try anything to get better so that I could do all the things I wanted to do instead of being housebound in so much pain and discomfort every day.
Being supported to allow all data to be as they are, I gradually saw that there was no way I could control the illness or make it disappear, and that changing my data was not the point of the training.
Instead, I learned how to be completely empowered within that circumstance until it was no longer a huge problem I wanted to eradicate.
That doesn’t mean I enjoy it! I don’t think anyone enjoys being ill and in pain every day, but I deeply enjoy being able to rely on my natural, relaxed, beneficial and open intelligence with everything that appears around chronic illness.
It brings me a great spaciousness and responsiveness within what used to feel extremely limiting and terrifying.
Of course everything still comes up: doubts, fears, hopes, despair, feeling isolated, feeling useless, etc. That’s totally natural, but now I hardly notice it, and I identify less with the old feelings of being a sick person. It makes such a difference for me to live from an attitude of uncontrived ease, trust and empowerment within the illness and everything it brings.
With the support of the Four Mainstays I have become able to more and more rely on complete relaxation, on my power to know instead of relying on all the symptoms, thoughts and emotions to inform my choices, and in that way really great and practical solutions spontaneously present themselves so that I can enjoy a better quality of life and take the best care in each moment, in a flexible, open and relaxed way.
I also welcome help more easily, and ask for help whenever needed. I used to be at once so proud and ashamed and resisted asking for help.
Now I see it is not a sign of weakness to ask for support, it is just what we do as humans, we are here for each other.
I use the awesome support every day and enjoy it very much, it has revealed to me that complete emotional and mental stability are absolutely possible no matter what the body does, no matter how extreme and unpredictable it gets, and no matter what I think about it.
That’s a very nice place to live from compared to how I used to live, and makes me feel like I have a genuine place in the world where being just as I am is totally fine, and no matter what I or others think about how I live my life.
That’s a beautiful relief.
I am so grateful to Balanced View for that and much, much more! Gaelle

Thank You for an Easeful Relationship to Food and Self-Care

Thank you so much for coming together to explore empowerment in all areas of life. The media is very powerful and so supportive to spend
time with, as well as reflecting on my experience of the benefits of
the Balanced View Training and share my experience with others, which allows me to be clearer and honest. I really love the topic of food from
open intelligence and love to share about how it has opened

up for me.

I have come such a long way in my relationship to food
since finding the Mainstays. I no longer use food as an antidote,
but as an opportunity to care for myself, and I never thought it
could become so easeful and loving. I have such clarity and
stability around what to eat each day, and I am totally flexible.

I used to be completely dogmatic, arrogant and opinionated.

When I was raw vegan I would try to convince everyone to eat raw vegan. When I followed the macrobiotic diet, I insisted everyone should do the
same. It felt so limiting and frustrating, and I was scattered,
not able to keep the focus on myself. In the Training I
learned real compassion, humility, respect and allowing everyone the
space and dignity they deserve to make their own choices. I have
also seen that my ideas of what is of most benefit were not always
accurate or beneficial.

I breathe such a sigh of relief for my openness now and living from that is a blessing. I can simply focus on myself and rely on open intelligence, rather than ideas and belief systems, to inform my choices. Endless gratitude for this and for the opportunity to care for myself with the open
intelligence cure-all that includes everything with sharp discernment
and perfect love!

Thank you so much.

With all my love.


Thank you for a balanced perspective

These days when it’s so easy to be swayed in all directions by a flurry of relentlessly alarming news, the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness comes up more than ever. And yet those feelings less and less influence my perspective because Balanced View supports me to rely on  my open intelligence, always reliable and directly accessible in each moment, no matter what happens.

It’s clear by now that things can spin out of control at the drop of a hat and there is nothing I can do about it except make sure I am increasingly stable within. That really ramps up my capacity to respond intelligently in a way that directly supports everyone powerfully because it allows me to be so clear and stable and not respond from hope and fear.

It’s also clear to me that whatever steps we have taken now as a global society, things appear to stay the same or get worse, so I am totally ready for something new, and here I am supported in what really works. To me this is the only solution I see for establishing a sane global culture where all lives are respected, valued and truly honoured. Gaelle

Great Gratitude

I love to reflect on the past three years of relying on the constant support of Balanced View. I have been shown a really simple practice that I can rely on in any situation, and through which I access my natural intelligence, immediately beneficial. Perceived limitations have opened up in ways I could not have planned or imagined. For example, I no longer feel a constant state of anxiety, panic and impending doom, and I no longer feel like a victim of my challenging chronic illnesses. I feel increasingly at ease with whatever occurs in my experience and less and less have the compulsion to avoid anything or anyone. I can relate more and more easefully and truly listen, truly see what is needed in each situation, with growing stability and assurance that I know how to solve problems.  It is the most simple and direct practice, and for me the most efficient. Thank you so much!