A precious present to parenthood

Our son was born some two years ago, as cute as he was, and still is, sleeping well at nights and afternoon naps were not his strong side. Countless very early mornings with little sleep at night, waking up at the break of day, to support a tired and upset baby/toddler.

I can’t begin to thank this teaching, as it brought about the most lovely transition I could think as a parent – having the possibility to stay relaxed and even sometimes cheerful while being deprived of sleep for long stretches – one of my biggest challenges.

Situations where before it would have been so easy to snap, to lose patience – to not go there – to stay available – the teaching of natural rest is a parenthood treasure for me; I can’t think of any technique or mode of action that I’ve learnt before that would have supported me in this way.

I find it so very valuable to not get angry handling him – when a challenging time has passed, remaining cool – I look back at it with great gratitude – knowing how it could be different, how readily close were other modes of conduct before. This teaching brought then and brings now much laughter and cheer – the best parenthood course ever.

I wish to deeply thank Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, the trainers and the courageous world wide community.

Feeling a sense of great fortune

Looking at my life today, I can’t imagine living without the benefits of these trainings, receiving these precious trainings and being immersed in the Four Mainstays have brought about a quality to life that is truly priceless – more and more finding ease with disturbing thoughts and emotions – from my vantage there is no thing that beats that. I recall when being younger I had a gloomy outlook of life, not really looking forward to living the 20’s and 30’s and beyond – today things seem to get better and better.

Being at work at the clinic, working with a limited time span – anger and frustration used to come up quite often, even though later on the day I would have regretted getting angry or saying something non-beneficial, the next day it could happen again just the same – and even if the anger was not playing out, it was for sure very present within. It is heart exhilarating seeing the new possibilities of action opening up. More and more finding peace-of-mind with anger, sense of being hurt, self-blame and the blaming of others is a treasure I’ve longed for all of my life.

I wish to deeply thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, the Balanced View trainers who are always there to support us and the brave global community of participants.

A Life of Increasing Benefit

I wish to share of the heart-warming experience of resting with afflictive thoughts and emotions (we call these data to make it simple).

As of the age of 9 years old I can recall thoughts of not being loving enough, of not being good enough, of believing that there is something fundamentally wrong with me, no matter what I did, wherever I went, these were just around the corner. Funny enough, I recall once flying abroad for the first time, and I was amazed to see that these were packed for the journey with me. Believing in this data was not funny at all, it brought great hardship, and endless work to prove otherwise, and no matter what, they came back again and again. The tactic I knew at the time was to blame myself and to try and do good in the world. There was no ease, no tranquility, no stability – doing good gave a momentary relief, only till the next time. It was endless – and weird enough, it seemed like a normal life of everyone having their own share.

At the age of 31 years old I began seeking, there was some relief in various techniques and meditations, and when seemingly strong data came up, there was no ease at sight. I was traveling in India at the time, and was very fortunate to have received seven talks of Candice O’Denver, I began listening to them and I heard something that felt so good and true, something that I never before heard, an unerring message with great conviction. Looking back, I received a treasure that would be the opening to a life of increasing ease and benefit to myself and others – the doorway to self-kept freedom, it was that I always wished for, the real deal, the real deal.

I wish to thank from depths of my heart to Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, who dedicates her life to inexhaustibly benefit beings, to the Balanced View Trainers who dedicate their lives to support participants and to the world wide community of brave beings.

Like A Sweet Lullaby

From as back as I can remember, one of my challenges in life was dealing with sleep deprivation. Being deprived of sleep felt as a heavy load on the body and mind.

It has been more than ten years since I met the Balanced View teachings and since I have taken comfort in the Four Mainstays, Balanced View’s empowerment network; some 18 months ago I became a parent to a lovely baby that has a hard time sleeping.

I recall the times where we would wake up very early in the morning after waking numerous times at night and not sleeping much throughout the night, taking him early in the morning in the stroller on the gravel paths, awaiting the magical moment when he’ll fall asleep. It was summer time and extremely hot outside, not much shade around – learning to rest naturally was, and still is, such a precious gift at times like these – lacking the support of the Four Mainstays, would have resulted in the known reactive state of mind, which would have made things much harder for us all. The support of the short moments practice has been so very valuable, to the degree that it completely changed the colours of the image of parenthood.

I wish to dearly thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, the Balanced View trainers and the worldwide Balanced View community for ongoing hearty support.

Love Gil

Parenting With Growing Ease

We became parents some 15 months ago, before our son’s birth a lot of data streams came up for me, mostly relating to my capacity of being a good parent. today, looking back, I can say without doubt that the practice of resting naturally and the Four Mainstays lifestyle offered by Balanced View, are, for me, the best parenting course ever. I find that there is more and more natural ease with the handling of daily and nightly states, which can be quite demanding; being almost constantly deprived of sleep, dealing with scarcity of free time, times of illness and so forth – having the possibility to more and more not lose patience in the face of these – that is the best present I can think of – It brings so much joy and happiness being more and more at ease. I wish to thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, Balanced View Trainers who devote their life to support beings in gaining clarity to their nature and to the Balanced View worldwide community who shine forth in so many ways.


A Peaceful Solution

On many occasions in life I’ve heard that handling violence with violence is useless – it echoed within with logic and a sense of truthfulness, yet looking back I can frankly say that there was lacking a clear personal experience of this.

I want to share an experience from the last summer gathering in Sweden, it was the last day of the gathering, the formal training was over, a sense of easefulness was is in the air, the next day I’m about to fly back; it is dinner time and I’m in the dinning hall, all seems peaceful, I’m queuing to get food, it seems to me that a participant waiting near me is not queuing – though am not sure about it – shall I yield? I’m standing my ground, data of anger towards the participant arise; I sit down, data of self-violence arise “I shouldn’t have felt angry” etc’ – dinner was over – reification not. I stepped out the dining hall, remembering the perfect words of my teacher on violence from the previous days, it then dawned on me so vividly the utter uselessness of this self-flagellation “Of-course, how on earth can violence stop violence!” – it was a moment of rest and deep self intimacy, the eyes watering, feeling O.K. with what is – truly feeling O.K. and cheerful.

If this, so called, negative data hadn’t risen, the lesson would have been missed.

This magical moment will stay with me as a reminder.

I wish to thank Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, for the endless love and support for all, the Balanced View trainers that dedicate their lives and energy to support the participants and to the brave world-wide community taking part in this life-changing training.