Connection with all beings

It’s beautiful to reflect on how life was before I met the Balanced View Training, and to so deeply appreciate how life is now.

I have just spent two weeks working away from my friends and family. I remember when I first did this type of work many years ago, I was so overwhelmed by the data of loneliness and anxiety. My data streams (thoughts, emotions and sensations) were so intense that I was completely consumed by them and the attempt to relieve myself of the anxiety, that it was difficult to connect with the person I was supposed to be looking after, and I gave up doing this work for quite some time.

In my everyday life, I was always looking for a romantic solution to loneliness and looking for people I could truly connect with. But the truth was, here again, that I could not easily connect with others because all my attention was on my data and a desperate search for relief.

It’s magical to think to how it used to be and wonder when exactly did I start feeling completely connected to all beings everywhere, with nothing more needed? It was definitely after I received the introduction to open intelligence and the Four Mainstays of Balanced View. This sense of complete connection and contentment is so normal for me now, it’s just amazing. I am so at ease, being just by myself and with others.

I see I am so much more loving of myself and others. I can enjoy other people and all beings (I have a cat snuggled next to me) and I don’t feel like I have to go anywhere else, do anything else or be with anyone else to feel okay. I find this very powerful because it means I can do what I see is of most benefit, rather than clinging to certain data so that I feel loved or avoiding circumstances, such as a job that is currently providing me with the money I need to do what I love, because I feel lonely or anxious.

I also see how powerful this is for humanity. This sense of connection with everyone I meet naturally moves me to treat everyone with the greatest respect, care and love. It’s the most beautiful gift to really want the best for everyone and to experience true compassion, simply by remaining open and recognising all data as beneficial open intelligence, one short moment at a time.

I am so deeply grateful to Candice O’Denver for providing the Balanced View Teaching in such a simple, accessible way and for the always-on support network of the Four Mainstays. Life continues to get easier, more loving, more generous and more powerful for the benefit of all. It’s my heart wish for everyone to know this connection and love, for ourselves and each other. What a beautiful world it can be 💞

Discovering the Greatest Intelligence of the Universe

When I came to Balanced View, one of the things I was searching for was a way I could be of benefit for myself and the world. I was searching conventionally for a career, constantly looking into courses and wasting time and money on deposits for things I didn’t follow through on.
It was amazing to be assured by the trainers that it didn’t matter that I had not been to University or even finished college, and that training up in open intelligence would provide me with the clear-seeing of how I can be of greatest benefit with my life, and in each moment.
As I spent more time in the community of Balanced View, attending trainings and Gatherings, travelling the world to visit the Balanced View Centers and seeing the results of relying on open intelligence in others, it was beautiful to see how so many people were truly empowered to shine in their passions, in a way I had never seen before. The people around me were really standing up, claiming their birth right to do what they wanted to do in the world and not be limited by ideas of ‘not good enough’. It was deeply inspiring and exciting to meet so many people from different back grounds, some who had many well-developed skills and talents, others who were stepping up to do things they had never done before. It was amazing to see that where ever a person was at, training up open intelligence greatly empowered a person’s capacity to contribute whatever it was they loved to do in an openhearted, authentic, highly skilful and remarkable way that always contributed great benefit.
My personal passion has clarified to be directly serving Balanced View. It became clear to me that I want to be part of the ultimate solution and that I experience the greatest fulfilment from serving the provision and expansion of the Teaching and the Four Mainstays empowerment network. I deeply wish everyone to experience the great benefit of this teaching.
Just recently, I’ve been looking for a remote part-time job so that I can be more available to serve Balanced View. It’s an amazing process, because I see how the assurance I’ve gained in relying on open intelligence means I see very clearly, moment-to-moment, how to use my time, energy and resources. This makes looking for a job so effortless! Rather than chasing after every opportunity that comes my way, I am finding that I just know, by resting deeply in open intelligence with short moments, whether something is worth pursuing or not, which means I can spend most of my time focusing on my passion. It’s amazing, totally magical! To simply relax and know what to do in each moment, step by step,  because relying on open intelligence is relying on the greatest intelligence of the Universe.
I am so grateful I no longer limit myself by believing I am not intelligent because I was not interested in conventional education. I’m so grateful I can recognise the intelligence that is the birthright of every human being, every being. Open intelligence is the most effective means of achieving equality for all. Everyone is included in the great exaltation of powerful capacity to benefit all, because that is what we innately are. I love to see this in myself and to see this in others and to be part of the solution which enables everyone to access their power and contribute it in completely amazing ways!
Thank you so much Balanced View, I love you, Jess.

Gratitude to Balanced View for Self-Love and Love of Everyone!

The whole idea of self-love has always felt like something I need to do, and then I will be happy.

I just have to love myself, but how? I read books and tried out different things but all of them felt like an effort. Since meeting Balanced View, self-love has come about naturally with the great ease of letting myself be as I am. The practice of short moments, just relaxing with whatever is occurring, wow, that simplifies self-love.

I can emphasise my thoughts and emotions, decide they are wrong and they need to change. I can indulge in misery because I feel like life is not going well, but in the end, I am the one giving myself a hard time, just by using my mind in this outdated way.

I am so grateful to Candice and Balanced View for introducing me to the most natural way to be with my mind. Every time I relax with my thoughts and recognise they are just the natural flow of my open intelligence, that they come and go like a breeze in the air, then I give myself the gift of self-love. I kiss my mind, perfect as it is, perfect as I am, with each short moment of open intelligence. No matter what I am thinking, all is pure beneficial energy, nothing to avoid, indulge or replace, it is perfectly beautiful and powerful!

What I love most about this practice is that each short moment of self-love is a short moment of loving everyone, exactly as they are. This is true love, true compassion. Each time I let something I don’t like about myself be as it is, I am able to do the same for others and relationships that felt difficult, people I disliked, people I avoided because of my own thoughts and emotions. All this just eases up and blends into love inseparable from everyone.

When I look out at the world,  I understand all the hatred. The wanting to fight with others because of emotions like jealousy, arrogance, hatred, not feeling good enough. If everyone knew they could simply relax for a short moment when they felt like this, wow, the world would be a different place ❤ and that’s how we bring about this change. I see this absolutely. With each short moment I contribute the most precious gift of loving humanity as it is. I contribute love ❤ Thank you to Candice and thank you to Balanced View!

Love Jess

A Happiness Miracle from Balanced View :)

The other day, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by negative data (emotions and thoughts). I went to my bedroom because I knew I was going to cry. I simply put on a talk by the founder of Balanced View, Candice O’Denver. Her soothing words, which illicit the recognition of open intelligence, reminded me to take a short moment. I saw that everything was okay; I could just let the data flow on by. One short moment and I was able to go downstairs and spend time with friends, laughing and enjoying with them. This is a miracle!

Thank you so much, Balanced View 🙂

Love Jess

Romantic Confusion Clarified – Thank you Balanced View!

Before I met the Balanced View Training, I was often confused by romantic thoughts and emotions. It was one fantasy after the next, one person after the next. But it never worked out because I wasn’t stable in myself.

Sexual urges and romantic thoughts would come up strong for a person and suddenly they were ‘the one’. There was intense fear that they did not feel the same way and embarrassingly the sense that they did and were going to show me at some point. It was a seesaw of hope and fear. I would make embarrassing advances one minute and not be able to look at the person the next. It was impossible to relax and at times I experienced so much anxiety that I wouldn’t eat properly for days, let alone just be myself with the person.

Since being introduced to open intelligence everything has changed, and I am so grateful to the Balanced View teaching and global support network for showing me I can simply relax and let data be as it is.

Open intelligence is stable and clear and to see this stability and clarity in myself is amazing. I am no longer distracted by the latest fantasy. When sexual desire and romantic ideas appear, I know when I relax they will self-release, like mist evaporating in the morning sunshine.

This means I no longer avoid people I feel attracted to and I can relate with complete clarity. I see what is of most benefit and I respond naturally without distraction. I feel completely connected to everyone and naturally have the discernment needed for decisions about intimate relationship. The best is being able to relax and be myself with whoever I am with and no matter how I am feeling.

Thank you so much to Balanced View and to the founder, Candice O’Denver, who has poured her whole life into making this amazing training available for everyone. I wish everyone to know complete clarity, stability and connection for themselves and for the very confused world we live in today.

Love Jess

Thank you for showing me there is nothing wrong with me…

I have participated fully in the Four Mainstays of Balanced View for six years because I was overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions before I met this training and I experienced immediate relief from taking a short moment, having a trainer to write to and being with the community.

One particular change which I can share about today is that the thoughts which consistently tell me there is something wrong with me just don’t take me down anymore. Instead I have been empowered to recognize that these thoughts are just a mirage and indivisible from the painful descriptions is the pure beneficial energy of open intelligence.

Just imagine these thoughts coming into your mind “You are completely useless, and everyone else is better than you.” or “I hate myself, I want to die.” and really believing them to be true, and the difference of knowing them to be the pure beneficial energy of open intelligence, and that when you completely relax body and mind for a brief moment these power of these thoughts will spontaneously and without effort empower you to be of great benefit to yourself and to every person and situation you are in.

This is what I now experience when these thoughts come into my mind and it comes from taking up the incredible offer of 24 hour, for the rest of your life support, from an incredible group of people who have realized this themselves, due the miracle of Candice O’denver discovering this in her own experience and then her complete dedication and giving everything so that everyone else in the world can come to know this too.

There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel for this new understanding of my mind and what to do with it, but I can share that the results are incredible. My relationships with family and friends are beautiful and flourishing, I can be in any situation and I know what to do, I can relate with openness to others and to solutions no matter what I am feeling and I love myself and all beings no matter what I am thinking. It is truly profound and I really see the capacity this training has to transform how we relate with ourselves and each other globally.The solution for world peace.

So, wonderful Candice and Balanced View….THANK YOU!!!!

Jess, UK