Effortless communication and relationships at work

In my work life, I had struggled with easeful communication and relationships due to emphasising negative thoughts and emotions about myself, especially that I wasn’t good enough or as intelligent as others. I tried to replace these thoughts and emotions with positive ones by trying to make myself look better than others and by having ‘the right’ idea or opinion, however this made relationships difficult as it was a game of putting others down and insisting on my ideas being the best.

Until I met the Balanced View Training I had no idea this was playing out. I wasn’t in control of my actions and words. I was at the whim of believing there was something wrong when I experienced certain feelings and thoughts and instinctively my reactions to others when these thoughts and emotions arose came from a place of self-defense.

Six months after being introduced to open intelligence at a Balanced View Open Meeting, I embarked on the Twelve Empowerments. This is the core training of Balanced View and was completely life changing for me.

The simple, step-by-step process, with incredible texts that were so exciting to read, again and again, confirming the innately beneficial nature of human beings and skilfully supporting me to open up all my belief systems, taking a clear and honest look at my relationships and what was going on, seeing for the first time that all my difficulties were caused by one fundamental misunderstanding and providing me with the solution! The one simple change of recognising my thoughts and emotions as open intelligence.

This training shone a light on my entire life in a way that empowered me to make a commitment to the practice of short moments of open intelligence and to rely on the support of the training, a trainer and community.

When challenges arose in my relationships at work and I saw myself shooting off emails I immediately regretted or getting into arguments because I was insisting I was right, I would write to my trainer and receive specific instructions for how to let these thoughts and emotions be as they are and see from the mountain top.

The practise of relaxing for short moments when I felt the urge to react and defend got easier and easier and I saw my communication and relationships with work colleagues really flourish. I have become able to really listen to what others are saying and to contribute what I see respectfully, no longer influenced by my thoughts and emotions and instead empowered by open intelligence and the unity it brings to all circumstances, seeing my work as a place where we are truly working together to be of greatest benefit in all we do and supporting my work colleagues, rather than it being a “Me” project.

I feel very grateful to now also work in teams where everyone is relying on open intelligence. It is just so amazing to experience such a harmonious flow of relating, sharing gratitude for each other and all we contribute, seeing the unique strengths each one has and not feeling threatened by that. Instead just enjoying working together and accomplishing so much.

I am so grateful for the Balanced View Training and the immensely beneficial results that have come about in my life, for all the wonderful trainers, for the global community of amazing participants, many of whom have become dear friends, and especially for the founder Candice O’Denver who has poured her whole life into providing this powerful teaching because she cares so deeply about human beings, knowing that we can live and work together in complete harmony.

With love, Jess

Empowered to be responsible at work

I have never enjoyed cleaning, and working in a hospital, not only do I have to keep things clean from everyday dirt, there are also highly contagious infectious diseases to worry about.

​I​n my role as a health care assistant, the task of cleaning the sluice (the place where all bodily fluids and excrement are disposed of) was ​not a popular one, in fact I would avoid this task unless specifically asked, ​hoping someone else would do it and ​fearing the infectious diseases and the powerful chemical we use to clean the entire room every day.

It’s been amazing to see that with simple participation in the Balanced View Teaching, taking short moments with my thoughts, emotions and experiences, and participating in the trainings and Clarity Calls, a natural wish to step up to my responsibilities has arisen in me and the capacity for deep care of others has taken priority over the habitual reliance on descriptions, like fear and disgust​.​ ​S​​ince receiving the introduction to open intelligence at a Balanced View Open Meeting, I’ve been shown ​these descriptions ​simply appear and disappear, like a line drawn in water.

I’ve also been deeply impressed by the shining example of the Trainers and participants from whom I’ve experienced the deepest care and compassion and who I see serve whatever circumstance they are in with such heartfelt commitment to being the greatest benefit they can be.

Another thing I love about relying on open intelligence is how gifts and talents I didn’t know I had emerge and become available to use whenever needed. For example, since participating in the Teaching, I’ve ​discovered ​thoroughness is one of my natural gifts​. ​I really like to ensure things are done well.

All of this empowerment has meant that I now volunteer to clean the sluice. I can even say I enjoy it! I don’t enjoy being in the infectious room with all the bodily ​fluids​, but I enjoy contributing my gift of thoroughness whilst cleaning​, k​nowing that I am keeping vulnerable patients safe from infections and I am giving them the gift of clean equipment to use, instead of something extra to worry about ​in addition to​ serious illness. I also enjoy contributing to my team in this way, volunteering to do a task that nobody else wants to do and feeling such compassion for others, knowing the thoughts and emotions that I was affected by before I began relying on open intelligence​,​​ and feeling very grateful that ​I’ve ​been so fortunate to ​meet the Balanced View Teaching ​because I hardly​ notice those thoughts and emotions anymore​. Instead I am​ filled with the joy and the power of the heart​ ​wish to benefit others.

This is a simple example of ​just one of ​the benefits of the Balanced View Teaching​,​ but for me it is very powerful to see a ​complete ​transformation occur with such care and compassion for all. It makes me really see how if open intelligence was relied upon to solve global problems that are currently avoided such as homelessness, prostitution, slavery, nuclear waste ​and plastic disposal, ​​how wonderful the results would be for humanity and our entire planet of beautiful beings.

I am so deeply grateful to Candice O’Denver who has made the Teaching of Balanced View so accessible for all and to everyone who chooses to step into their immensely beneficial power by participating. Thank you!

With love,

Grumpiness, gone, gone!

Hello! Thank you for reading this blog. The Balanced View Training has brought so much benefit to my life in all areas and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, so it’s a pleasure to share my gratitude and my experience for anyone interested in finding out more.

One amazing benefit (and there are many!) is that every morning I had to get up early to go to work, I would feel grumpy and I just assumed that it was okay to be grumpy with others until it passed. I know this is something that many people experience, because I work in a hospital and we start work early.

After a year of participating in the Balanced View Teaching, I had the opportunity to go to one of the Balanced View Centers in India. I really enjoyed being at the Center and so I volunteered to help out. The role I was given was to help with breakfast, another early start!

Every morning, I would wake up feeling grumpy and go to the kitchen. It was the first time I really noticed how grumpy I was and the affect this had on others. I was participating in trainings every day and so it was beautiful to ask for support from the Trainers. I was amazed to discover that these shining beings also experienced grumpiness, but they were no longer affected by it. And also, that I didn’t have to try to stop being grumpy. I could just allow the thoughts and emotions to be as they were and use them as an opportunity to practice recognizing the grumpy data as open intelligence for short moments. Was there anything real about the grumpiness? Could I hold onto it or was it more like a rainbow in space? And it was so funny that once the grumpiness had passed, I would feel happy again. So, it showed me that thoughts and emotions simply appear and then vanish without a trace.

I started to enjoy early mornings because they became an opportunity for empowerment. Whenever I remembered, I relaxed for a short moment with the data of grumpiness and I found that whenever I did, the data just self-released and it was like there was nothing there. I also found that I could relate with others much more openly at that time in the morning and that I had much more energy and enthusiasm to contribute.

I have to say that several years later, I don’t actually notice grumpiness anymore. It has completely gone! Instead I experience the heart wish to step up to the responsibility of serving whatever circumstance I am in with the power I have to benefit all, and this is amazing. There is just the all-pervasive knowing that all is well, and that thoughts and emotions are fueling my capacity to be of benefit in the world. So, instead of grumpiness there is the always-on stability and enjoyment of life and the joy that comes from contributing to and connecting with others, whatever time of day it is.

I am deeply grateful for this empowerment in my life. I had for many years been so limited by what I thought and felt. To be empowered by everything that arises, to be fueled rather than limited, to experience the natural stability, clarity and joy of life, no matter what I am thinking or feeling and to contribute this to others, it’s just the best. I am especially grateful to precious Candice O’Denver who discovered this in her own experience and has dedicated her entire life to sharing it with others. With all of my heart, I wish this for you too.


Becoming stable, loving and happy :)

Before I met the Balanced View Teaching, I had a history of wrecking relationships due to being overwhelmed by the strong emotions of jealousy and envy.

I once threw my best friend out my house in a fit of jealous rage because she seemed to want to spend more time with another friend.

In intimate relationship, there was always one woman I was sure my partner was attracted to. I would obsess over this woman, comparing myself to her, analysing every interaction between her and my partner, always coming to the conclusion that she was far superior to me, and my partner was going to leave me for her. I would collapse into states of worthlessness and misery. Especially I would do this in public places like at parties where my partner and the woman were. This brought a great deal of suffering and disharmony to the relationships and always resulted in them coming to an end.

In addition, there was also the jealousy of female friends for their gifts, strengths and talents. I had such negative thoughts and belief systems about my own capacity, I always felt other women were better than me and I would often try to replace the data of worthlessness by competing with them and saying things to put them down and make myself seem better. This made friendships with women difficult and sometimes impossible. I could never understand why.

The Balanced View Training introduced me to open intelligence, the most powerful force of intelligence, benefit, clarity and love which unites us all. I completed the fundamental training called the Twelve Empowerments. This training empowered me to see how and why I was causing all this disharmony in my relationships. Just through following the simple steps of the training with the support of amazing trainers, I was supported to relax with the strong emotions of jealousy and envy and to let them flow on by. I was empowered to recognise open intelligence.

Overtime, with the incredible support of the Four Mainstays empowerment network (short moments, trainer, training and community), I have come to see that the data of worthlessness, which I so desperately wanted to avoid because it didn’t feel safe to be worthless, is open intelligence and is actually my power to be of great benefit to all.

The Balanced View Training has taught me to rest mind naturally for short moments whenever I remember. When data of worthlessness arise, which can come up in any interaction, rather than getting lost in jealous/hateful/miserable stories about myself and others and acting from this, I can take a short moment of open intelligence, just resting naturally and let worthlessness be as it is.

I experience the most incredible results from this practice. I experience such a powerful depth of compassion for myself and for others, understanding completely the reasons why we cause suffering. This has gifted me such capacity to love myself and others, just as we are, and to relate with an open and loving heart even when feeling completely worthless in relationship with another.

Stability, relaxation and happiness is now my every day experience, and just naturally being this way contributes so much benefit to all my relationships, and to any circumstance. I have beautiful relationships with my family and friends. It is just so wonderful to see how easy it has become to relate with people, each interaction an opportunity to share love and to support each other to shine. Intimacy has become much easier and enjoyable because I no longer believe there is something wrong with me and so I can be open, perfect as I am, enjoying the closeness that comes about with myself and others, the trust that builds and the beautiful capacity to contribute to each other, seeing more and more how I can be of benefit to myself and those I love.

I am so grateful to Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View for offering this Teaching, and to all the trainers and participants who support me along the way. Just from continuing with the practise of short moments and the support of the Four Mainstays, life and relationships blossom in the most beautiful, powerful way.
A gift for all beings!

With great love,

The Gift of Complete Relaxation

When I met the Balanced View Teaching, I was in my fourth year of learning a bodywork/energy art which was intended to bring about healing through relaxation and balance. I had a three year diploma already, and was offering this service to the public.

It’s amazing to reflect and see clearly how much I could not even enjoy giving this service, as I could not relax with my own data (thoughts, emotions and sensations), let alone help someone else relax with theirs. I was in a constant argument in my mind, because my thoughts were always so negative and my response was to struggle with them, to try to make them positive or make them go away. This resulted in a lot of tension!

The first time I listened to a talk by Candice, the founder of Balanced View, I experienced my first moment of complete relaxation. I remember it so distinctly because it was complete relief for my mind and body. It was what I had been striving to experience, in all the practices, attempts to rest and all the therapy sessions.

When I went to my first Balanced View Open Meeting, I was given the tool of a short moment. I remember this so distinctly also, because for the first time, I was shown what about me is powerful, clear, alert and can always be relied upon.

This experience was so profound, I kept on coming back. After a short amount of time, I gave up the bodywork practice because I could see what I really wanted for myself and others was being offered so completely by the Balanced View Teaching.

Complete relaxation was impossible before receiving education in the nature of mind because no matter what I did to relax, I was always so busy in my mind. The practice of the Balanced View Teaching has shown me deeply and profoundly that I can let all my data be as it is, no matter how wrong it might seem. I’ve been shown undoubtedly that everything I experience is open intelligence, my power to benefit all.

Seven years later, I can face all circumstances, I can enjoy everything about life, I can contribute benefit no matter what I am experiencing because I can relax and let the beneficial energy of data self-release and empower my qualities and activities. All I need to do is completely relax for a short moment. A short moment of knowing that everything I experience is open intelligence.

It is the greatest blessing, the most wonderful way to live life, giving so much in all ways we wish for as human beings. I cannot thank Candice and Balanced View enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With great love, Jess

Connection with all beings

It’s beautiful to reflect on how life was before I met the Balanced View Training, and to so deeply appreciate how life is now.

I have just spent two weeks working away from my friends and family. I remember when I first did this type of work many years ago, I was so overwhelmed by the data of loneliness and anxiety. My data streams (thoughts, emotions and sensations) were so intense that I was completely consumed by them and the attempt to relieve myself of the anxiety, that it was difficult to connect with the person I was supposed to be looking after, and I gave up doing this work for quite some time.

In my everyday life, I was always looking for a romantic solution to loneliness and looking for people I could truly connect with. But the truth was, here again, that I could not easily connect with others because all my attention was on my data and a desperate search for relief.

It’s magical to think to how it used to be and wonder when exactly did I start feeling completely connected to all beings everywhere, with nothing more needed? It was definitely after I received the introduction to open intelligence and the Four Mainstays of Balanced View. This sense of complete connection and contentment is so normal for me now, it’s just amazing. I am so at ease, being just by myself and with others.

I see I am so much more loving of myself and others. I can enjoy other people and all beings (I have a cat snuggled next to me) and I don’t feel like I have to go anywhere else, do anything else or be with anyone else to feel okay. I find this very powerful because it means I can do what I see is of most benefit, rather than clinging to certain data so that I feel loved or avoiding circumstances, such as a job that is currently providing me with the money I need to do what I love, because I feel lonely or anxious.

I also see how powerful this is for humanity. This sense of connection with everyone I meet naturally moves me to treat everyone with the greatest respect, care and love. It’s the most beautiful gift to really want the best for everyone and to experience true compassion, simply by remaining open and recognising all data as beneficial open intelligence, one short moment at a time.

I am so deeply grateful to Candice O’Denver for providing the Balanced View Teaching in such a simple, accessible way and for the always-on support network of the Four Mainstays. Life continues to get easier, more loving, more generous and more powerful for the benefit of all. It’s my heart wish for everyone to know this connection and love, for ourselves and each other. What a beautiful world it can be 💞

Discovering the Greatest Intelligence of the Universe

When I came to Balanced View, one of the things I was searching for was a way I could be of benefit for myself and the world. I was searching conventionally for a career, constantly looking into courses and wasting time and money on deposits for things I didn’t follow through on.
It was amazing to be assured by the trainers that it didn’t matter that I had not been to University or even finished college, and that training up in open intelligence would provide me with the clear-seeing of how I can be of greatest benefit with my life, and in each moment.
As I spent more time in the community of Balanced View, attending trainings and Gatherings, travelling the world to visit the Balanced View Centers and seeing the results of relying on open intelligence in others, it was beautiful to see how so many people were truly empowered to shine in their passions, in a way I had never seen before. The people around me were really standing up, claiming their birth right to do what they wanted to do in the world and not be limited by ideas of ‘not good enough’. It was deeply inspiring and exciting to meet so many people from different back grounds, some who had many well-developed skills and talents, others who were stepping up to do things they had never done before. It was amazing to see that where ever a person was at, training up open intelligence greatly empowered a person’s capacity to contribute whatever it was they loved to do in an openhearted, authentic, highly skilful and remarkable way that always contributed great benefit.
My personal passion has clarified to be directly serving Balanced View. It became clear to me that I want to be part of the ultimate solution and that I experience the greatest fulfilment from serving the provision and expansion of the Teaching and the Four Mainstays empowerment network. I deeply wish everyone to experience the great benefit of this teaching.
Just recently, I’ve been looking for a remote part-time job so that I can be more available to serve Balanced View. It’s an amazing process, because I see how the assurance I’ve gained in relying on open intelligence means I see very clearly, moment-to-moment, how to use my time, energy and resources. This makes looking for a job so effortless! Rather than chasing after every opportunity that comes my way, I am finding that I just know, by resting deeply in open intelligence with short moments, whether something is worth pursuing or not, which means I can spend most of my time focusing on my passion. It’s amazing, totally magical! To simply relax and know what to do in each moment, step by step,  because relying on open intelligence is relying on the greatest intelligence of the Universe.
I am so grateful I no longer limit myself by believing I am not intelligent because I was not interested in conventional education. I’m so grateful I can recognise the intelligence that is the birthright of every human being, every being. Open intelligence is the most effective means of achieving equality for all. Everyone is included in the great exaltation of powerful capacity to benefit all, because that is what we innately are. I love to see this in myself and to see this in others and to be part of the solution which enables everyone to access their power and contribute it in completely amazing ways!
Thank you so much Balanced View, I love you, Jess.

Gratitude to Balanced View for Self-Love and Love of Everyone!

The whole idea of self-love has always felt like something I need to do, and then I will be happy.

I just have to love myself, but how? I read books and tried out different things but all of them felt like an effort. Since meeting Balanced View, self-love has come about naturally with the great ease of letting myself be as I am. The practice of short moments, just relaxing with whatever is occurring, wow, that simplifies self-love.

I can emphasise my thoughts and emotions, decide they are wrong and they need to change. I can indulge in misery because I feel like life is not going well, but in the end, I am the one giving myself a hard time, just by using my mind in this outdated way.

I am so grateful to Candice and Balanced View for introducing me to the most natural way to be with my mind. Every time I relax with my thoughts and recognise they are just the natural flow of my open intelligence, that they come and go like a breeze in the air, then I give myself the gift of self-love. I kiss my mind, perfect as it is, perfect as I am, with each short moment of open intelligence. No matter what I am thinking, all is pure beneficial energy, nothing to avoid, indulge or replace, it is perfectly beautiful and powerful!

What I love most about this practice is that each short moment of self-love is a short moment of loving everyone, exactly as they are. This is true love, true compassion. Each time I let something I don’t like about myself be as it is, I am able to do the same for others and relationships that felt difficult, people I disliked, people I avoided because of my own thoughts and emotions. All this just eases up and blends into love inseparable from everyone.

When I look out at the world,  I understand all the hatred. The wanting to fight with others because of emotions like jealousy, arrogance, hatred, not feeling good enough. If everyone knew they could simply relax for a short moment when they felt like this, wow, the world would be a different place ❤ and that’s how we bring about this change. I see this absolutely. With each short moment I contribute the most precious gift of loving humanity as it is. I contribute love ❤ Thank you to Candice and thank you to Balanced View!

Love Jess

A Happiness Miracle from Balanced View :)

The other day, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by negative data (emotions and thoughts). I went to my bedroom because I knew I was going to cry. I simply put on a talk by the founder of Balanced View, Candice O’Denver. Her soothing words, which illicit the recognition of open intelligence, reminded me to take a short moment. I saw that everything was okay; I could just let the data flow on by. One short moment and I was able to go downstairs and spend time with friends, laughing and enjoying with them. This is a miracle!

Thank you so much, Balanced View 🙂

Love Jess

Romantic Confusion Clarified – Thank you Balanced View!

Before I met the Balanced View Training, I was often confused by romantic thoughts and emotions. It was one fantasy after the next, one person after the next. But it never worked out because I wasn’t stable in myself.

Sexual urges and romantic thoughts would come up strong for a person and suddenly they were ‘the one’. There was intense fear that they did not feel the same way and embarrassingly the sense that they did and were going to show me at some point. It was a seesaw of hope and fear. I would make embarrassing advances one minute and not be able to look at the person the next. It was impossible to relax and at times I experienced so much anxiety that I wouldn’t eat properly for days, let alone just be myself with the person.

Since being introduced to open intelligence everything has changed, and I am so grateful to the Balanced View teaching and global support network for showing me I can simply relax and let data be as it is.

Open intelligence is stable and clear and to see this stability and clarity in myself is amazing. I am no longer distracted by the latest fantasy. When sexual desire and romantic ideas appear, I know when I relax they will self-release, like mist evaporating in the morning sunshine.

This means I no longer avoid people I feel attracted to and I can relate with complete clarity. I see what is of most benefit and I respond naturally without distraction. I feel completely connected to everyone and naturally have the discernment needed for decisions about intimate relationship. The best is being able to relax and be myself with whoever I am with and no matter how I am feeling.

Thank you so much to Balanced View and to the founder, Candice O’Denver, who has poured her whole life into making this amazing training available for everyone. I wish everyone to know complete clarity, stability and connection for themselves and for the very confused world we live in today.

Love Jess