Health: From Hope and Fear To Care

Something that has always been interesting for me is health and how to stay healthy. Eat the right kind food, workout a lot, think about my body and how to sculpture it, etc.. I was quite obsessed about it I would say.

I loved to do those things but in one way it felt like I was trapped and didn’t have a real choice if I wanted to do it or not. What would happen if I suddenly stopped working out or eat “bad” food? Would all that I had built up be for nothing?

A lot of hope and fear around that area.. Hope that I would feel great if eating the perfect food and workout x amount of hours/day and fear that something terrible would happen if I stopped. Would I be accepted by people around me? Would I feel ok?

I clearly remember the day this shifted within me.

During the Twelve Empowerments, one of Balanced View‘s main courses, I realized that this was something going on within me and a struggle. I hadn’t seen it before.

Taking a closer look on how I actually related to myself in this regard and get to know that I could simply relax with this. I didn’t have to continue on with this game of struggle. Just leave it as it is..

Of course, it’s not so easy to just stop but to use the Four Mainstays, the support structure of Balanced View, I received great support to just relax. Listened to talks, write to my trainer about it and open up in that way, participate in trainings. So beneficial.

And one day, just like that, it struck me.

I am free.

I can stop working out. I can eat whatever food. And it would be fine. It was like being released from a mental prison that I didn’t even know I was in. Quite bold to state it like this but I think people can relate to what I am saying. This was my experience. Now I had an option and not stucked into an idea of how I had to live and go about this.

When I felt I had a choice, the workout started to become more fun and enjoyable, and I felt that my body could relax. My eating habits started to become more relaxed and I felt that I could enjoy all kinds of food and not beat myself up for eating whatever I eat.

It has opened up new ways for what I feel is good for my body when it comes to working out and eating and I feel much more healthy now than ever.

For me it is beautiful and supportive to simply enjoy the training and implement it in a practical way like this, something that provides benefit in everyday life.

I hope this share is supportive and will contribute to those who are reading to know that there is definitely a way to live a relaxed life.

With love and gratitude,


Feeling comfortable in feeling uncomfortable

I have always considered myself as  quite a  calm and peaceful being. I am usually happy and not much is going on in terms of wild thoughts, emotions and sensations (data) but I feel in general fairly stable. However, sometimes it hits me like a lightning strike and there is an onslaught on various kinds of data streams. Before I met the Balanced View Training I would have tried to apply some kind of method to either replace or avoid these data streams because they would feel so uncomfortable. This was always a struggle and quite random in how I could deal with it. Sometimes they would go away quicker, sometimes sooner. I would say I was a victim to it.

When I met the Balanced View Training I realized that I don’t have to trying to deal with my data but that they come and go and leave no trace like the flight path of a bird in the sky. So instead of spend my time trying to do something that is doomed to fail from the beginning I could relax for short moments repeated many times and recognize the basis, open intelligence, in which the data appear.

After practicing this for some time I feel that I can now handle data in a much simpler and relaxed way. I feel comfortable in being uncomfortable because I am not a victim to my data streams any longer but simply rely on open intelligence. This is a great advantage.

Invest in a peaceful society

The other week when I was going with the bus and queuing before me in line there were two kind teenager boys about to buy a ticket. It turned out that they didn’t have money topped up on their card. One was going to buy a double ticket for both of them, so kind! However the bus driver told them to get off. I stopped them and told them that I will buy their ticket, no doubt about it! I asked the bus driver if I could use my bus card to buy a double for them. It turned out that I could not.

– Ok, then I will use my credit card.

– It will be expensive.

– It doesn’t matter for me. I want to buy their tickets 🙂

– There is an extra fee of 10SEK per ticket.

– That’s sounds great!

It was almost like I was not allowed to buy their tickets. When the bus driver started to run the ticket machine it didn’t work for some reason so they could pass for free so it turned out to work well at the end. They thanked me with such a beautiful respect and a man after me followed me and took the seat next to me and said that it was a generous act of me and he wanted to chit chat on the way home.

It wasn’t for any other reason than I was simply thrilled to help and support. I invested the money in an act of generosity, actively and spontaneously chose to live a life with an attitude of gratitude for the benefit of all. It think this is completely awesome! What a game changer for me! Shifting the focus from wanting, earning and keeping money, to rather use the financial means to invest in a peaceful society.

This is completely thanks to the Balanced View Training and to dearest Candice. To dare to take this step of just going for it and naturally it happened without any particular thoughts around it. It felt good!

A life with a trainer

When I did my Twelve Empowerments Training around nine years ago, I was very fortunate to be able to have contact with a Balanced View Trainer. How wonderful that was and of course, still is and it’s getting better and better every day. This relationship is one I treasure above all. The precious Trainer I can write to has gone before me exploring the nature of mind and wish to support for what is best for me. Such a loving and kind being it is. Every email I have been writing to him I have received empowering support and on a continual basis, it expands my view, the variety of options I can handle certain situations, my mental and emotional stability increases, etc.

A dear, dear friend I completely trust. Sunbathing together, he holds my hand and guides me in the exciting land of precious gems and jewels. Wow! What a marvellous event life is.

Love  Johan

How the Balanced View Training has supported me in my musicianship

I have been playing and studying guitar since I was ten years old. Performing and playing in front of people has always been a part of my musicianship and before I met this teaching there was a lot of thoughts and emotions that I didn’t really know how to handle. Nervousness, creating a personal voice and image, what do people think of me on stage, I am not allowed to fail or play what I think is considered as wrong etc. Maybe you can relate to this in an area in your own life?

So, I remembered when I already did my first Balanced View training, I realised that I could simply relax with all these ideas and concepts I thought I had to keep myself struggling with. I saw that nothing of this is necessary for me to play and enjoy the music I wanted. In fact, the less I put emphasis on these ideas and concepts and simply enjoyed short moments of complete relaxation, repeated many times, the more an effortless approach naturally came about. This was for me magical and something I had been looking for all along!

One other quick thing that I want to share that when I met the teaching I was struggling with the thought of “now when I have been playing music and practicing guitar for a good ten years and reached to the point of where I am today, I can’t just stop playing. Then all of this practicing and level of achievement would be lost. I have to keep up, otherwise, I will be a total failure”. This way of relating to myself was harmful and like putting myself in a mental prison.

The solution: By showing up for training with the community on a regular basis and especially taking support from my trainer and allowing short moments shining forth in everyday life with an easy-going attitude, one day when I reflected on this behaviour, I realised that it had loosened its grip that I thought I had on me. This did not happen over a night, but surely one day I was suddenly free to choose “do I want to continue to play or not?” That feeling of freedom means everything to me and now I really enjoy playing music! What a wondrous marvel!

With much love and gratitude, Johan

Finally at Peace

Dear reader,

One of the beautiful offerings I find in Balanced View is the community. Meeting people from all over the world, regardless how old they are, what culture they were born in, skin color, whether they are men or women, father or mother, son or daughter, I have come to see that people can connect in peace with each other. This has given me confidence and trust that peace is totally possible. I have also seen over the years when I have been practicing short moments of complete relaxation that peace and war begins and ends within myself in coming to peace with my own data streams.

With support from the Four Mainstays in taking responsibility for my own part and clarify my own data streams, the war with my own data streams has naturally come to peace. I find this very beautiful and I am very grateful to Balanced View for this.

Once, I thought I knew what the world was like and that my paradigm was a solid peace. What I know now is all there is, right? However, I have come to see that my world view can change for the better and not only this, my experience is that every day it is getting better and better and every day I am becoming more and more at peace with myself and all. I am very humble for the opening I am so generously given by Balanced View’s support network.

Thank you!

Always Available

One of the many gems this teaching provides me with is the amazing support network. One of Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays is the Trainer, and I really appreciate having a trainer to whom I can ask questions in how I can gain confidence in open intelligence. I feel it is extra supportive when my mind goes crazy with all afflictive thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Like this week I have had lots of resistance of doing everyday life tasks, but instead of beating myself up for not living up to my expectations of what I think I should be producing, I can simply be gentle with myself and see that it is fine to have some time off and not be very active.

With the support of my great Trainer, these kinds of insights and many others I can see is a lived experience and it all happens very quickly so I don’t have to ponder in these kinds of things for ages and blame myself during and after. I simply let it be as it is and continue on in daily life with what I am doing.

The Trainer is the most valuable person I have in life and I am so grateful for this magical being. Thank you, dear Trainer!

With love and gratitude,



A beautiful everyday life

Dearest reader,

I am living in Stockholm, Sweden, am a musician and love living Four Mainstays life. I am so happy for having this precious opportunity to write on this blog and share my experience. I will share my experience how the Four Mainstays has helped me as a musician and performing.

I have been playing music for many, many years (17 years ago, since I was ten) and been studying at various schools and colleges where I have met many musicians. I am very grateful for the education I’ve got and the people I’ve met.

Since I met the Balanced View training, the relationship I have with music now is totally different. Earlier on, I was focusing on learning as many tunes as I could, accumulate knowledge, thought of what other people thought about me when sitting on stage, what people would say afterward, try to fit as the normal being, not stick out, but at the same time having my own musical identity and unique expression. This was very difficult to keep up and took me a lot of energy. Also keeping track on how other people did, but pretend that no one noticed what I was thinking of. It happened consciously and unconsciously.

So, when meeting the precious Four Mainstays, I got such a beautiful support from my trainer to step by step let these ideas of mine be as they were. I reflected on my situation, came to the conclusion that I did not want to be a victim of this any longer. What I really wanted was freedom. Freedom in the immediacy of perception. Not free OF it, but free IN and AS it. Not replace, indulge or avoid. I wanted complete freedom in all my experience and I knew that this was possible after meeting some precious beings who role modeled this way to relating to life.

All this haunting and drilling myself, mentally beating myself up for not being good enough, being a better person etc., I wanted a stop. Being nervous – fail. Cold hands – fail. Tension – fail. Playing wrong – fail.

Something I was very worried about giving up was “If I relax, try out what is suggested in the teaching, and not try to be something but just give up the identity I was trying to hold on to, will I still love music?”

I gave a go. 8 years ago I picked up the first Balanced View book, and today I am writing on this blog with a big smile on my face 🙂

Including all for the benefit of all

During my morning walk I passed the local garbage bin car and I saw there where some workers around there putting in some new bin bags. When I passed one of them I said ”Thank you so much for your great work, I really appreciate what you’re doing.” He stopped and looked at me and then he smiled and said ”thank you for thanking me.”

It was such lovely meeting us two adult men between. A small, short gesture of gratitude but it felt so important to express my gratitude for him. Not taking such a valuable service position for granted. I also deal with garbage at home as it is one of my service positions in the household I live in but in a smaller scale.

I recorded a video of gratitude and posted to the company’s Facebook page and they we’re so happy to receive some gratitude.

I love to meet people wherever I am and to include everyone in the society community I living in. Humans beings are so precious and have so much to contribute with. This is what I am getting accustomed to in the precious Four Mainstays lifestyle.

With love and gratitude,


Worth more than a billion dollars…

Worth more than a billion dollars…
It was my eight summer visiting the Balanced View Center in Sweden and I have never experienced such a easy going and stable visit. Why?
People are traveling from all over the world to visit the center to educate themselves in the nature of mind and work in Balanced View Teams and involved themselves in service and here I am in the midst of it.
Not one time during the summer I have thought that I rather would be somewhere else than at the center. People meet me with respect, gratitude, a helpful and serviceable attitude, no drama, no sarcasm, no BS but simply a peaceful and easy-going way. 100-150 people. Is it always like this?
Not one single time during my stay at the Balanced View center during all these years have I witnessed or experienced a dispute or argumentation and this is to me priceless! What a complete goldmine treasure. I very much appreciate this a don’t take it for granted but happily want to share my gratitude for what I learn here. It’s so simple but SO effective. The method I can easily be implemented at my current work at the retirement home, in my relationships, in my other daily practices such a playing music, workout, clean… You name it!
I knew it could be this simple and it’s proven day after day.

With love and gratitude, Johan