Joy of being

Through the Balanced View training, there is an ever-increasing joy of being. The greatest surprise is that all the joy, love and benefit is present in all the thoughts, feelings and sensations that I was avoiding.

Before meeting this training I only occasionally felt a sense of joy in certain circumstances and situations where I felt I could be myself. This was a very limiting experience because I was constantly trying to recreate certain circumstances and situations in order to experience this joy.

However, through this practice, I have found a tremendous joy in letting myself experience all the thoughts, emotions and sensations that I thought are “wrong” or “negative”. It might seem crazy but I have found indestructible joy by allowing all negativity to rage freely without holding anything back. It is such a miracle and I would have never discovered it without the Balanced View Training.

There is such liberation in allowing myself to think and feel everything. By doing that all the conditioning of society is brought up and the cosmic joy at the basis of everything shines forth. There is nothing sweeter than taking in all suffering and letting it shine for the benefit of all beings.

Reality is pure goodness, so there is nothing to reject. It is all so amazing and beyond words or imagination.

I feel everyone who is magnetized through this training will experience this for themselves eventually, even if it might seem like a distant dream at first. The support system is so perfect and complete. To me, it is the greatest gift to the world that this is available today to so many people. Thank you all for making this possible.

Thank you Candice for this indescribable gift. I am grateful beyond words for your precious existence.


How I found love and passion for work, through the Balanced View Training

I have spend many years trying to find “what I love to do”, “what I am passionate about”.

However, even when I had my dream job I felt that something is missing. No matter what I did it felt like it was never good enough. Like there might be something better.

So I was hopping around endlessly trying to find “my passion”.

However through this practice it became obvious that it is completely impossible to find lasting life satisfaction by having a certain job description. No matter how good, or bad a job might be in alignment with my preferences, it can never even give a tiny bit of joy.

All joy comes from “letting everything be as it is” and all suffering comes from trying to control experiences.

I have felt complete joy and cheerfulness in jobs and situations that were completely out of control negative on a descriptive level, through the support of this practice.

Overtime it became obvious that I am the love, that I was looking for in a certain job, place or person.

This is an indescribable gift and relief. I have found fulfilment and a sense of completeness through Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays empowerment network, that I know now is impossible to find through the attainment of statuses and job descriptions. Now everything can sparkle with joy, love and wonder.

I am forever grateful for all the guidance and support I receive from the Four Mainstays.

With love,

Outshining gender roles

It is a miracle that I almost don’t remember anymore, how my relationship to “men” and “women” used to be before I met the Balanced View Training. It shows what incredible transformative power this training has when it is meet by an open recipient.

I really believed that “women” had something special that I could never have as a “man” and I was always in competition with other man in some way, even if I did not recognise it at that time.

I believed that I could never possess qualities of open heartedness, warmth, elegance, grace and many other things that I saw in women and deep down I felt jealous and embarrassed about it. It is only since meeting the Balanced View training and seeing role models like my trainer embody complete open heartedness, warmth, gentleness and other qualities, that I started to see that those qualities don’t belong just to a certain gender.

Through my natural devotion towards this precious teaching, all these qualities, that I believed to be unattainable, started to blossom without any effort. It is so gorgeous to finally feel complete, exactly as I am, not as an intellectual idea but as a lived experience.

Candice is for me the perfect example of someone who is not affected by belief systems of gender roles. In one moment she can be so sweet and loving and in the next moment her words are like a lion’s roar. However it is obvious that everything she does comes from this deep knowing that we are perfect by nature.

It is the greatest miracle I have ever seen to witness someone like this. Countless misunderstandings that have caused me suffering often completely vanish in the presence of her. One really needs to see this with ones own eyes in order to believe it, because it is truly unbelievable.

I am forever grateful for Candice and everyone who has committed themselves to sharing this teaching with the world <3


All outshone in love

The Balanced View training introduced me to a way of living that was unimaginable to me before. I often have tears running down my face when I think of all of the changes that have taken place in mine and so many other peoples life.

I experience a cosmic primordial joy that I cant really describe but that was always there and is now allowed to be there and to flow freely. Beneath all my resentments was this pure shining heart desire to love – everything as it is. Now I can just love with an open heart without fear.

There is a cheerful, playful, loving energy that pervades my days, that was not present before I meet this training. I was so incredibly lost before I meet this training. Everything felt like a threat, like something that could harm or destroy me. It felt like a nightmare compared to now.

The guidance and empowerment I have received from Candice, my trainer, the training media and the community is unbelievable. In ways that I cant really explain the 4 mainstays have dismanteled my deepest fears, just by showing me that everything is love, comes from love and will always be love. No words will ever be able to fully express my gratitude. I want nothing but for everyone else to know this truth. It is so simple. It is who we already are.

In deepest love,