Staying centred in short moments

Being asked to contribute to the blog today has very significant resonance with me as this week I attended the funeral of my ex husband which before Balanced View I would have found very traumatic on many levels.

My present husband asked me to be clear about my motives for attending and I tried to be honest as I wanted to show solidarity with my children and also to pay my respects to their late father. What I had not considered were all the various ramifications involved.

It brought up all the old ideas for me regarding who and what God is. I was unable to see the Catholic Mass being performed as having the same relevance to the life of the father of my children I would formerly have believed. It would have been easy for me to have felt like an outsider as nearly everyone there except me went up to receive the Eucharist since because I was divorced I was now considered excommunicated from being Catholic. I kept remembering that nothing can remove the natural life power that is Open Intelligence and that there is no need to feel you are separate or better than if you are a ‘religious person’. Or that you possess a knowledge that is exclusive. All of that is learned and not who we truly are.

During the whole day what surfaced for me was ‘there is only this, there is no separation. There is only Open Intelligence.’ However later my physical state betrayed me as my heart was racing that night and I could not sleep, I almost wanted the comfort of what religion calls the heavenly father figure..

But the practice of short moments did come to the rescue, and I knew I was not ‘cast out’ or ‘excommunicated’ and could stand apart and yet be emotionally and mentally stable through my Balanced View practice.

with love,


Not knowing

Clearly I appear to have made some alterations after coming to Balanced View, as before I was often in a state of not knowing, needing to know, irritable searching, not getting there, blanking out, trying this and trying that.

Coming to Balanced View is the opposite of struggle and I have experienced a direct change in my life where I now just let all be as it is, letting go, allowing, no matter what trouble arises, feeling I could never go back where I was before.

I also realise how social change can come about without words just by contact with someone who lives as open intelligence. It makes me understand how far indeed one travels when one understands the nature of mind.


Being in the Right Setting

I’ve found through Balanced View that we ‘learn’ to be in the right setting i.e we learn to listen to the free audios, read all the free books, participate in all the current BV activities. I can now choose to set aside all the thousands of tapes and and books and lectures on psychology and meditations etc that I have been part of my life for more than half a century. I have drawers and cupboards full of such things.

I have taught meditation classes for years and have been involved in countless spiritual activities, seen many spiritual teachers who I have followed for years, and now this simple straight forward teaching emerges, I just live more simply, take short moments and relax. This last I have always given lip service to but suddenly I realised what is truly meant.

We have to seize the power of the mind, no hang ups any more, and then one lives without tension and all that arises from short moments. Great! Short moments have helped me immensely. I can now be relaxed instead of being impatient or angry in situations where I would otherwise have “blown my top.” So simple, yet suddenly even though I’ve heard it over and over again I suddenly ‘get it’.

Thank you Candice, thank you all my trainers, thank you Balanced View.

Keep Showing up!

Caring for oneself as Open Intelligence and being socially aware and active is an absolute and instinctive requirement for living plus no longer needing to be shown that we’re worthy of love and being 100% responsible. I have to keep reminding myself that love isn’t out there but here and now, that we are love.

When I first read how to deal with jealousy it seemed to present a really strong issue and the instruction to truly be able to demonstrate O.I. power in the grip of jealousy can seem unrealistic, and over altruistic to simply think in such circumstances,’well it’s universal data and we’re all in the same boat’. It takes time to get to that stage and one could be tempted to think that such a simple hearted type of love is hypocritical.

However time does help if you keep living it as instructed. When my husband gushed over certain T.V stars I used to get innerly furious but now it simply doesn’t affect me so it must be due to repeated thinking on Balanced View lines and learning to trust Open Intelligence more and more until it doesn’t seem difficult any more.

I guess that’s the crux of the whole thing, just keep on showing up and eventually you start to really live it and can eventually know exactly how to handle all those really trying times. I’d always thought short moments had to be taken deliberately like medicine but recently I’ve noticed they can occur in a split second. A crisis arises and you have a hair’s breadth moment to decide what to do, you instinctively take an in-breath and short moment’s recognition of Open Intelligence.

Recently I turned up at my usual venue to teach my usual yoga class to find there was a Bridge convention going on in the same place. With my class members milling around me I had to decide on the spot and taking a short moment happened so fast I suddenly ‘knew’ of an alternative place to go, someone came up with the suggestion of where to find the key to it and without our usual equipment we set off for the new destination, it was cold, we put on extra jumpers, there were no blocks. Again a short moment and , we were using books from the shelves in the room instead, we had no straps, we used our scarves instead. It all turned out fun instead of a disaster. Point proven. Just keep showing up, relaxing and taking the short moments.


Letting the restless mind relax

I realise that I have a tendency to want to have intellectual or practical proof of the way things work and will often dispute my own senses and my own intuitive grasp.

Recently my response to a Clarity Call was to say ‘but how could all the great works of mankind be achieved by simply relaxing and making no effort?” Which was complicating a very simple premise that when we stop pushing too hard and and just let go for a short moment things very often resolve themselves and become clearer. I recall reading that Einstein often had his best breakthroughs when ceasing the mental turmoil and going to sit in the mountains to reflect quietly.

The Balanced View trainer’s reply to my puzzlement was to say “the training is so beautifully simple: we either recognise open intelligence in each moment or we do not. ‘Figure it out’ is not an instruction” which was a clarification for me and for which I am so grateful because it illustrated the value of trusting open intelligence and stopping the complexity. He further added “whenever you’re in an intellectual bind just relax, there will never be a satisfactory answer because the nature of reality can never be understood, only experienced.”

It was this sense of gratitude to him which lead to a breakthrough in my realisation and which gave birth to the following poem which instructs me to stop intellectualising and by relaxing truly experience Open Intelligence.

Love Margaret

Who you really are

How can you reason love,
the wetness of water
the blueness of sky
the arc of the butterfly?

How reason the redness of rose
the sigh of the breeze,
the throb of earth’s deep core,
the mysterious patterns on the shore?

How reason mind, soul, heart
or intellectualise the finest art?
In time they’ll reason every single star
without ever ‘knowing’ who you are.


Understanding Through Open Intelligence.
I have just experienced one of the worst weeks of my life. During the Bank Holiday when everything was closed, doctors’ surgeries,help lines, totally everything, my hearing packed up completely. I have been deaf since birth in my right ear but if my left ear goes I am absolutely deaf. No one who hasn’t experienced utter silence can appreciate how much we are reliant on tiny sounds, the sounds of the birds, the small sounds of every day life, the sounds of your nearest and dearest. Utter, utter silence is terrifying, we rely on it to guide us in so many ways that to be without it suddenly, without warning is terrifying.
After the holiday I went to the hospital only to be told there were no aural appointments for months ahead. It was only through Open Intelligence that I regained my sanity and the understanding came through that no matter how fearful the situation consciousness is all we are and data simply evanescent. With that firmly established I saw clearly how to act, answers came fast and furious from my trainer and others in B.V. and an aural specialist who resolved my problem appeared as by magic.
Thank you Balanced View.
Love Margaret

Making Oneself Available

All of life should be filled with the intimacy of relating that Open Intelligence allows’   from ‘Clarity in living
Recently in a waiting room I was seated next to a lady who began with the usual commonplace remarks about the weather. I remained open and friendly and gradually seeing that I was warm and open she began to tell me in great detail about her recent bereavement. I could see she needed desperately to express her feelings and to seek comfort. I relaxed, seeing her as an expression of open intelligence, allowing myself to be in her place and to stay open and encouraging, simply making myself available. Soon she was pouring out all the small intimate details about her life and her bereavement.
When finally she left she said that never before had she allowed herself to say so much to a stranger and how grateful she was for the relief it had afforded her.
In my turn I was grateful to Balanced View for all it had taught me in showing me the way  ‘ to make myself available’.

Only Connect

Today, in desperation I went to the Hospital to the  ENT Outpatients department. I have had only one hearing ear since birth and if my ‘good ear’ becomes blocked I am totally deaf and unable to communicate with any one aurally.  My regular appointment wasn’t scheduled until the end of October and in the present difficult climate for hospital admittance I knew my chances of getting on the spot treatment were very slim indeed. I found a quiet place and connected with Open Intelligence and simply relaxed, letting all my anxiety dissipate. In reception I explained my state,I had no appointment and was completely without hearing, I asked the receptionist to write her answer on a notepad.  She wrote that she would enquire, I was to wait.

I waited two hours and during this time I wrote the following poem. At the end of the waiting I was admitted and treated , released and  able  joyously to hear again.


Only Connect To Open Intelligence.

We are but atoms

made of tissue lighter than thistledown,

finer than fairy dust,

insubstantial as air.

Yet linked to such a  powerful source of light

that few before us have ever tapped.


When we but connect

we flow with that self same power.

We become open, naked in its flame,

and know Love for the first time,

become its pure, shining,breathing force,

transformed by its indestructible immanence

into purest beneficial gold.

Letting O.I Be in The Driving Seat

‘If we’re going to put human intelligence in machines that effort needs to be informed by Open Intelligence’ quote from Open Intelligence … Human Identity.


I try to remember when in the driving seat of my car to ‘let my endeavour be informed by Open Intelligence’ i.e I need to relax and be guided by O.I. for my own and others safety.

Recently in a huge traffic jam with traffic building up all the time, aware of drivers being frustrated and angry, some trying to pull out and turn around, I opened my window, relaxed as in a short moment , smiled as I looked at the sun glinting through the trees by the road side and listened to the birds.   Soon the traffic began to move again and surprisingly I wasn’t late for my appointment.


with love,


Knowing When to Let Things Be

“Open Intelligence knows what is applicable to the current moment and what to set aside”
Open Intelligence, Changing the Definition of Human Identity, 2015

I have been struggling with turning my books into Kindle versions and since I am not very well versed in computer knowledge this has taxed me considerably, having spent hours on setting up PDF’s and then realizing that I couldn’t make any alterations on a PDF. I think I would usually, without O.I. just blow my top but hopefully I am remembering Candice’s words as I took a short moment and let all my computer worries go, simply left it and set it aside whereas normally in the past i would become irritated and frustrated.

With love