Gift of Gifts!

I am grateful beyond words for the wonderful trust and support of the Four Mainstays empowerment network of Balanced View!!

I used to feel like a victim of disease and feeling like I am not worthy.​ This made me so depressed and I had a deep and old sense of not be able to make it in life.

With the wonderful support of the Four Mainstay I found a new clarity and I learned to completely rest in these feelings,​ ​and leave all feelings of victimhood and not worthy, completely as it is. This give me the wonderful freedom in the midst of these disturbing thoughts and emotions and making me love myself and others so much more
and to be much more close to myself and others and make me live life fully.

The trust and support of the Four Mainstays is the most precious gift of gifts!!

With gratitude Per

Freedom in Disease

I came to the training of Balanced View five years ago and it has completely changed my life!!!
I come to see that I am perfect as I am!!
Since I was young (58 years old today) I have suffered very much of disease, rheumatism, and today I don’t. By the Four Mainstays I saw that I was living in a constant fear of pain in my body, and I always felt like a victim.
The Training, the Four Mainstays give me a perfect trust and courage to feel everything completely, to completely rest in the midst of the feeling of pain, fear and victimhood, giving me contact with the feelings and ideas about myself that really made me suffer most of my life. This led to a wonderful release of these feelings and self hate, a wonderful freedom!!
Today I can live fully, in love and gratitude, even in pain and disease, and I am so much better in my body as well as in my mind!!
With gratitude Per


Before I came to the training of Balanced View, I had a belief I was a victim of life circumstances, and life was a constant struggle. Struggle of disease, unworthiness, constant worrying, fear, self hate.
By the wonderful support of The Four Mainstays empowerment network I could completely rest mind and body and leave all feelings, belief systems and thoughts as they where for short moments repeated many times.
This is so very empowering and allows me to be exactly as I am, to love myself exactly as I am, to be spontaneously present in all life’s circumstances!!
It has a tremendous impact in all areas in my life.
Today I don’t see myself as a victim and know I have the power to be everything I can be, and live in ever increasing love for myself and others!!!
With Gratitude Per

Perfect trust and guidance!

Before I came to the Balanced View Training I remember I felt like a victim of life’s circumstances, having a disease (reumatism) and often much pain in my body. I came to the Training five years ago, and how stunned I was to see the wonderful videos at Balanced

The profound impact it made direct!!! How the Trainers and participants shared so clear and completely true, shining so bright and powerfully in all their unique way!!! completely wonderful to see, hear and subsume!!! This inspired me to go deeper in to the Training.
I found that The Four Mainstays empowerment network give me the perfect trust and guidance to live much more at ease, even with pain of the disease, and all feelings of being a victim. With the wonderful support of The Four Mainstays I don’t see me as a victim today, and I am empowered to be everything I can be, living in much more love for myself and all!!
With Gratitude Per


I am so immensely grateful for the wonderful trust of the Four Mainstays empowerment network of Balanced View.
To have the wonderful tools of short moments in midst of disturbing states, to completely relax and leave every thing as it is, this is so very empowering and soothing!!
Having a Trainer and Root Trainer, Community, and participate in trainings, this is the complete trust and guiding light of light!!! Since I have relied on the Four Mainstays my relationship to my children and wife have become so close and beautiful.
As a father I can see that I can be of great support, which I did not believe I could be before, and it is so much easier to relate in a natural and easeful way with all people!!
My life is so filled with clarity and love, and it is so obvious how stable and powerful I am in my everyday life!!!
With gratitude Per