Such gratitude for the Four Mainstays

I’m very grateful for the Four Mainstays of Balanced View. Before meeting this precious teaching in my life, I would use a lot of time and energy looking for positive experiences, positive emotions and sensations and when this was not the case, I would spend a lot of time thinking what was wrong. I was also under the belief that, that I must speak my frustrations and I was not aware of using my speech in a way that could benefit all in any given circumstance. To be given the tool of short moments of opening intelligence, gives me profound insight into how I wish to use my speech and activities for what benefits a greater perspective. I’m very grateful for that and it brings my life so much satisfaction and deep joy, only from this benefit alone. Before the teaching, I would also use a lot of time thinking endlessly about what other people would say to me or look at me, and try always to draw some kind of conclusion, that could help me in how I wished to respond to the people around me. All of this very effortful way of relating has become much more spontaneous and with less focus on all the arising thoughts emotions and sensations, which is such a great freedom. I feel so much more aligned in my life, with greater ease and greater power to see what serves all. My Gratitude for the Four Mainstays is endless and so vast and my heart expands with joy, for how it is available for everyone. It’s truly a miracle.