The Instant Oasis of Short Moments

I recall going through life learning to focus on what I lacked; that I never quite had what I needed to be okay. I needed to be thinner, I needed to never feel depressed or angry, I needed to be smarter and more interesting so more people would like me, I needed way more money and all the experiences and objects that money could afford. The list of vague, dreamy desires was literally endless. Residing in the middle of a stagnant tornado of wants, never knowing there was another option, I had no idea how painful of a way that was to live.

Even as I attained certain desires or adopted new ones, I found shifting around the contents of my life didn’t take that thorn out of my paw, and that became more and more depressing and confusing. Happiness and contentment felt elusive, like an invisible slippery fish I could never keep hold of. Everywhere I went, someone or something was telling me that if I worked hard enough, my happiness could be found in attaining all the things and experiences I craved, and in only feeling positive thoughts and emotions while avoiding the negative ones. My heart aches at this impossible task that is thrust upon us as if it were true.

When I met the Balanced View Training, I was met with the message again and again that I was okay regardless of my circumstances, thoughts or emotions. At first I felt affronted by this, “How dare you tell me I’m already okay, I don’t have all the things I want and I think so many negative thoughts! I am not good enough yet! Maybe you can say you’re okay because you don’t really know what it’s like to be depressed, or you have more money than me and never have to worry about paying rent…” Defensive ideas would whir and flare up at any mention that right here, right now, with whatever was going on in my life, I could relax and recognize that I am always stable and well, regardless of any data I was experiencing.

But even with sometimes intense resentments and victimhood flaring up during the years I’ve showed up to this incredible training, fortuitously, I kept coming back. Whatever ideas or doubts I had, I was magnetized by the lived example of so many relaxed and stable beings that demonstrated such natural integrity and authenticity. No matter how close I analyzed, how much I tried to pick apart certain advice or suggestions given to me, the trainers and participants in Balanced View met me with openness, empowerment, and effortlessly walking the walk they were speaking about in their own everyday life. Nowhere in sight was there any, “Do as I say, not as I do,” but rather, as I showed up and got to know the beautiful trainers, participants, and Candice, I saw people from all walks of life facing all intensities of situations and experiences with a natural stability and openness that I did not know was possible in human beings, and realized that was what I actually wanted in life. Not objects, not certain positive experiences, but contentment, stability and relaxation in every moment, regardless of what I was thinking or feeling. Was it actually possible?

As trust grew, I became willing to test the simple instruction offered in Balanced View in every facet of daily life—the good, the bad and the ugly. For short moments, whenever I naturally remembered, I relaxed completely with whatever I was thinking, feeling or experiencing. Sometimes it was easy and an instant relief, sometimes it felt impossible and I would have the openness more and more to actively rely on the other Mainstays such as my trainer, the endless free media on, and an incredible community of friends that I had connected with through clarity calls and online trainings.

Relying on short moments and the Mainstays was not instantly comfortable for me; but with each situation I tested relaxing body and mind completely for even just a short moment—whether it was with racing thoughts at night when trying to get to sleep, or in a depressed void of hopelessness where it felt like nothing mattered—it became more and more natural, helpful and powerful in every single circumstance.

When talking to various people I felt I didn’t like or want to be around, I tested if could relax and remain open without making the stories that I don’t like them the filter through which I treated or spoke to them. I discovered so many beautiful interactions and connections that I would have never experienced due to flimsy, illusory ideas I had projected onto other human beings. “They are weird, they are boring, they are annoying, they are too negative and I feel affected by their negativity…” quieted down and gradually ceased altogether. Now, even if judgemental ideas of someone do arise, they are no longer taken to be instantly true just because I thought them. Practicing short moments in these situations, less and less did I even bother with categorizing people into those I like and those I don’t, and a beautiful openness and innate respect bloomed and continues to bloom naturally.

When I felt like I had way too much to do—too many shifts at work, deadlines, responsibilities I didn’t think I wanted—could I relax there too? Over time, willing to be willing, I discovered again and again: yes. I got to see directly that being relaxed did not mean I wasn’t alert, active, and doing things. In fact, being relaxed during all responsibilities and tasks such as hard physical work or exercise, errands, helping customers at work—I saw I could accomplish so much more and with a higher quality of care and attention when thoughts of stress, overwhelm and avoidance were not my primary focus.

If the thoughts do arise, “This is too much, I can’t do this, I’d rather not be doing anything…”, they are as harmless as floating dandelion seeds or ever-shifting clouds; no power over me or need to avoid or get rid of them. More and more what is of most benefit to all—myself included in the all—is obvious and natural, and my true heart-wish. What is of most benefit does not mean only what will bring me the most positive data, and I am so grateful to see this now and not be strung along by that carrot on a stick.

Through participating in Balanced View in whatever ways felt natural for me, over time a steadfast awareness has become obvious that I am already okay, already complete as I am, with whatever is going on. No vacation, no amount of money, no slough of perfectly positive experiences can add to that okayness or take it away if I don’t get them. This is something I still and forever have the pleasure of discovering anew in every situation that arises; positive, negative or neutral. Even the categories of positive, negative and neutral are less and less noticed, and that is so relaxing and exciting. From there I am just free to live and enjoy the fruit of all experiences and what they have to teach me, if I am open to that.

I am indescribably grateful for the instant oasis of short moments, beloved Candice, my beautiful trainer, a global community of inspiring friends, and so many talks and written media available to me that I could not watch or read it all in one lifetime. I have the joy of discovering, with tender appreciation, everything I already have when the constant focus on wanting more, better, different data streams is relaxed and outshone like sunlight filling space. This is the most humbling and unexpected gift I could have ever been given, and it just keeps giving in each short moment of recognizing what actually is.

Relaxation and power at university

I would like to share this time about the immense shifts I have seen with regards to studying. Two years ago, I took a break from university studies. There were many reasons for the decision, one of them that I felt exhausted from the seeming never-ending efforting and striving to pass the next exam. I also noticed I didn’t have a clear motivation as to what I was doing at university; it just seemed to be what most people were doing and I sort of went along with what I and other people expected of me.

During these two years, my main heart-focus and priority in life has been to immerse myself in the Four Mainstays lifestyle of Balanced View: I have travelled to the Centers in Sweden, India and the US, I have passionately been involved in service to Balanced View, in my local community and I have deepened the relationship with my personal Balanced View-trainer.

Returning to university, wow, the shift is huge. For one, there is no more vagueness about what I am doing there: through the relationship with the trainer and the natural clarity that comes about through relying on open intelligence, it has been a carefully, lovingly considered decision of what will bring most benefit to me and to all. It isn’t anymore a “me-project” focused on achieving some self identity and repeatedly having to prove myself as worthy and intelligent, like it used to be. There is so much light-heartedness, natural curiosity and ease, paired with clarity and power in all the listening, reading and writing. I am so very much more efficient and powerful when there is not the constant commentary of “Oh, didn’t have time for that yet” or “How will I ever manage all of this”, instead I naturally and spontaneously go to solutions and action.

The term “rest and get busy” has become my experience over these last weeks, and wow, I am so grateful for this. I also see I have learned so much from service in Balanced View. Many times when taking on a new service role and learning something new, I may have felt overwhelmed, resistant and bored, but the wish to contribute and the framework of relaxation has supported me to continue on and these data streams have opened wide up. Now when I face them at university, they don’t hold the same power at all. I see I can take with me my motivation to benefit all in every circumstance and activity, be it in service or at university, and this makes studying so much more cheerful and relaxed.

Amazing Support

The Four Mainstays of Balanced View are truly a wonder of trust and amazing support!!! To have a Trainer and a Root Trainer, Training, Media, and a Community that give me the most profound guidance and trust in my day to day life is the most precious gift of gifts!!. I used to have difficulties in relating to others, to be close and present when I met my children, wife and people. Today I have the most open and warm loving relations to all, and my relationship to my family is so wonderful and filled with pure love!!! With the support of the Four Mainstays I can leave all my thoughts and emotions as they are and be more close to what I truly am, and this is such a marvellous gift!!!

I also used to suffer very much from Rheumatism sins nearly 30 years. By the support of The Four Mainstays and resting continuously with all the pain and feelings of being a victim of this, I am so much better in my body, and today I almost never thinking of my bodily condition at all.
Love Per


Unimaginable Blessings


It is almost impossible to believe how well this training works.

I remember early on helping to put up Balanced View posters in my hometown, posters which included the statement ‘complete mental and emotional stability.’ Reading these words at the time, I was concerned that the claim was too audacious and that no one reading would consider the offering as valid.

At the time, my own perspective on these words took them to represent perhaps a bold stand and willingness to take a positive outlook. But also somehow, and I have no idea why I felt/knew/sensed this, I did believe in the magic these words offered. I use the word magic because to get from the reality I lived then to the world these words offered was going to take something like a miracle.

I am so amazingly grateful for the feeling/knowing/sense that left me open to commit fully to this training.

Six years later I am authentically living very, very, remarkably close to complete mental and emotional stability.  The amount of trust I have that everything is unfolding perfectly and as it should; my daily cheerfulness; how much I adore and love so many things that were previously just taken for granted; how easeful and rich my personal relationships are; how I am able to enjoy the adventure of taking on very challenging undertakings and succeed with ease; frankly, it’s breath taking. This life is nothing short of a miracle.

If there is any frustration at all it is that many, many more people (really everyone and anyone), haven’t also taken on this radical and completely alternate way of living.  Unfortunately, at this point in our current world culture, ‘complete emotional and mental stability’ is a giant leap of the imagination. But I know that as more of us make this reality the fabric of our very own lives, it will become more and more plausible for others.

Finally at Peace

Dear reader,

One of the beautiful offerings I find in Balanced View is the community. Meeting people from all over the world, regardless how old they are, what culture they were born in, skin color, whether they are men or women, father or mother, son or daughter, I have come to see that people can connect in peace with each other. This has given me confidence and trust that peace is totally possible. I have also seen over the years when I have been practicing short moments of complete relaxation that peace and war begins and ends within myself in coming to peace with my own data streams.

With support from the Four Mainstays in taking responsibility for my own part and clarify my own data streams, the war with my own data streams has naturally come to peace. I find this very beautiful and I am very grateful to Balanced View for this.

Once, I thought I knew what the world was like and that my paradigm was a solid peace. What I know now is all there is, right? However, I have come to see that my world view can change for the better and not only this, my experience is that every day it is getting better and better and every day I am becoming more and more at peace with myself and all. I am very humble for the opening I am so generously given by Balanced View’s support network.

Thank you!

Potent Demonstration of Direct Experience

There’s no substitute for the immediate open evidence of direct experience.

Every time I have attempted to live life based on second-hand ideas it has only ever resulted in slow cooking myself in a confusing cauldron of concepts, and then ultimately deep drowning in a soup of suppositions.

It can seem like a lifetime’s challenge to exist authentically amidst a hypnotic torrent of endless ideation around how we ought to live, who we ought to be, what we ought to believe…

When I came to Balanced View I had really had enough of being told that “this is the way it is.”

I was interested in becoming acquainted with the truth at the core of human experience for myself in a simple, pragmatic, directly experienceable way – something which was instantly testable and demonstrable in my moment to moment engagement with life.

I am so grateful for what I found so openly offered.

I was invited into a direct encounter with reality through the effortless practice of short moments and a whole network of support which empowered this recognition. Here was a very simple means of gaining familiarity with something consistent, real, stable and universal beyond the stories I sold myself, and the habitual mindtrap of my all-consuming illusions. Illusions such as “I need to fix myself”, “My thoughts and feelings have to change in order to be happy and at peace”, , “I need to prove myself in the world to be worth anything” – (all of them ultimately different flavours of the mantra “I’m not good enough”.)

I’d had a history of some success with numerous other meditation techniques and had glimpses of the clarity beyond the clutter of my undermutter – that broken record revolving around like stifling circles in my overactive mind. I was still experiencing some duality  though between my experience sat on the cushion, and the embodied reality of the rest of my daily life.

The perfect inclusivity and simplicity of short moments gracefully bridged that duality.

It gave me a means of checking in with what was always clear and present in every moment, whether mindful or mindless, blissed out or pissed off.

Here was access to something that was simply forever open and aware, no matter what the current flavour of my thoughts, moods, feelings and passing perceptions.

All that was needed was to gain increasing familiarity with this always-on Open Intelligence, and the empowerment of an integrated life support dedicated to grounding and emboldening this recognition so it became more than a fleeting momentary insight.

I found, and continue to find all of this so elegantly interwoven into the boon of Balanced View’s “Four Mainstays”. I am so grateful for being supported to discover the courage and innate openness to test out what was so abundantly offered as it has utterly and irreversibly transformed my capacity to relate to myself and to the world exactly as it is, and to contribute in a potent, thoroughly heart-centred and beneficial way.

All that remains is a great and pervasive gratitude for this life, with all its ups and downs, perfect exactly as it is…

“Just Wait and See”

 When I first joined Clarity Calls around 4 years ago there was this sentence in one of the texts, “I like to just wait and see.”
I thought, “I’d love to be able to do that!” To me it conjured up a very wise, trusting, poised and peaceful way to approach life, but my experience was mostly to be really anxious about how things would turn out, with lots of thinking and worrying, lots of expectations and impatience, a lot of misunderstanding and misery, and more often than not, saying and doing things I regretted.
Though I dealt with life well enough, I rarely felt at peace or beneficial.
Very gradually, one short moment at a time, taking support from Balanced View‘s Four Mainstays openly and regularly, the pervasive anxiety started to fade into the background and I started to be less reactive, less aggressive. It is rarely noticed now, rarely a problem, where before it really was the main flavour of my experience and usually informed my perception of and response to most people and most situations.
Now I notice that more and more I am able to just wait and see. There are less speculations, elaborations and stories about how things might turn out, and instead there is an easier and more natural focus on resting the mind naturally, relying on open intelligence and its wonderful Mainstays.
To just wait and see doesn’t mean I do nothing about anything. On the contrary, I procrastinate a lot less than before and can see more easily what needs to take priority, what can wait, what needs a different approach, who to ask for support. More and more there is a peaceful and sharp discernment that grows day-by-day in terms of what will serve best in any situation.
I love to consider with my trainer to make sure that I see things from the wider perspective of what serves all. That is also part of “just wait and see”: instead of acting now, saying this now, I rest, I write to my trainer, and I wait. This always helps me to open up everything and settle with my data, and supports me in empowerment.
After a few hours, a few days, or a few minutes, I have a fresher and clearer pespective and I am assured I did not react from data. More and more, making this peaceful choice is becoming natural.
I really enjoy this more simple way to live, more responsive and more responsible. I am very grateful for the empowering support I receive each day. Gaelle

Discovering the Greatest Intelligence of the Universe

When I came to Balanced View, one of the things I was searching for was a way I could be of benefit for myself and the world. I was searching conventionally for a career, constantly looking into courses and wasting time and money on deposits for things I didn’t follow through on.
It was amazing to be assured by the trainers that it didn’t matter that I had not been to University or even finished college, and that training up in open intelligence would provide me with the clear-seeing of how I can be of greatest benefit with my life, and in each moment.
As I spent more time in the community of Balanced View, attending trainings and Gatherings, travelling the world to visit the Balanced View Centers and seeing the results of relying on open intelligence in others, it was beautiful to see how so many people were truly empowered to shine in their passions, in a way I had never seen before. The people around me were really standing up, claiming their birth right to do what they wanted to do in the world and not be limited by ideas of ‘not good enough’. It was deeply inspiring and exciting to meet so many people from different back grounds, some who had many well-developed skills and talents, others who were stepping up to do things they had never done before. It was amazing to see that where ever a person was at, training up open intelligence greatly empowered a person’s capacity to contribute whatever it was they loved to do in an openhearted, authentic, highly skilful and remarkable way that always contributed great benefit.
My personal passion has clarified to be directly serving Balanced View. It became clear to me that I want to be part of the ultimate solution and that I experience the greatest fulfilment from serving the provision and expansion of the Teaching and the Four Mainstays empowerment network. I deeply wish everyone to experience the great benefit of this teaching.
Just recently, I’ve been looking for a remote part-time job so that I can be more available to serve Balanced View. It’s an amazing process, because I see how the assurance I’ve gained in relying on open intelligence means I see very clearly, moment-to-moment, how to use my time, energy and resources. This makes looking for a job so effortless! Rather than chasing after every opportunity that comes my way, I am finding that I just know, by resting deeply in open intelligence with short moments, whether something is worth pursuing or not, which means I can spend most of my time focusing on my passion. It’s amazing, totally magical! To simply relax and know what to do in each moment, step by step,  because relying on open intelligence is relying on the greatest intelligence of the Universe.
I am so grateful I no longer limit myself by believing I am not intelligent because I was not interested in conventional education. I’m so grateful I can recognise the intelligence that is the birthright of every human being, every being. Open intelligence is the most effective means of achieving equality for all. Everyone is included in the great exaltation of powerful capacity to benefit all, because that is what we innately are. I love to see this in myself and to see this in others and to be part of the solution which enables everyone to access their power and contribute it in completely amazing ways!
Thank you so much Balanced View, I love you, Jess.

Freedom in immediate perception in panic attacks and terror

My first panic attack was obvious and overwhelming at an early age. I have a clear memory of sitting in school, running out of breath, and finally fainting again and again. The way the grown-ups around me handled it was by giving me a paper bag to breathe in so I got less oxygen. Years later I got the diagnosis of ”highly sensitive.”

So began my awareness about the breath and my focus on trying to figure out how to control it. Finding ease sometimes was my drive and goal. I was driven by fear and I tried out everything you can imagine to find release, from one extreme to another. Born in the lap of Jesus, I prayed, found different meditation programmes, and did psychotherapy for years, endlessly looking into myself.

When I met Balanced View I had strategies to avoid
situations that triggered me and I could replace one feeling with another, but it was by trying hard in a tense state. There was no natural relaxation. The teaching in Balanced View was all about relaxation and letting everything be as it is. A profound freedom entered me by only hearing this: ”Rest is Best!”

In short moments I started to relax everything without trying to fix anything, without expecting a miracle – only a way out of the underlying anguish for short moments, and by that to get longer and longer moments of freedom in all there is. I was resting until one day it was automatic. That was for me a miracle after all these years; putting energy into my moods was gone. I was still sensitive but the negative influence was gone.

Right from the first short moment of clarity, opening intelligence, came a calmness into my being never known before. And this tool was with me all the time, 24/7. The victimhood was gone and my clinging in
relationships was outshone. I didn’t need anyone to give shelter to me. I was lighter in my mindstreams and there was an all-pervasive underlying ease. My breath was not my enemy anymore – it was the link to pure feed in breathing in and out everything that was passing through me. I was not alone anymore because I could see that it was the same for everyone, it was only lightsignals from my humanness. Together with most of my family I am committed to the Four Mainstays of Balanced View. There I found a safety net beyond compare. In my own direct
experience I knew this could be trusted.

The help from a short moment, whenever I remember; a personal trainer; teachings telling me ”I am perfect as I am”; and training media and a living Root trainer, who is leading me to outshine all descriptions into ”perfect as I am” together with a worldwide community, is the
end of suffering. What one can not do alone we can do together! I am grateful beyond words for this new life. Never more a separate entity, only human with all that comes with that; nothing stays forever. I hope all beings will come to know Great Freedom as themselves.

 In love

 Åsa Gröndal

A story of a thought

I’d like to share a story of a data (thought) – as far as I look back, I can recall a belief system that came up – its title can be summarized as “I’m not good enough” – not knowing how to rest naturally with this innocent data, in many ways it ruled my life, bringing endless mental entanglements that lasted for days and ensuing actions in the world.

Thinking it would help, for years I tried to be a good person and contribute all around – yet to no avail – it was still there.

I can recall vividly the day I was at the Balanced View center in the south of Sweden, I was walking down a flight of stairs – then it came up again, and as our precious Root Teacher Candice O’Denver has guided us, it was left as it is – and for the first time in my life it faded naturally leaving no trace – I was amazed – A dream come true, the most sweetest present I could think of then.

I wish to thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, the trainers and the community for the endless support in resting naturally.