A Happiness Miracle from Balanced View :)

The other day, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by negative data (emotions and thoughts). I went to my bedroom because I knew I was going to cry. I simply put on a talk by the founder of Balanced View, Candice O’Denver. Her soothing words, which illicit the recognition of open intelligence, reminded me to take a short moment. I saw that everything was okay; I could just let the data flow on by. One short moment and I was able to go downstairs and spend time with friends, laughing and enjoying with them. This is a miracle!

Thank you so much, Balanced View 🙂

Love Jess

Great gratitude to Balanced View for the generous support system

My name is Amit, I am 36 years old, I am from Israel and I am living the Four Mainstays Lifestyle for the last 6 years. I wasn’t planning to change my lifestyle when I met the training, actually I had another practice that I was quite happy with. But only when I met the Balanced View teaching and did the Twelve Empowerments did I understand how profound this teaching is. It is the most direct teaching I had ever met, I never met a training so genuinely tuned to support  and empower its participants according to this time place and circumstance, and I am most grateful to the generosity of this teaching- giving me 24/7 support of talks and videos, live chat, personal trainer and of course the short moments that are with me always.

The changes I see in my life are incredible and this is what keeps me close the teaching- because it works and I see it in my life. From the first open meeting I joined I was empowered to rest with what bothered me the most at the time- stress. It was so mind blowing to be empowered to extract the power of stress, to have ever growing self-love, gentle attitude toward myself and others, and to have core confidence. All my life I felt like I was doing so much effort to look confidence but I was always afraid that people will know how scared and shaky I really was. Now it feels like I simply know who I am, I feel stable and confident in my core and I am doing so many things that I could only dream of and I keep finding new things that I love to do and I am good at.

Thank you so much for everyone in Balanced View who brought this empowering teaching to my life and much gratitude to my personal trainer for all her love and support that made great changes in my life.

with much gratitude,


Celebrating Gratitude For Openhearted Relating

As I reflect about 2016 what stands out is the shift in how I relate to the people in my life.

Before starting Balanced View Training I was very lonely. I was surrounded by family and friends and yet I always felt alone, misunderstood, invisible.

Remembering the sting of ongoing rejection when I was a child, I spent most of my life working at creating a personality with the purpose of gaining love and approval from others by sharing stories of blame and by judging others in order to feel better about myself. Ultimately, I found that this way of relating did not work as it perpetuated a cycle of a false personality that always wanted to change myself, someone or something in order to achieve momentary fulfillment. Nothing lasted, nothing was ever good enough. There was always competition with others as feelings of jealousy and shame were believed to be real and then acted out. This happened over and over again.

Since this was what I had been taught, it was the only way I knew to be with others. The suffering that came from the wall of separation became more intense and in order to cope I found another solution — avoidance. I used excuses to avoid engaging with people. I used my work, physical ailments, and numbing activities like computer surfing, watching tv, eating, shopping and whatever excuse I could find to distract myself so I could avoid facing the intense data streams that would come up within me while in the company of others. Much of the time, when invited to do something with someone, I was always too busy or too tired or too sick. With such avoidance of myself and others going on it was not surprising that I felt invisible.

Fortunately today, as I take advantage of the ongoing support offered by Balanced View my perspective is expanding. I see that isolation was a choice I made and now I know that I have another choice; to take a short moment and allow my data to be as it is. By choosing to take short moments I am empowered to take responsibility and face data streams that only I can face. And, my data streams are no longer my enemy, they are my friends. As I enjoy openhearted relating with my data streams, I enjoy openhearted relating with the people in my life.

I find the perfect wisdom of open intelligence is healing the relationship with myself and old painful wounds of misunderstanding with others are being transformed into a rich connections based on compassion and mutual respect. Also, this profound wisdom has shown me the many expressions of love as I find peace regarding relationships that need healthy boundaries. I am most grateful for wise discernment that guides me as I make a heartfelt empowered choice to limit contact with some people because that is what is best for everyone (including myself). I can now see there are many skillful ways that I can be available while no longer enabling destructive self-marginalization in others. Taking a stand like this can be a most loving act.

From the growing expansive view of open intelligence I realize that my circumstances have not really changed, it is just my perspective that is opening. I see the loving mutual benefit at the basis of relationships has always been there even though before it was hidden from view. I am so very grateful as I live this amazing life full of friendship, love, affection, kindness, fun, good cheer and much more than I can put into words.

As I open more and more to myself and others, I discover I am not alone, everyone has the same data streams. We all have the same opportunity to choose open intelligence and extract the power and benefit from it. We are all in this together!

Starting the New Year I am more enthusiastic than ever about Balanced View and will continue to take advantage of the wonderful support offered. I look forward to being with you all as we attend powerful trainings and supportive clarity calls. See you there soon!

With much love,

A Sweet Ongoing Journey of Life

I’ve been involved with the Balanced View teachings for several years now, during these years slowly and surely life has become more and more easeful, more and more tenderly sweet. Prior to meeting Balanced View, I was involved in meditation, it brought some relief and yet there were quite many issues where… well, it just wasn’t it. Through the Four Mainstays of Balanced View I was increasingly supported in leaving data streams as it is – a new field of natural basic easefulness was there to be relied as. I dearly thank Candice O’Denver the founder of Balanced View, the trainers and the world-wide community.
   Gil C.

Gratitude for the trainers

Balanced View has made my life an easeful journey. I am so grateful for now having access to my own innate power and calm. I feel capable to handle any situation that might occur in my life in a way I never did before. This is very much thanks to the contact I have had with a personal trainer during many years. I have so many times asked for her advice and she always refers back to my own capability instead of deciding for me what to do. She and so many other trainers has shown me what is possible as a human being – to live a brilliant life for the benefit of all! I will always be in gratitude. // Alva

Great gratitude for Balanced View

The most wonderful thing about Balanced View is that I have friends from all over the world engaging in the same practice of short moments.We all take full responsibility ourselves for what we feel, think and do, so the whole trip of blaming someone else or something else for how we feel is no longer an option.This is such an empowering way to be and to work together for the benefit of all.
I have so much gratitude for the support structure of Balanced View; the Four Mainstays, that supports me to be the best I can be.

Gratitude for great simplicity

I have always been fascinated by what we as human beings may truly be capable of if we were able to find the keys to unlock the true depth, scope, and limitless creative potential of our authentic intelligence.

I’d experienced occasional so called “higher states” of intelligence off and on since quite a young age, and been drawn to look towards these for some sort of insight into answering the bigger questions of life, death and meaning that so often preoccupied me. These states and experiences, as profound and beautiful as they were, always proved nebulous and fleeting, and however much clarity I found in them, the capacity to ground true and lasting insight in a usable way from them always ultimately eluded me.

I was slowly coming to realise that the truth of who I was, and what I was looking for, may be much more blessedly simple than I had imagined. There was something about my intelligence, and my very nature as a human being, which was being missed every time I lost myself in thought. Every time I efforted for freedom. Every time I pretended my ultimate happiness could ever be contingent on any feeling, thought, person, place or thing.

I’d begun to have glimpses of an intelligence beyond the content of my mind and the descriptions of my experiences, and on meeting Balanced View, the true scope of what this was, and the inexhaustibility of its beneficial potential, was given the mirror it needed to truly see itself.

For this genuine blessing, I feel such an abundance of immeasurable gratitude.

In the offering of this simple practice of short moments, confusion gives way to clarity. In this community of constant support, I let all my thoughts, emotions and experiences be exactly as they are – just for a moment, and rest my attention in the basic, open awareness by which they are known.

In the simplicity of complete relaxation, an ocean of potential and a wealth of creativity makes itself vividly apparent, and wants nothing other than to give, and to keep on giving.

In Balanced View, I have found an environment of unwavering nourishment for this unbounded generosity and creative potential to bloom, and a permission field for honouring all that we are.

Thank you, with all of my heart, for this fertile ground to flourish.

Complete Mental and Emotional Stability within Long-Term Illness

One of the circumstances I really wanted to change when I started the Balanced View Training was severe long-term illness—I really, really wanted to get rid of that and was ready to try anything to get better so that I could do all the things I wanted to do instead of being housebound in so much pain and discomfort every day.
Being supported to allow all data to be as they are, I gradually saw that there was no way I could control the illness or make it disappear, and that changing my data was not the point of the training.
Instead, I learned how to be completely empowered within that circumstance until it was no longer a huge problem I wanted to eradicate.
That doesn’t mean I enjoy it! I don’t think anyone enjoys being ill and in pain every day, but I deeply enjoy being able to rely on my natural, relaxed, beneficial and open intelligence with everything that appears around chronic illness.
It brings me a great spaciousness and responsiveness within what used to feel extremely limiting and terrifying.
Of course everything still comes up: doubts, fears, hopes, despair, feeling isolated, feeling useless, etc. That’s totally natural, but now I hardly notice it, and I identify less with the old feelings of being a sick person. It makes such a difference for me to live from an attitude of uncontrived ease, trust and empowerment within the illness and everything it brings.
With the support of the Four Mainstays I have become able to more and more rely on complete relaxation, on my power to know instead of relying on all the symptoms, thoughts and emotions to inform my choices, and in that way really great and practical solutions spontaneously present themselves so that I can enjoy a better quality of life and take the best care in each moment, in a flexible, open and relaxed way.
I also welcome help more easily, and ask for help whenever needed. I used to be at once so proud and ashamed and resisted asking for help.
Now I see it is not a sign of weakness to ask for support, it is just what we do as humans, we are here for each other.
I use the awesome support every day and enjoy it very much, it has revealed to me that complete emotional and mental stability are absolutely possible no matter what the body does, no matter how extreme and unpredictable it gets, and no matter what I think about it.
That’s a very nice place to live from compared to how I used to live, and makes me feel like I have a genuine place in the world where being just as I am is totally fine, and no matter what I or others think about how I live my life.
That’s a beautiful relief.
I am so grateful to Balanced View for that and much, much more! Gaelle

Romantic Confusion Clarified – Thank you Balanced View!

Before I met the Balanced View Training, I was often confused by romantic thoughts and emotions. It was one fantasy after the next, one person after the next. But it never worked out because I wasn’t stable in myself.

Sexual urges and romantic thoughts would come up strong for a person and suddenly they were ‘the one’. There was intense fear that they did not feel the same way and embarrassingly the sense that they did and were going to show me at some point. It was a seesaw of hope and fear. I would make embarrassing advances one minute and not be able to look at the person the next. It was impossible to relax and at times I experienced so much anxiety that I wouldn’t eat properly for days, let alone just be myself with the person.

Since being introduced to open intelligence everything has changed, and I am so grateful to the Balanced View teaching and global support network for showing me I can simply relax and let data be as it is.

Open intelligence is stable and clear and to see this stability and clarity in myself is amazing. I am no longer distracted by the latest fantasy. When sexual desire and romantic ideas appear, I know when I relax they will self-release, like mist evaporating in the morning sunshine.

This means I no longer avoid people I feel attracted to and I can relate with complete clarity. I see what is of most benefit and I respond naturally without distraction. I feel completely connected to everyone and naturally have the discernment needed for decisions about intimate relationship. The best is being able to relax and be myself with whoever I am with and no matter how I am feeling.

Thank you so much to Balanced View and to the founder, Candice O’Denver, who has poured her whole life into making this amazing training available for everyone. I wish everyone to know complete clarity, stability and connection for themselves and for the very confused world we live in today.

Love Jess