About Gratitude for Balanced View

On all continents, thousands of people have harmonized relationships with themselves, family and the world, are discovering and contributing countless strengths, gifts and talents, are experiencing complete mental and emotional stability in everyday life and are forever expanding their innate power to benefit all, with great gratitude to the offering of the Balanced View Training and Four Mainstays Empowerment Network.

Gratitude for Balanced View has been setup as a platform by participants to share their gratitude for the benefits they receive from participating in the Balanced View Training, so that others can read and benefit from this exceptional solution that illuminates the innately beneficial nature of each and every being and discover how to access the most comprehensive order of intelligence that is available to us as human beings whenever we simply relax and recognize it to be present as our own open intelligence.

For more information about the Balanced View Training we invite you to check out the links below and enjoy this introductory video from Candice O’Denver, the founder and Root Teacher of Balanced View.

The Balanced View Website

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