Before I came to the training of Balanced View, I had a belief I was a victim of life circumstances, and life was a constant struggle. Struggle of disease, unworthiness, constant worrying, fear, self hate.
By the wonderful support of The Four Mainstays empowerment network I could completely rest mind and body and leave all feelings, belief systems and thoughts as they where for short moments repeated many times.
This is so very empowering and allows me to be exactly as I am, to love myself exactly as I am, to be spontaneously present in all life’s circumstances!!
It has a tremendous impact in all areas in my life.
Today I don’t see myself as a victim and know I have the power to be everything I can be, and live in ever increasing love for myself and others!!!
With Gratitude Per

Being worthy of peace and bliss

I thought I was unworthy of experiencing fulfilment, love, happiness and peace until I came across the Balanced View Training. The example of Candice, the trainers and community just made it obvious to me that there is never a reason to not bask in the completeness and wonder of each moment. It is such a miracle that everything I ever looked for is already present and it is just a matter of allowing myself the goodness of completely releasing all effort and contrivance.

Candice just transmits infinite joy, beauty and countless other beneficial qualities and by seeing her example I start to realize that life is completely wonderful, regardless of descriptions I learned.

It is really wonderful beyond words. Such bliss, peace and happiness and deep fulfillment is felt, without any cause. To let myself enjoy this gift completely is the greatest contribution I could ever make.

Forever grateful for the precious transmission of Candice and all who follow her footsteps.

In blissful gratitude,

A Happiness Miracle from Balanced View :)

The other day, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by negative data (emotions and thoughts). I went to my bedroom because I knew I was going to cry. I simply put on a talk by the founder of Balanced View, Candice O’Denver. Her soothing words, which illicit the recognition of open intelligence, reminded me to take a short moment. I saw that everything was okay; I could just let the data flow on by. One short moment and I was able to go downstairs and spend time with friends, laughing and enjoying with them. This is a miracle!

Thank you so much, Balanced View 🙂

Love Jess