Being worthy of peace and bliss

I thought I was unworthy of experiencing fulfilment, love, happiness and peace until I came across the Balanced View Training. The example of Candice, the trainers and community just made it obvious to me that there is never a reason to not bask in the completeness and wonder of each moment. It is such a miracle that everything I ever looked for is already present and it is just a matter of allowing myself the goodness of completely releasing all effort and contrivance.

Candice just transmits infinite joy, beauty and countless other beneficial qualities and by seeing her example I start to realize that life is completely wonderful, regardless of descriptions I learned.

It is really wonderful beyond words. Such bliss, peace and happiness and deep fulfillment is felt, without any cause. To let myself enjoy this gift completely is the greatest contribution I could ever make.

Forever grateful for the precious transmission of Candice and all who follow her footsteps.

In blissful gratitude,

A Happiness Miracle from Balanced View :)

The other day, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by negative data (emotions and thoughts). I went to my bedroom because I knew I was going to cry. I simply put on a talk by the founder of Balanced View, Candice O’Denver. Her soothing words, which illicit the recognition of open intelligence, reminded me to take a short moment. I saw that everything was okay; I could just let the data flow on by. One short moment and I was able to go downstairs and spend time with friends, laughing and enjoying with them. This is a miracle!

Thank you so much, Balanced View 🙂

Love Jess